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Editor's Note
  • Access to this GNU GPL-licensed archive requires a subscription fee
JCal Pro is a W3C-validated, multi-language events calendar component with a gorgeous, CSS-based front-end display. Feature highlights include, native Joomla! permissioning for event creation/management and event viewing, location management and event geolocation, nested categories, custom fields for events and and event registration, private or public events, WYSIWYG event descriptions, administrative theme installation and management, back-end event management, re-captcha support, an integrated search plugin, feature-rich mini-calendar and latest events modules, the all new FLEX module, a convenient content editor plugin, RSS feeds, SEF URL support, robust print-views, JomSocial plugins and Community Builder plugins.

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Reviews: 1
I've had great luck, so far, with the JCal component and modules. Easy installation and seamless transfer of events from ExtCal. The one odd thing that I can't seem to correct is that all events are listed with "MDT" following the date/time of the event, despite the fact that the time zone is set correctly in the admin back-end (Eastern Time). If I use a 24-hour option, no problem, but the 12-hour option results in something like this: "Date: Saturday, July 07, 2007 At 8:00:00 Am MDT".
I'd also like an option for a simple, default text editor, rather than providing the more robust editors for entering event information (stuff like "insert image" confuses the operation).
Minor quibbles, though. All in all, JCal is a fine component, and many thanks to the creators.
Reviews: 1
It really is a good substitute for the famous ExtCalander and it just to be free BUT......
The editor "forgot" to mention that you have to pay for it. Registration alone is not enough, you really must PAY for it.
Even though the license is still GNU GPL, hmm......
Owner's reply

Delivery fees are expressly permitted by the GNU GPL.

Reviews: 1
I installed this so my employees can "pencil in" their vacations. Problem is, they can submit just fine, but there's no way to tell who submitted anything unless they are kind enough to include the information. Some people are sensitive about including any personal data and therefore won't.

So I get entries like someone is going to be off a week yet I don't have a clue who. Who posts events to the calendar should be easily seen by admin.
Reviews: 4
I used JEvents, although that was great it just did not have the fully loaded features that i needed. This calendar however ...well there is only one word that can describe it....perfect
Reviews: 5
I love this calendar and so do my clients. Clean, crisp, and easy to use. I look forward to future updates and would love see some Google Map integration.

I also plan to create themes for this most awesome component.
Great Start!
Reviews: 2
I put JCalPro on a church website, a non-profit website, and am about to install it on a news portal for another non-profit to use as a community events calendar. I love the way it installed with ease and it's basically simple to use in it's basic form.

I'd like to see more flexibility in entering recurring date events. In all three instances where I am/will be using it, there are occassions to enter events that happen on the XX weekday of the month (Example - 1st Saturday each month). I can't get it to let me do that, and have to hand enter the event each time.

Integration would be great, too, from a news portal viewpoint. For instance if you're writing an article that has multiple events listed in it, being able to add those events to the calendar without finishing the article THEN going to the JCal component and same way on the JCal end. You're entering an event that inspires an article.

All things considered, though, this is a good extension for just about any application
Owner's reply

The next version will offer, simply put, the most extensive set of recurring event options, as well as recurring event exceptions. We have been using it on the development site for over a rocks :)

Reviews: 1
Only one thing i've to add to these reviews..this component is ..Simply the best!!!!
Reviews: 15
Having had Extcal as one of the earlier joomla calendar solutions, which was generally excellent but the latest events section missed displaying some important data.
This solution was tried but an early version had a minor bug with no listed fix however, the latest version has dealt with that and I agree with others that this is now the best joomla calendar program yet available. Indeed, it's strange that a number of other joomla sites haven't yet utilised this feature more.(Especially small clubs and sporting organisations)
Though it can probably be changed,(I'm just not sure how)the monthly set out can be a little confusing because the monthly data is shown on the one page and the monthly titles are shown on the top bar. This can lead to accidentally entering data in the wrong month.
ie titles
1 7 14
and so data for 14th June can be accidentally entered as 14 th July. These titles need to be faded back further and the centre title and colours made more vivid
The great thing, is that it's an upgrade to Extcal and data previously entered can be imported directly into the new Jcal version. Great job, Great addition
Reviews: 3
Solid component, installs easily, intuitive, professional look and feel to the backend. Not as full featured as Thyme but the tight Joomla integration and ease of use more than make up for that. Best of the Joomla calendars that I tried.

Has a search bot, and 2 modules, one a mini cal and one for "upcoming events".

Wishlist: dropdown with pre-defined event locations, click for directions.
Reviews: 1
I installed this component after implementing a template and a tutorial from JoomlaShack. Good component. Great look and feel, and very easy to install and configure. Same goes for the modules.

Problems started when other users started adding events to the site. There was/is no way for users (as authors) to manage only their events from the frontend. There is a backend setting that allows authors to manage events, but this grants them access to managing ALL events, not only the ones they have created. I searched the JCalPro forum to see if anyone posted something about this, but found nothing. I posted the question to their forum so lets see. Great if you don't wish for users to manage their events.
Reviews: 1
The calendar is great except it is missing the event registration module. I was forced to use JEvent and Attend Event because they were integrated together. I would definitely use JCal if it has that module.
Reviews: 2
it is a good starter but need a lot a easy multiupload image manager,actually it 's the editor mambot but user who will add event need to make it easily cause usually they don't use jce or fck and it takes long time
Reviews: 1
I've been testing some calendars for my site. It's a site for a pub and wanted to publish events for Football, Music and other events. After testing some calendars, JCal Pro is the best for me.
It has multiple languages translations, a templating system, easy to install and use.. and fully configurable. I love this calendar.
Reviews: 1
This seems a good extension to me. Great import from ExtCalendar.

Having an event title in the mini-calendar tooltip (instead of saying 1 event etc) would be nice.

Thanks for the extension.
Reviews: 7
This is the best event calendar, no installation problem, no usage problem. Two thumbs up!
Owner's reply


Reviews: 5
Nice look, easy installation and configuration, great features. Looks like it's been very complete. Can't complain anymore. Thanks for sharing this. Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 1
This is a great calendar and very easy to install. We had the ExtCalendar and were able to move hundreds of events over to JCal Pro with the click of a button. All of the categories were also imported, so that made things even easier.

The one feature that I wish the calendar had was a drop down menu in the front end so that you could jump right to a month. We have so many events and it's kind of annoying to have to go month by month.

Other than that, this is an excellent calendar. Thank you for making it so easy to install!
Owner's reply

We have this feature on our list, hopefully for the next release.

Reviews: 1
I have tried out a few calendars lately, but this one is the best. Easy install, good documentation, rich features and lot of extensions.
Reviews: 1

I tested JCal Pro. It was a waste of my time. It looks good, but the most important thing, access right control, does not work! You cannot avoid normal users to add new events to your calendar or even to delete one from the calendar.

My advice: Read the forum postings in the homepage of JCal Pro first to see if this bug has been resolved before you give it a try.

I am looking for another extension now ...

Owner's reply

It seems that a very small percentage of non-english language users have reported this issue. This was solved by one user ( by modifying his server settings. We could not detect any issue in JCal Pro, and the extermely low frequency of this problem suggests an issue unrelated to JCal Pro.

Like all software, JCal Pro is not going to work for EVERY user due to vast variation in server settings. We worked on the this users particular issue for many hours, but were not successful. It's unfortunate that the effort, despite the failure, was not appreciated by this user.

Reviews: 1
I've tried different kinds of calendar components, and so far nothing beats JCal Pro.

Installations are a breeze, and if you have any problems the administrators at the Forum is always on hand to help.

Bottom line: wonderful component, wonderful support
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