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JCal Pro is a W3C-validated, multi-language events calendar component with a gorgeous, CSS-based front-end display. Feature highlights include, native Joomla! permissioning for event creation/management and event viewing, location management and event geolocation, nested categories, custom fields for events and and event registration, private or public events, WYSIWYG event descriptions, administrative theme installation and management, back-end event management, re-captcha support, an integrated search plugin, feature-rich mini-calendar and latest events modules, the all new FLEX module, a convenient content editor plugin, RSS feeds, SEF URL support, robust print-views, JomSocial plugins and Community Builder plugins.

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Reviews: 2
This extension has just what I needed. It is clean and simple to use.
Reviews: 1
very nice event management for joomla,
vote for this :D
Reviews: 2
As a Joomla noob I downloaded this to add to a website where I wanted to feature events held by different clubs.

Installation was a fast and easy.

It seemed to allow easy editing from the front or back end.

It looks good - it has yet to be trialed "in the wild" but so far there is nothing negative to say about this product it installed first time and "did what it said on the tin".

Would be nice to have some extra integration features but these might come in future releases I guess.

To the developers THANK YOU for this product :)
Reviews: 2
I used another PHP calendar app that was not Joomla-native because I needed a robust feature set. I have now moved to JCal Pro. With additional development I think this calendar component will become the best period.
Reviews: 2
Found this while looking for a calendar and finding out that it was a fork from ExtCal. Easy to install and easy to manage. Developers exude a professional air from their website right through to the product itself. And you can edit it from the backend.
Reviews: 2
version 1.5.2 seems to have done the trick.
Front-end and back-end event management. Well thought out recurring event management (simpler than Jevents but did the trick for me). And of course we have the lovely looking calendar. Mods work well too- latest events is of course a necessity and easy to setup. I like the way the view categories is setup (my default view).
Clean and efficient.. 5 stars from me.

Looking forward to:
An event registration functionality (integrated to CB of course :-))
Reviews: 2
Very nice module. Setup was a breeze. Really like the look of it compared to other calendars. Easy to update for me; we'll see how it goes with the users who will be updating it.

Improvements? A way to indicate how many events should show up on one page in the Category View (the view that lists all the events). Everything shows only on one page.

thank you for good work!
Reviews: 3
Its a very nice looking and good working calendar. Today i installed the version and in about some minutes it was ready to go. Had a small Problem with the mod_latest and asked in the forum for it. Van, one of the developers answered quick and after about some hours i had a fix in my mailbox and now it works like a charme. Thanks for jcal, thanks for support.
Reviews: 7
Nice job.... love your work.
Reviews: 1
Great calendar, love the layout, however we are disappointed in the inability to open the calendar in a seperate browser window.
Owner's reply

Be sure to post this on the forum so we can work it out.

Reviews: 1
I just installed this item on a development site. There is one tiny bug, but the developers are quickly on it and are trying to find a fix. (A JCE issue..not sure if it is JCE or JCal at this point)
I've use Event List, GigCal and now this one and prefer JCal above the others. If you like to make quick event additions and still have the option for lots of configuration, this is the one!
Installs in a snap and the additional Spartan theme mixes with pretty much any professionally made Joomla theme around.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the note. I just wanted to point out that for the vast majority of JCal Pro users, JCE, WYSIWYG Pro, TinyMCE and FCKEditor all work great.

I hope we also find a solution to your particular problem with editors and JCal on your site.

Reviews: 1
Was using a calendar script which opened outside of my site -- different colors, format, setup, everything different, but the program was a cinch to download and install into Joomla and looks really great, all within my present site.

It also has the possiblity of users adding events and even the admin can add events from the first page as well as approve events others have uploaded.

Boy am i a happy camper! :)
Reviews: 1
The best calendar add on. Thank you for making such a beautiful program.
The program will be the best if you add an event reminder email function to event subscribers.

Thanks again
Reviews: 1
I was looking for easy to use Calendar with features such as adding from the frontend as well as the backend, displaying a "Upcoming Events" module and theme support, and I stumbled across JCal Pro. The installation and use of this component is easy, its well laid out and I have no complaints about design. It's well worth your time to try it out at least.

What I was impressed with is the support on their Forum. I was logged in at 1 AM EST and someone (van) happen to be there who helped me nick the problem before I started loosing it. Turns out the problem was with my TinyMCE and not with JCal, so that's a bonus in my opinion.

Give it a shot, you will like it.
Reviews: 1
Everything as it should be -

The extension is excellent, very flexible, looks great and, with a separate theme file, is easy to change the look.

There is an excellent forum with quick and constructive replies given to questions.

Documentation is good, something sometimes missing in otherwise good extensions.

Despite its power, JCal works with Joomlart templates which often have problems with anything more than basic extensions.
Reviews: 6
Thank you very much for this beautiful component. Its functionality is amazing! This is the preferred event component in all our webs.

Great work!
Reviews: 2
I've downloaded so many components from this website during the last several months, and I just registered only to rate this Event calendar, because in this category there's no other component that comes close.

The way is created allows you to post new events very quickly and the interface is full customizable.

To be able to see the content of a posted event (including images) on mouse-over. Similar to GigCalendar.

Thanks to the creator of this component and for making available as open Source!!! :)
Reviews: 2
After having tested different calendar soft, I choosed Extcal. However a way to add permissioning to events was something I was really waiting for.

When I heard about JCal pro, I immediiatly tested it: it is to me the best calendar under Joomla!

However, I still can't use in operatons since there is strange incompatibility between a calendar module that I need: "Latest Events" and the Community Builder worflow module that I use.

The JCal developpers are kind and reactive, which is also a proof of quality: I hope this will be solved and that I will be able to use it in the "real world".
Reviews: 1
I've been keeping my eye on JCal for a while, since calendar component on my site hasn't been updated for a long while. 1.5 was a huge improvement and installed it on my site. When I had some problems with linking between latest events mod with the calendar. The developer's forum provided me with a solution pretty quickly. I look forward to more updates to this great component.
Reviews: 1
It's the best calendar component there is right now. Furthermore, the people behind it is really committed to the project. v1.0 was little more than a bug-free copy of extcalendar, but now, with v1.5 the improvement is unbelievable.
Validation out of the box, new features and even more to come, easy way to import events from previous components, but the most important is the support. Only a week has past since the first v1.5 beta was released, and by now almost every major bug has been fixed.
I think that if you're looking for a calendar component for joomla, this is the one.
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