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This is the FREE version of the popular DPCalendar Joomla calendar and event manager. It is a of full responsive extension package to let your visitors know about your important events on your Joomla site.

Here is a list of features the free DPCalendar version offers:
* Full responsiveness of all views
* ACL everywhere also who can view the content of events
* Nested calendars
* Ajax powered calendar with a smooth design
* Google map integration
* Batch editing of events
* Coloring individual events
* Upcoming events module
* Counter module
* Mini module
* Downloading events to google calendar and Outlook
* Search plugin
* Social share buttons
* Inclusion of Facebook Comments, Google Plus Comments and JComments
* Native joomla language support
* SEO optimized with rich snippets (structured data)
* Drag'n Drop and resize in the frontend
* Template override support
* Multiple locations per event
* Attachment support trough DPAttachments

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Reviews: 5
Easy to use, intriguing, possibly the best solution on which more-or-less others event reminder had built.
Reviews: 17
I am very happy with this component.

This component is a simple way to include your google calendar on your website.

It does not give you the ability to edit you google calendar events from your site! This is not a problem for me considering I chose to use google calendar in the first place and not an inbuilt calendar.

It will display your calendar in either a google view or the gcalendar view. It also has a couple mods to allow you to show upcoming events and the calendar as a module.

Simple to install and easy yo create a menu item, set time, include calendar name, description above and below.

I found the Gcalendar view works great on pc, ipad and android. perfect way to include a google calendar on your site.
Reviews: 1
Installed this extension as part of a class project for my first course in web design. The course used Joomla, and I needed a calendar for the business site I was building. Gcalendar was the perfect solution. It was easy to install, configure, and activate. Since it is built on existing applications from Google, I knew what to expect from the calendar, and this extension provides a view to the Google calendar that is up and running. Highly recommended for the novice to pro web designer.
Reviews: 6
I've started using GCalendar due to so many clients already familiar with Google Calendar but I was having problems with the AM/PM thing in the USA. Laoneo just updated his wonderful component to be fully PHP compliant and... it WORKS! Thank you so very much for such a great time saver.
Reviews: 5
Simple and easy to use even for a !joomla new user, just followed the instructions in the documentations and watched the videos demonstrations.
Had to find out re. the following:
* Google calendar ID;
* Create new calendar;
* Remove URL "Powered by...".
Reviews: 2
One of the best extensions I ever used on my sites with very nice option to add events directly from gmail account (google calendar).
I had a problem with JQuery, but I solved it with "jQuery Easy" plugin.
Reviews: 3
We used it to show a Gmail with multiple calendars inside.
A little bit of searching - no help needed - it works
Multiple colored - easy to show

Good work guys! Keep on!
Thanks for the free software
Reviews: 4
This component looks amazing and I respect the reviews of those who have come before me, but this component with modules and plugins was just WAY TOO complicated for me. Joomla has been a part of my life for the past 5 years. I understand the importance of perseverance when it comes to some of these applications. So, I committed myself to the process, like normal.

But after 2 1/2 hours of fiddling with this I am extremely frustrated with not being able to load my own content. After 1 hour, I decided to slow down, retrace my steps, and follow the steps in the tutorials more closely. But one hour and a half later - NOTHING. Absolutely NONE of my content will pull into the calendar. It looks like many others have been able to get the hang of this, thus the positive ratings.

But, as for my own personal experience, I have wasted 2.5 hours of my time trying to get this component to work. Worthless. Very frustrating.

Fair rating because it looks good and because some have been able to get it work.
Reviews: 1
I've actually sat down and extensively used some of the other event calendars available and this is, by far, the best available.... for me.

Many options available. The support team is very knowledgeable although I've never personally registered on the forum myself, I did look up some information on the forum. Since the team actually responded well to other people with similar questions, I didn't need to ask my own question and reinvent a similar issue.

The ability to have my clients add events to their own calendar is imperative. I create websites for restaurants and bars. So, allowing them to log on to their Google calendar via the web or using their iPhone or Droid is just awesome, and they love it. Ever try using JEvents from the front end? Well, if you haven't, I would never suggest it and you still can't use your iPhone or Droid to create events for JEvents as far as I know... (I could be incorrect there) If you can, information is very scarce.

I was satisfied with JEvents until I actually needed my clients to use it, and then I was almost embarrassed to watch them try to add events. And this is something that they would be doing almost daily.

GCalendar is very clean, is a breeze for ANYONE to use on the front end and has many options available as it is pretty transparent with Google's API. If you want to modify some of the php, you will find that GCalendars footprint is VERY small compared to other similar event calendars.

I even stumbled across a message from one of the users asking how to remove the copyright and the developer let him know exactly what to do without hesitation. I know that the copyright isn't a HUGE deal... but, here's what that tells me...
to me, it just goes to show how confident they feel about their product that they don't need to advertise on your page. Sure, they have every right to... but, they know that GCalendar beats every other event calendar out there, hands down. And that every once in a while, their product will reach a user like me, that wants to take an extra 10 minutes out of his day to make sure that credit is given to the people that deserve it in the form of this review....

Thanks very much for this you all!
Terrific work!
Reviews: 6
I've installed this component to have a user friendly calendar om my website (obvious) but after an upgrade from a certain module, the calendar was showing only the well known 'spinning wheel'.
After contact with the developer the problem was solved quickly :-)
Reviews: 2
Great component, but now I can't:
- view attachments (even though I know it's still a labs, but it would be very useful);
- see my other calendars, that is if I create another calendar with my Google account I see the events only if I go in my account, but I don't see in my site the events created in the new calendar;
It would be perfect if also these two option would run, so I could use Google calendar in the best way.
Owner's reply

Attachments are not included in the google API so there is no way to get them.
Just add your second calendar to GCalendar and you will have it included in GCalendar. Too bad you didn't ask in the forum, I'm sure we could help you!!

Reviews: 12
Slight problem with SEF but its easily fixable.
Reviews: 1
Thanks you very much for this great Calendar, is very easy to configure and the support in the forum is fantastic. The first problem encountered (Spinning Wheel Work-Around) was fixed immediately by reading the forum!
Reviews: 2
Wow, downloaded and installed on Joomla 1.7, so simply to use. I had it working without reading anything. Displays the Google Calendar beautifully.
Reviews: 2
After trying several other solutions with integrated calendars in Joomla I decided to go with GCalendar and it works like a charm, integrates really smoothly and now I don't need to keep syncing different calendars. Awesome!
Reviews: 3
I have installed this extension in a Joomla 1.7 site. Since it is a bridge between Joomla and Google Calendar, I could expect some login problems. Nope! I installed, read the documentation, imported a calendar from Google and published in my site. All this took me about 10 or 15 minutes, with no errors at all. As I think Google does an excellent work in this calendar, and the bridge works so well, I think this is a perfect option for a Joomla Calendar.
Reviews: 3
Using this on a 1.5x site. Works great and looks very clean. A big plus for me is how well it combines multiple calendars. Easy to use and customize. Also the free support on the forums is top notch. Within minutes of asking a question I had a developer and mod helping me fix my issue.

Overall a great product.
Reviews: 4
This component and its module takes a little research to find the exact parameters you need to tweak your dates and times because different sections use different codes.

However, it is free, powerful and beautiful. I wish the reviewer before me who gave it 1 star would have contacted the developer before posting the review, because it has the GCalendar view and the Google view as it has for several iterations. I'm using it on 1.7, and it works great!

Reviews: 1
I've got a new site, nice and clean. Installed Joomla 1.7, then the latest version of YooTheme. Then installed the latest version of GCalendar. Everything seemed perfect until I added events to the all works perfect except you can't read the text on the events in Gcalendar. The background and text are the same color and no matter what I try I can't seem to fix display differently. I guess it could be an ID 10 T error, but at this point, I don't think I'm doing anything wrong. Tool tips shows the proper info, and the the other modules seem to work...only the calendar is having the problem.
Reviews: 2
Great for displaying google cal on your site. easy to setup. works well..
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