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GCalendar connects google calendars with your joomla powered web site. It is a suite of extensions to show your google calendar events smooth integrated into joomla.
Easy configuration, CSS based customization and performance gains through AJAX and advanced caching mechanism are the main targets of this extensions.

The whole suite contains different extensions which are listed here:

* The component is the heart of the GCalendar suite and shows different kinds of calendars in the main part.
* The Upcoming Events module shows the next events of your calendar as a list.
* The GCalendar module shows the google calendar at a module position.
* The Next module shows a countdown timer till the next events starts.
* The search plugin adds the functionality to search for events.
* The next plugin embeds upcoming events into articles.

So feel free to give it a try. Don't hesitate to post in the forum if you have a question or open a new issue if you need a feature!!

How google himself sees his calendar service:
Organize your schedule and share events with friends. With Google's free online calendar, it's easy to keep track of life's important events all in one place.

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Reviews: 1
Simply superb. Thanks for the extension.
Reviews: 35
Simple, it's easy to import google calendars, works good. Remember to publish your Google Calendar (from your Google account, not from Joomla backend), or you won't see it.
Reviews: 1
Does what it says.

Had a few problems with the magic cookie. All my problems. Otherwise a 15 minute easy install.
Reviews: 1
This extension works great. I had problems installing it because of my hosting account. Allon quickly discovered the problem, helped me fix it and was up and running quickly.
Reviews: 1
User wanted their next scheduled calendar event to show at the top of the current articles on the front page. The flexibilty of the modules provided an easy way to accomplish this and match the date layout to blend nicely with the articles.

We had also wanted a mini-calendar so using GCalendar gave us this as a bonus.

Reviews: 1
I had to write a review.
Just after installing the whole suite, almost without any settings, quickly ready to use.

Very useful, exactly what I needed. Just edit your Google calendar and thats it. Better than any other Google Calendar Component/Module/Plugin I found here on extensions.

You can modify css files, so it can be integrated to your site. Contains module for month overview and very useful list of events. Countdown to next event module is a very good idea as well.

Good documentation.
Excellent work, keep it up.
Reviews: 2
I like the calendar + the upcoming events extension a lot!!!
I also posted a feature request for different colors per calendar in the upcoming events plugin ;-)
Reviews: 1
This was an excellent way to leverage a Google Calendar as an event calendar for my Joomla web site. I have used previous PHP based calendars, but Google calendar was a lot less complicated for my needs.

The extension was easy to set up and use. I had a minor formatting error which was readily fixed--thanks to quick and helpful support from the developer in the forum.

I am glad I found and installed this one!
Reviews: 1
When this extension was updated, I had to leave my comment. I am not an advanced Joomla user, but even with my limited knowledge, I was able to use it right away without any manual and it works as advertised. Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 6
Awesome extension! It doesn't do exactly what I need it to do (yet) but apparently it will in the near future. Either way, if you're looking to showcase your Google Calendar(s) on your site in an appealing format this is the extension for you. It doesn't have a CB integration yet, but according to the forum their will be some sort of user selection integration in the coming months. I highly recommend viewing the Wiki install doc prior to install as it is a bit more difficult that most extensions, but not hard once you read the FAQ.
Reviews: 23
Well I'll tell you I struggled, and struggled but then I found this.
Well don't hesitate to use this it is excellent and certainly works, read the instructions and you shouldn't have a problem. If you do have a problem you can be assured of EXCELLENT, quick support.
Well done guys and excellent piece of kit.
Reviews: 3
Having looked at various calendaring extensions, none of them seems to be both as easy to use and as rich as Google Calendar.

So the only answer is to embed a Google calendar in your Joomla site! And this extension does that a treat. Really easy to use, provides a few different options - all in all this is highly recommended.
Reviews: 2
Like the previous reviewer I am very selective about the extensions I use. It has to work well and I have to have confidence that the developers and support will be around for the long haul.

GCalendar definitely stands out as it works beautifully and has had the best support not only from the developer but also from other users on the support forum. Recently their was an issue with the feed from Google. A number of users collaborated (spending a considerable amount of time)and determined that the issue was with Google's feed and not the module itself. Why such an effort? Because the module really is that good!!
Reviews: 1
I only use extensions which are either very well supported, or which are small enough that I can manage the source code myself.

GCalendar fits into the first group, along with only perhaps another half dozen extensions I've adopted. Thanks to laneo for helping me figure out an RSS feed issue in Google Calendar (solution in their forum).
Reviews: 2
This is a great extension! It is nice and simple and does just what it says!

What I really wanted was to allow anyone to add an event, then show it in this great extension, so...

I found a great way to extend it further, by installing simplecalendar (a little buggy), although others may work too. I used simplecalendar's "Add Event", then made a google calendar from the ICS that simple calendar generated. Then I used the Google Calendar id to plug into this extension, and viola!

Now I get the beauty of this extension with the ability to publicly add events, and have publishing control with simplecalendar!
Reviews: 19
Great, you can setup a calendar section in minutes! Good looking, specially the "upcoming calendar" module.

It can be a good idea to use a Google Calendar for your site, because editing events on Google platform is very easy and powerful, and can be shared easily.
Owner's reply


Reviews: 6
First class extensions that is simple to install, works great and the support Allon gives through the forum is first rate. He even worked out when i was having problems getting it working that the problem was with my template and not with the component.
Reviews: 1
does exactly what it says!
I had a little confusion in getting it setup but I think that was due to google changing the way their calendar settings look and act..

Either it works awesome and Its a great way to get users to update their website without having them leave gmail. Bravo!
Reviews: 1
Excellent extension that does just what it says; high degree of customization in the display of the 'upcoming events' module, which is just what I needed!
Reviews: 6
One of the easiest to set up I've done. Up and running in production in 15 minutes! Great job.
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