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This is the FREE version of the popular DPCalendar Joomla calendar and event manager. It is a of full responsive extension package to let your visitors know about your important events on your Joomla site.

Here is a list of features the free DPCalendar version offers:
* Full responsiveness of all views
* ACL everywhere also who can view the content of events
* Nested calendars
* Ajax powered calendar with a smooth design
* Google map integration
* Batch editing of events
* Coloring individual events
* Upcoming events module
* Counter module
* Mini module
* Downloading events to google calendar and Outlook
* Search plugin
* Social share buttons
* Inclusion of Facebook Comments, Google Plus Comments and JComments
* Native joomla language support
* SEO optimized with rich snippets (structured data)
* Drag'n Drop and resize in the frontend
* Template override support
* Multiple locations per event
* Attachment support trough DPAttachments

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Reviews: 1
First, let me state that we should not EXPECT amazing support for free components. However, I had a problem with this component that was solved within hours (and it turns out it was me not entering the proper apps domain setting in the component).

Second, I am using the "unstable" version 2.1.0 M1, and it works FANTASTIC for what I want, and everything that is stated in the specs.

Third, don't get rude with any developer of a free component if your support needs are not met the way you want. The developer seems very nice and truly wants to help people that have issues, but since it is free, it is not his priority. I feel he goes above and beyond to help people with this truly excellent component.

Great job! Thank you! And a donation is on its way!
Reviews: 1
This is a brilliant extension!
A very powerful integration of Google Calendar - the best calendar on the web!
New version is looking even better, with Apps integration and multiple calendar support - can't wait!
Fast response from the developer on any issues.

I'm looking forward to 2.1.0 being released!
Reviews: 1
I've been using this add on for a while, and generally am pleased, though it has a few bugs. The most recent release, v2.0.0 has errors when installing the Component because files are missing or named incorrectly. You can't register in the forums on his website because you get a 404 error when clicking registration...
Reviews: 2
Extension is well-built, but kinda tricky on IE7: The upoming events module is filling it's spae with Ajax data before the page has loaded, therefore creating an error on all pages. It's known, so maybe in 1.5.3 with a plugin at the bottom of the page loading the data so you don't get errors...
Anyway... nice component! rest needs work. Hey, it's free!
Reviews: 10
good job, simple yet powerful integration of Google Calendar. I don't have much coding knowledge, yet I was able to follow simple instruction on the home page how to set up the component and how to embed the code.
What I am missing is the different color for different event
Reviews: 2
..the upcoming calendar events module currently only works in FF and Opera, not IE7. The issue is in the bugtracker, and has a milestone attached to it.

However, I hope the workaround mentioned in their forums is not the developer's solution, 2 seconds delay is a no go for a module.

so, I'm waiting on 1.5.3 :)
Reviews: 1
I have been trying to get GCalendar to show up on my web pages and it just doesn't work. The modules seem to work fine but when trying to implement the Google Calendar on the main section of the page it won't display. The documentation is reasonable, and I have been through it all on their site, but there isn't anything to fix my problem.

This is the first of many extensions I have come across that doesn't work for me.
Reviews: 3
Works perfectly. I have the module working on the frontpage and it links back to the component. Awesome. Only thing is I had to disable sef in artiosef for the module to link correctly (you can disable sef for individual components), but this is a non-issue.

Great work!
Reviews: 1
I am new to Joomla, and I just installed this extension and I can just say that it is very easy to install and configure. I created a site specific Google calendar and I had two of the modules up and running on my web site in 20 minutes. I agree with others, if you are used to using Google already this is a great extension.
Reviews: 4
This native 1.5 calendar was simple to install and worked very well to display public events from a Google calendar in a Joomla site. During my time-limited investigation, I was not able to find the control to display private events. That is, I want to create private events in the calendar and show them to special members at the site. Until this is possible, the component is limited for me. I'll definitely track features over time and will switch to this when I can.
Reviews: 10
If you use the Google Calendar this is a great add-on. No need to learn how to configure anything new. Just use what you already are using.

All I did was create a "site specific" calendar and I was off and running.

Reviews: 2
Installed component and all 3 modules. everything seem work as designed. But, since I have to use Google calendar to update events, and not directly from website, it is little hassel unless I am missing steps to add/edit events directly from web site not from google calendar.
Reviews: 1
I have tried and tried to get this to work, but with no luck. I am trying to link to a private Google calendar and it just doesn't work even though I have the exact URL and XML for it and am even signed into Google. It looks like exactly what I need to integrate with a current Google calendar, but I just can't get it to display the calendar.
Reviews: 9
its limitations are inherent in Google Calendar itself, and the wrapping of a completely separate component.

For example, to add an event or comment to a website's shared calendar you have to log in a second time to Google calendar itself, not just the website on which it's wrapped. And as far as I can figure out, it's impossible for group (i.e. website) members to RSVP for an event on the calendar unless they've all been individually invited to attend via Google -- even if they're members of the site.

These issues make it a lot clunkier to use than it otherwise would be. Too bad, because it's a good calendar and a well-done Joomla integration with the modules.
Reviews: 2
I originally installed an older version of GCalendar and unfortunately could not get it to work.

However after seeing version 1.5.0 had been released I decided to install it again, as it was just what I was looking for for my community site. unfortunately I ran into some issues again!

I contacted the developer through the forum on the components website and got an instant reply. Within a couple of hours it turned out I had installed the old version again! #doh#

The new version was installed without error and worked first time. It is really easy to configure and the modules for upcoming events and moduled version of the calendar work great.

I have seen some comments about this just being a wrapper for gCalendar. To an extent your correct, but at the same time your wrong. As I mentioned the modules are really nice and the backend management makes things really simple.

And finally, the support is second to none! Great product highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
Well if my events would not appear and disappear in front of me it would help. Sometimes the events show up and other times they do not. If I refresh then they show up then disappear randomly.

This is ok for me because I know I have to refresh constantly but for my customers who need to know my schedule it will be a pain.

It seems technology is moving so rapidly that software quality is becoming less and less an issue.

Also, it is a baby blue color which is annoying with no options to change format. Overall I have to say thumbs-down.
Reviews: 1
excellent app, fast and friendly support, allon is da man
Reviews: 4
Got excited but then was unable to find any details on their site that kept me excited.

I have been using Google Calendar in a wrapper for a while is this any different?

If I can not do anything with the calendar within Joomla I might as well use an iCal reader like iwebcal
Reviews: 8
Well, it works, eventually!

My first goof was to put an apostrophe in the title of the calendar within the component - this will NOT work with apostrophes in the calendar name!

Once I'd found the right HTML (Google Calendar was having a slow moment, so I had to figure it out manually), and put it all in I eventually got the calendar showing up.

A limitation of Google Calendar (not the component) is that it will only show a month's events in agenda view by default - a pain if you are trying to show school term dates for example - you want everything showing up!

Clicking an event in this opens a new window to give you more info, direct inside Google Calendar - a bit clunky IMHO.

I ended up resorting to using this component, linking on the menu to a blank static content item, and publishing the upcoming GCalendar events module in the inset position. The problem with the module is horrible date formatting (and an overly techy process of changing it), and the date being on a separate line form the event name (might look OK when I have some more events in there though).

Overall, it works, but don't expect to have it perfect in 5 minutes!
Reviews: 8
I don't know if this a problem with this component / module or a problem with google calendars. Both of these installed well, and I've used them in multiple joomla installs, but the problem I have is that the times reported for events vary widely depending on a) if I'm currently logged into my google account or not b) If I'm looking at the upcoming events module or the calendar module.

I've posted to the google calendar forum, but gotten no response. Hope this is something that can work out as I really like this module and component.
Owner's reply

you can specify a timezone for your calendar in the google calendar settings. and you can specify a timezone for your google account, perpahs is the problem there .........

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