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JTAG calendar is an elegant, feature- rich events Calendar for Joomla with an attractive , flexible interface.
• Schedule Events (one-time / recurring/ all-day)
• Set Reminder Email or SMS Alerts
• Set up Multiple Calendars for different teams
• Allow site visitors to comment on events
• Social BookMarks, Auto-post Events to Facebook
• Google Map Integration for Event Location
• Export / Import events using ICAL
• Export events using PDF, CSV
• Create Group Events for multiple users
• Send invites to event participants
• Separate "Upcoming Events" widget to highlight future events. Customize widget icons to match with calendar colors to distinguish departments, resources [ etc]
• Choose from these strikingly attractive Themes - Red, Black, Blue, Wood Texture, Grey, Dark Green, Purple,Orange,3D Green, Maple, Rain
And a holiday-special Christmas Theme
• 4 unique Event Views – Daily, Weekly, List and Monthly
• Upgrade JTAG Calendar without having to uninstall, thereby retaining the data of old events!
• Calendar search that aggregates past and upcoming events for easier search results
• Search results in interactive tool-tip for faster navigation
•Feature of Auto synchronize ICAL
•Restrict attendees.Only restricted number of users can attend event
Now you can show different calendars on different menu item by providing
calendar id while creating menu item.
Also you can show one master calendar which contins all the calendar.

All of these features encapsulated in an apple ICAL- like interface makes Jtag calendar one of the most intuitive and socially aware applications available for Joomla.

Available in multiple languages - English, German, Spanish , French, Portuguese,Norwegian, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Catalan, Swedish

New Jtag MiniCalendar Module which allow you to display monthly events in small calendar view

New count down module added which allow users
to get countdowntimer for next meeting.

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Reviews: 1
Great calendar extention. Needed some modifications and received great support.
Thanks again for the excellent support!
Reviews: 1
Issues with install due to file size, quickly resolved by support staff. Great design and functionality and worth the price vs. time involved with upgrading free extensions to to this level.
Reviews: 14
This was the easiest event calendar I have used and did exactly what it said. Was even easier to teach the customer to use through the front end. Includes other features like auto mailing of events etc making it full featured without overload.
Reviews: 1
This is the best pure calendar extension I have used. The support is fantastic as well. Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 2
I've found the extension good, with an attractive graphic design and a really PATIENT and HELPFUL support.
Thank you guys!
Reviews: 1
This extension installed easily and setup was smooth. I experienced some difficulty getting the editing from the front end to work, however support responded quickly to work it out. All seems to be working well and my client is very pleased with the overall look and features.
Reviews: 1
This product is beautiful, easy to use and comes with amazing customer service. Don't hesitate to add this to your collection...worth every penny.
I had several issues with customization and using it on the new version of Joomla and they were on it and fixed it and helped out immediately. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
Easy to integrate and set up, but more importantly easy for users to enter and adjust events from the front end. We used the multiple calendar option with different access rights for different communities which required some support to get working. Our emails were responded to quickly and a solution was found within a few days. Great support!
Reviews: 1
First impression of Jtag Calendar was good. After having some issues with the Dutch language settings, support proved to be excellent.
Reviews: 2
I really appreciated the efforts and expertise of the support team. They handled my issues quickly and efficiently. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
After trying a few other calenders this is the one for my website. Good looking and works fine. And more important a baffling service level!
Reviews: 1
We use this extension as a reservation tool. The installation, configuration and handling is really easy and the calender itself looks very clean and nice!

I had some javascript issues leading to problems but Yogesh took care of them and solved them really quick, thanks again for your brilliant support!
Reviews: 3
I use this extension for our motorclub site. Easy to use and 1 + for our site
Reviews: 1
After I first bought the program, nothing seemed to work as it should. Then I encountered a very good personal support by Yogesh and Gaurav including some extra coding and their access to the page; all problems were solved during few weeks; so this program deserves a recommendation as well as the support by JTAG. Lots of thanks for your help! The program itself is quite comprehensive and very useful, offers very good usability including a nice frontend-user-interface. Now I don't think of any alternative any more! Good job! Well done!
Reviews: 1
I use Jtag calendar for an association of riders with a lot of events. This calendar is the best, you can add details, send email, accept comments etc... And if you have a question, the support answer very quickly and is very efficient. Believe me it's a good investisment.
Reviews: 1
Our non-porift student organization has used this calendar for 6 months now on our Joomla 3.1 site and we love it!

We have looked at all the calendar components out there for Joomla and decided on Jtag Calendar for several reasons:

1. It's amazing look and functionality. You will not find another calendar that looks and feels like this calendar. I would rate the visual side of this calendar a 5/5 - it doesn't get better than this in a Joomla component.

2. Functionality! We loved how we could import our iCal files straight into the calendar because most of us use Macs. It was easy to do and it saved us alot of time.

3. Front-end functionality. Having different officers in the club with no Joomla experience, I had to find something that allowed for front-end functionality. JTag Calendar has a great front-end that is easy to use and has all the features we wanted. The few other calendars we looked at didn't come close in the front-end functionality.

4. I have to admit I was scared at first because usually flashy joomla components runner slower than plain ones, but I was wrong to have been worried. This calendar, even with it's visual flavor, runs and loads fast.

5. iCal export and PDF print. We LOVE this feature! This allows our members to import our events into their phones and macs and also allows us to print upcoming events in a PDF form for meetings. This is a good tool for groups and meetings.

6. I have Joomla experience but if you don't, this Calendar is absolutely easy to set up. You install it, and assign it to a menu and that's it. Creating events and calendars in the backend is simple and front-end is also as simple.

Overall, this is an amazing calendar, and above are a few of our likes regarding this calendar. If you want a clean, modern calendar that gives good features while also not looking like early 90's then I recommend getting this calendar. For $30, that is a good deal (most Joomla Calendar components are from 30-49). I would recommend buying Jtag's membership if you plan on buying their calendar because for $9 more, you can get all of their extensions and also their amazing support.

Their support is top notch - they will respond to your questions within hours usually and give you individualized support. For example, I needed my Members Directory to look differently - within a few days, they sent me a new version of their extension modified just for my needs.

You won't be disappointed and if you hit a problem, know that Jtag Support is there and they will fix it for you.
Reviews: 1
I wanted to modify the view of the calendar and Yogesh and staff did a GREAT job not only in the response time but with follow up. All companies should run like they do.

Paul D. Young
Web Designs Plus
Reviews: 2
I would give the extension 4.5 stars. Support give a 5.0. I was using this calendar in my 1.5 site, but when I migrated to joomla 2.5 the datepicker popup for entering event date and time was no longer working. I sent a support request and within a few hours received a thorough response. Had to cut and pasta minor code change to one of the files and all is good now.

As for the extension itself, we were using free JEvents calendar before, which we really liked, in some ways better than JTag calendar, but those were more matters of personal preference. The big difference for us was the "show map" functionality built in to JTag calendar. That's so important for our organization. That option is available as an addon for JEvents calendar, but you have to have a Silver membership subscription, which cost almost double what JTag calendar costs. We're a non-profit so have to manage costs. I don't have experience with other calendar extensions (except some of the free/lite ones, none of which came close to meeting our needs (except JEvents Calendar). If you need a good calendar JTag is a great way to go, Jevents is good too, and has available some interesting sounding add-ons, but those require a subsription.
Reviews: 6
Great component!

>> This is probably the best out there as far as functionality and design. I recommend it to everyone!

Awesome customer support!
>> I had a small issue to get started with the component and the customer support took care of it for me. Very competent and professional support!
Reviews: 3
I recently (April 2013) installed this extension on a business website and as usual the install was flawless.

As ever the calendar loaded quickly and looked great. Setting up this component and the module is very easy but don't think this means the functionality or style is basic because it isn't. There are plenty of options but the layout is highly intuitive.

Although an experienced Joomla installer with many years experience setting up commercial websites I found that I needed a little support with a frustrating front end problem and posted in the forum. Obviously you expect anything from cryptic clues to code edits and a bit of a wait. Not with JTAG support - within 12 hours one of their team had replied but rather than expecting me to fix the problem they logged onto my site fixed the front end issue and another they noticed in the back end to boot! This is by far the best support I've ever had the pleasure to receive.

Highly recommended and a must have for most websites.
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