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Jtag Calendar ComponentModulePluginExtension Specific Addon

JTAG calendar is an elegant, feature- rich events Calendar for Joomla with an attractive , flexible interface.
• Schedule Events (one-time / recurring/ all-day)
• Set Reminder Email or SMS Alerts
• Set up Multiple Calendars for different teams
• Allow site visitors to comment on events
• Social BookMarks, Auto-post Events to Facebook
• Google Map Integration for Event Location
• Export / Import events using ICAL
• Export events using PDF, CSV
• Create Group Events for multiple users
• Send invites to event participants
• Separate "Upcoming Events" widget to highlight future events. Customize widget icons to match with calendar colors to distinguish departments, resources [ etc]
• Choose from these strikingly attractive Themes - Red, Black, Blue, Wood Texture, Grey, Dark Green, Purple,Orange,3D Green, Maple, Rain
And a holiday-special Christmas Theme
• 4 unique Event Views – Daily, Weekly, List and Monthly
• Upgrade JTAG Calendar without having to uninstall, thereby retaining the data of old events!
• Calendar search that aggregates past and upcoming events for easier search results
• Search results in interactive tool-tip for faster navigation
•Feature of Auto synchronize ICAL
•Restrict attendees.Only restricted number of users can attend event
Now you can show different calendars on different menu item by providing
calendar id while creating menu item.
Also you can show one master calendar which contins all the calendar.

All of these features encapsulated in an apple ICAL- like interface makes Jtag calendar one of the most intuitive and socially aware applications available for Joomla.

Available in multiple languages - English, German, Spanish , French, Portuguese,Norwegian, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Catalan, Swedish

New Jtag MiniCalendar Module which allow you to display monthly events in small calendar view

New count down module added which allow users
to get countdowntimer for next meeting.

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Reviews: 1
I have been using the JTag calendar for a couple of years now. I have had many people comment on how good it looks. The functionality is excellent. It is easy to use although I did have a couple of small glitches which were my fault and JTag service team were so wonderful. They answered my emails so promptly and were so knowledgeable logging in for me and sorting the issue out within minutes.I would recommend JTag to anyone wanting a calendar that is simple to use and has impressive features. I am definitely upgrading to the new version. The improved functionality I'm sure will be worth it. You won't be disappointed if you buy this product.
Reviews: 1
The calendar component and the corresponding module like it very much. Above all, the service was perfect. All issues were resolved quickly and efficiently. Thank you!
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a plug-in with both list and calendar view and found this one. I had some minor problems in the beginning, but after contacting the JTAG support team the problems were solved within few hours. I also wanted to customize a function and that was no problem. The support team sent me a recipe on how I could do it. Thanks.
Reviews: 1
Bought JTAG calendar the other day and found out the installation is very easy. I wanted to adapt the appearance to suit my website so I joined the JTAG calendar forum and asked a question. Within a few hours I got a reply (also via mail) and got great support. Even when I did not understand the provided instructions the first time, the JTAG support team was very patient with me and helped me till all changes I wanted to make were done. I actually found out that the JTAG Calendar extension is highly customizable to suit one’s individual need. Worth every dollar!
Reviews: 1
This has the potential to be an excellent calendar. I had a few issues with the way the calendar is set up but after working with the company on a few specific issues, I have a solution that works with my site. It's only $30 and could be worth twice that with a few modifications.

The company is based in India which means after working on the site during the day and emailing problems after, my problems were resolved the next morning. Support personel were very easy to deal with, understood my problems and created a solution.

I have tried a few different calendars and this is the best one so far.
Reviews: 5
I purchased this component and it was one of few that required almost zero end user training, years after purchasing I had an issue, and their support provided me a solution to the problem outside of their regular support terms, very satisfied.
Reviews: 6
Installed calendar in a regular Joomla template...the calendar was very "buggy" and would not load after adding more than 4 events. Tried contacting support and all they did was change my template (umm yeah) and then said "there it works." Tried contacting support after they changed my template on me and they have never responded since. I am an avid user of Joomla and its extensions...I would not at all recommend this product. Don't be fooled by its looks...its is extremely buggy and lacks any kind of support. If you're lucky, it might work in IE but realistically, who uses IE?
Owner's reply

Dear smcclure,

We are very sorry that you feel this way about our our Jtag calendar plugin !

We do all our development on a Linux environment, and use Firefox as our primary browser. We test all our extensions on multiple browsers, including Chrome and IE. Jtag Calendar component works fine in Firefox, Chrome and IE. This has been tested and validated by many live users of the calendar on a variety of browsers and Joomla templates.

Having said that, some custom templates cause Javascript conflicts that can get tricky to resolve! In your particular case, it looks like we have been unable to resolve some of your custom template conflicts on Chrome.

We usually try our best to get the component working with your custom templates but if our support is unable to get the component fully working with your custom template, we are more than happy to offer a full refund of your purchase. (as per our refund policy)

We apologize once again for not being able to get the calendar plugin working to your satisfaction on your custom template on Chrome. We have initiated a full refund of your payment.

Wishing you all the best in designing your Joomla website.

JTAG Support

Reviews: 3
Pro's - No problems at all with installation and css can be customized easily to your own requirements. Good forum on the go if you need immediate answers.

Cons - As of Dec 2012 it's lacking mobile functionality.
Reviews: 2
Great product that does everything promised. Their support and customer service is probably the best of any Joomla extension I have every used.
Reviews: 13
I was really impressed by this extension. Extremely simple to configure, really nice to see, simple for administration. It's worth its price!
Reviews: 2
I have used this extension on a few of my sites and it is worth every cent. The support you get is fantastic and the functionality and look-feel of the calender is so impressive. My clients are in awe when they see all there schedules so well laid out on the page and love how easy it is to use. Top Marks JTAG I wish you could build all my extensions!
Reviews: 1
Since my first review Jtag improved their customer support significantly. Frequent product updates makes the Jtag Calendar even better. To be honest I never expected customized work from them by they did. Thanks very much really much appreciated. If they can keep up and add the features that mentioned in the forum, product will be the best of best. 5 stars well deserved, well done.
Reviews: 3
Worked straight out of the box and is perfect for displaying our monthly club meetings, allowing members to register their attendance at the meeting. We needed it to work in English & French for our multilingual club and I had a small problem with the french calendar. I left a note on the support forum and was contacted within 30 minutes,the support was superb and the issue was quickly sorted out by the team. Well done guys! Thanks for the hard work.
Reviews: 3
Not only is this an extremely cool event calendar with many awesome features and a beautiful display, but I also can not speak highly enough of the support team for this product!
They have been amazing and worked with me to diagnose a problem I was having with the calendar - which ended up being something to do with the website I had installed it on rather than an issue with the product itself! They were extremely kind and patient, and I would definitely recommend investing in ANY of their products!!
Reviews: 3
I purchased a developer membership from JTAG and am very pleased with their responsiveness to my questions and their willingness to improve their products.

I had purchased my membership prior to reading about some support issues that subscribers were having, but all my recent support requests have been responded to fairly quickly - overall I'm happy with the support I've gotten.

I think the JTAG Calendar is fantastic, and with a few updates and adjustments it will be the best calendar extension out there.

My only complaint would be the upgrade process; you must uninstall the extension before upgrading; which deletes any events that you have scheduled.
Owner's reply

Many thanks for your feedback. We are always looking out for feedback inorder to improve the product to serve the customers better.
You would be pleased to know that we have just rolled out the functionality to be able to upgrade the JTAG Calendar without having to uninstall - so no more hassle of backing up data in order toavoid loss of any events already scheduled.
Hope you will find this useful!

JTAG Support

Reviews: 2
This is just a warning to anyone wishing to add and html (such as links, pictures, fonts and layout within event descriptions).


It doesn't mention it in the description because it doesn't offer it. The calender looks good and works well if you don't need to add html. As im sure most people like me need to be able to add html to the events description I can't give this extension a good rating. After viewing the support forums the developers don't look like they'll be adding this feature anytime soon, even though there are a lot of people requesting it.
Owner's reply


JTAG Calendar supports plugging in HTML in the Event Notes since Version 2.0.8 - images, links, etc. Please upgrade to the latest version and if you face any issues with enabling it please give us an opportunity to fix it by sharing details via the support forum or support[at]joomlatag[dot]com.
We welcome your feedback and are eager to help resolve your issues.


Reviews: 3
I've used a number of calendar extensions and this one is by far the prettiest.

Easy to customize and has a number of useful features.

The only lacking function is the ability to insert a full calendar within an article.
Reviews: 2
This component is one of the best looking calendar components for Joomla. Additionally, I really like the Mac iCal-like design, which plays pretty well on mobile devices as well as different systems.

However, the component is not compatible with 2.5 as specified by the developer. I cannot access any of my calendars having updated to 2.5 following the developer's public blessing of 2.5 compatibility.

Furthermore, the developer seems to have gone otherwise dormant - with major work still being required to get this component to work properly in supported systems or work at all in Joomla 2.5. Forum posts languish for days and weeks without any answer.

I cannot recommend this component at this time. Fix the 2.5 incompatibility at the very least!
Reviews: 4
This is a nice component but sadly did not fit the requirements of my clients. This was not realised until after purchase due to a number of features being not available and this wasn't apparent until after purchase. I politely requested a refund, which was agreed to but three following requests for this to be actioned on have been ignored. I mention this as a warning to anyone viewing this product, to carefully read through the list of this products attributes and ask questions if you are unsure. Also to have a good relationship with your host server as I found myself in a they said, he said situation with the product not functioning correctly, and both claiming it was due to the other.
Reviews: 29
I initially had some problems with this tool (I was an early user of it). The support was good and changes and fixes were made.

It's a good calendar tool, though it has some display issues where the available room for it is small (it does not display well in a 600px space - there are overlaps). I had a 1000px wide site with 2 200px sidebars and it couldn't handle it. However, I selected not to display the right side bar and it displays well at 800px.

Support is generally good, though I have experienced a few unanswered emails. But a big kudos to them, when I complained about it Jtag really got onto it and made it right.

For it's purpose, this could become #1 with the addition of a couple of items - the most pressing, IMHO, is emailing a user when they register to confirm details and sending a copy to the admin.
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