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RokMiniEvents Module

RokMiniEvent is a simple and elegant solution for displaying events on your site. The module syncs automatically with either Google Calendar or JomSocial, presenting basic information such as title, date and a description, which link to the full event.

The module is very intuitive, automatically adjusting itself based on your events and event ranges; simply set the number of events and the time range, and RokMiniEvents will do the rest.

★ Features

- Sources: Choose between Google Calendar, JomSocial, RSEvents, JEvents, EventList
- Time Range: Select events from a variety of periods
- Time Format: Control the type of date displayed
- Event Controls: Manage the number of events
- Layouts: Various layout parameters
- Animation: Transitions, durations, offsets
- NEW! Responsive Layout

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Reviews: 20
I cannot really understand why there are so many negative reports and ratings for this extension..
First of all, it is free (does not even insert a backlink)
Second, it has a great design
Third, it synchronizes with google calendar, and this is a function only some paid extensions offer.
Fourth, it is rare. Not many extensions offer this mini calendar layout, with this style. Most extension offer the old and boring monthly/weekly calendar layout.
So, i ignored the bad reviews and installed it in my latest J3.3 without any problem, and it worked just fine.
It's true it needs a bit more work to be done, but this is not a reason to give bad ratings to an extensions that can be developed to a nice and useful tool.
Especially when they offer it for free.
Reviews: 2
Im using the latest version for Joomla 3 and this old bug is still present. When I change the by default time server (-5) the extension dont convert the dates and -1 in the date I already setup

With GCalendar like provider its worst, not refresh, I setup option to No cached and the same.
Works better with JEvents
Owner's reply


Thank you for your review.

Please direct any technical support issues to our community forum.

To access our RokMiniEvents forum, please visit:

Kind regards,

RocketTheme LLC

Reviews: 5
This product is at 2.0.2 now, and still has the same type of bugs that earlier versions had. This extension is of no use if it cant display the correct time. Support is non existent, which is disappointing as a paid club member.

On the plus side it looks very nice, and like the options you have, if only they worked.
Reviews: 2
Latest version of this extension (v1.10) is broken and will not display Google calendar events with correct time. How useful is a calendar extension that changes dates/times of your Google Calendar events to a wrong time?

In release notes for the latest version (1.10) a bug is listed that "rokminievents showing wrong time sometimes" so developer is aware of the issue. However, this bug is not fixed yet.

Support is non-existent. I asked for help (with paid subscription) in the forums more than once and received no help.
Reviews: 1
This extension looks good. But the advertising on this pages implies that you can add a link for further event information. But it is not possible when using with Google calendars. You can add text with a link but no hyperlink (only back to google calendars), making the extension worthless for serious events people.
Owner's reply

The relevant developer just tried the link functionality, both internally and externally, and it worked with the RokMiniEvents module. Therefore, we request that you post in the RokMiniEvents Forum to get your problem addressed, as it appears to be a specific, rather than general problem.

Reviews: 4
I use this module (v1.9) in Joomla 2.5.4 for my JomSocial (v2.6.1)events. Installation and configuration smooth.
Reviews: 8
I've given this module a 'Fair' rating purely for it's design and look and feel which is excellent.

However, thats about where it ends. This module is riddled with bugs that relate to the way that it handles event times to the point where it is unusable and useless.

Despite being a Club Member, posts to the author requesting some help have gone unanswered and the lack of involvement from the company in addressing these serious issues would indicate to me that this is a dead and unsupported product, Joomla users are advised not to waste their time in looking at it.
Owner's reply

We track all reported bugs, whether from customers or our testing team, via a ticketing system. The issue in question was reported and resolved in August 2011.

However, the issue appeared again in October, and we have been endeavouring to correct the issue. We take issues in our products very seriously, and please subscribe to our Extensions Update feed to be notified when a new version is released, fixing the issues in question:

Reviews: 18
I bought this to use it with Google-Calender. The first time shown on the first event is UTC Time - that means wrong in other timezones.
After typing the Google address, the field gets lost. If you have to change anything, you have to open a new module, hopefully you remember all the settings.
Its an unusual horizontal display; you cannot use it in a different way without changing the code.
At least I wanted to use it for j-events; here the single event does not link to the correct event.
Update last days (this is the original posting "updated to version 1.6 for Joomla! 1.5 and 1.5 for Joomla! 1.7." :)
Membership expired. Don´t want to give it a try.
Reviews: 1
I found this extension very useful. There are many parameters in the back end that allow you to tweak the look. I love the badge but if you want a simple list, you can turn off the built in style sheet. To give you control, you can define the width and the amount of events. For example, if you only want to show one event at a time in a 200px wide module - or display the module in a horizontal time line. Good stuff.