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BJ Calendar with ToolTips Module

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The BJ Calendar with Tooltips is an excellent way for displaying the events of any month. You can show up to 20 events. For each event you can specify a tooltips name, a title and description text. Also, you can color your events, with/without tool tips and you have 250 embedded vector icons.


Link can be added for each event;
Support special character;
Calendar can be navigated through months and years;
You can change color for each event;
You can set event icon up to 250 embedded icons;
Documentation contains all 250 icons numbered (for easy pick up);
You can add a image for each event;
You can set tool tips on/off or write up to 19 characters;
Enable/Disable: Each Event and Link Button;
Super easy to use.

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Reviews: 33
This was not quite what I had in mind as an events calendar but only because I didn't see the potential immediately.

My application for a Greeting Card & Gift Shop required a list of public holidays or events throughout the year together with some brief information and the ability to link to more information if required.

This extension does the job easily and elegantly. There is some work involved entering the information and replacing the stock images with your own but it is well worth the effort and for the pittance they charge for it, I rate this as possibly the best extension for the job.

Support? Because it is a Flash extension, I was unable to change the colour to match the template so I meekly inquired with the vendor about having this done. Considering it was Sunday the response was astoundingly fast and I had a reply together with an attached file to my specification by the time I had taken the dog for a walk.

They didn't charge me (although I offered) and best of all, it installed over the existing one without losing any of the settings or data.

On the basis of my experience in the last 24 hours there is no hesitation giving BJ Calendar with Tooltips full marks - it does exactly what it claims - beautifully. Thank you!