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DPCalendar is a full responsive native Joomla calendar and event manager. It makes the most of all the Joomla features that any online Joomla calendar should, such as ajax powered event browsing/manipulation, drag'n drop, front end editing, nested calendars, CalDAV and ACL support. DPCalendar integrates seamless other calendar systems like Google Calendar, Facebook Events, MS Exchange (Outlook) or iCloud without manual syncing or cron jobs.

Here is a list of features DPCalendar offers:

* Full responsiveness of all views
* ACL everywhere also who can view the content of events
* Nested calendars
* Ajax powered calendar with a smooth design
* Template overrides support
* Google map integration
* Batch editing of events
* Coloring individual events
* Complex recurring events
* Upcoming events module
* Counter module
* Mini module
* Map module
* Downloading events to Google calendar, Outlook or iCal
* Search plugin
* Finder plugin for smart search
* Social share buttons
* Inclusion of Facebook Comments, Google Plus Comments and JComments
* Twitter publish plugin
* Native joomla language support
* SEO optimized with rich snippets (structured data)
* Integration/Import of external sources like Ical/Jomsocial/CSV/Google calendar/JEvents/JCalPro/Facebook events/MS Exchange/CalDAV
* Drag'n Drop and resize in the frontend
* List view
* CalDAV access to the calendars
* Every user can have it's own calendars
* Visitors can attend events
* Payment gateway integration to attend events (like a ticket/reservation system)
* E-Mail reminders
* Attachment support trough DPAttachments

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Reviews: 5
I tried most of the calendars and that one is the one I'll keep for my use !! Nothing else than positive things to say, and the support is always there to solve your problem, event if it's not because of their component behaviour ! I really appreciate it !! Thanx
Reviews: 2
This is a great extension! It is highly versatile, easy to use and very attractive. The support is fabulous. I highly recommend this!!
Reviews: 3
This company makes great modules for Joomla. I am now using their slider module and it is exactly what I neeed.
Reviews: 8
this extensions is amazing! This extension adds all functions which I could imagine and even more which I didn't know I need. and I do. it saves so much time to organize our dates and deadlines.

the support is also excellent, I had some questions on a weekend and get my answer on next day!

it's worth ervy cent! thx!!!
check it out!!
Reviews: 1
Hello all,
I have recently purchased this calendar and must say it is one of the easiest to use extensions I have ever encountered. It does what it promises and looks great as well. The technical support is 1A. They even helped with problems that were not of their own making in order to get my site up and running.

Thanks for everything and all the best for the future.
Reviews: 5
I've been using these guys products for years. GCalendar was great for us, but google calendar's limitations with adding links to events was driving us nuts. DP calendar allows for adding a URL to an event, in our case a link to a meeting agenda, which solved a major issue we were having. Had a question regarding changing a language file, posted it on their support forum, and within a few hours had the solution. Great product and support - thanks!
Reviews: 2
I would like to take a moment to suggest this featured filled component. It is jammed packed with customization options on the back and provides a smooth user experience on the front end. I particularly needed a solution to import ics files from Outlook and this jewel did the trick with ease. When I had questions regarding issues possibly beyond the scope of support, Laoneo was polite enough to offer me possible solutions. Therefore is why I say Great Service.. To go above and beyond..
Reviews: 1
This is a powerful extension that will provide as much complexity as will be needed by most organisations.
The range of options is very powerful and this gives available granularity not found in other extensions.
The interface is good and user reaction is very positive.
Reviews: 8
I have tried a lot of calendar comps but for sure this is the best. Also it has a great support forum!
Reviews: 5
Sometimes you think that getting a free component will do a cheap upgrade on your site. In some cases the product is fine but support is poor, there are cases where the product is poor but the support is fine and there are also cases where both are fine (or bad), but as far as I have noticed there are not so many situations where the product and the support are stable and acceptable (short or long term) with a minimum of effort.

O yeah, of course I see the blessings of Open Source software, and despite the things I’ve said before I usually try some free products when I’m searching for new functionality on a site I’m building, but many times I’ll end with a commercial product and wondering myself why I’ve spend so many hours with struggling getting the free products to my needs, stable and workable.

I promised myself to take some time to review a recent implementation of a calendar component. Calendars are widely used on Joomla websites and a lot of flavours are available when searching the JED. In the past I’ve tried (again :-)) a few free flavours, but in all cases there was no 100% satisfaction for me. I’m not a programmer myself, but fully professional involved in IT matters and able to find my commercial, technical and functional way in website development, an additional part of my IT skills.

Basically I was looking for a way to connect Microsoft Exchange data to the Joomla environment, especially: connecting Exchange calendar data to a Joomla calendar. With this functionality I could make it possible for my customer to link all events from a specific Exchange account and display them at the front end in Joomla.

I’ve searched a long time, but I did not found any component with this functionality. In a search with the search string ‘Outlook’ on the JED (the nearest chance to get possibly to Exchange) I’ve found DPCalender from Digital-Peak , and after reading their information about the calendar and the existing plugins for integration of external sources like Ical, Jomsocial, CSV, Google calendar, JEvents, JCalPro and Facebook it wasn’t too difficult to conclude that these guys must have professional knowledge of integration!

I’ve contacted them with my question about my Exchange needs and before I knew it I had an positive answer from a guy called Laoneo with a proposition to work together on this as a custom job.

The whole process of development took about a month before I could install the first version of the Exchange plugin, and that was for me also the first time to make myself comfortable with the DPCalender component.

Wauw! Rarely see a component that was installed and built so professional, stable and intuitive. A very well done Dutch translation (and may more), immediately available after installing the component. Very functional modules like a mini calendar, a count-down calendar, Google maps module and upcoming events module besides the plugins for Ical, Jomsocial, CSV, Google calendar, JEvents, JCalPro, Facebook and…. Exchange! Note: you can link a total of nine Exchange calendars!!

Furthermore I’ve tested that their software is really fully responsive, great for mobile use! Everything is highly customable and there are a lot of views to display information on your website. The most important I can ‘feel’ when working with the software is how stable it is, very well programmed, very well documented and working flawless.

The developer is from Switzerland, speaks English very well and he has made with this calendar and all the modules and plugins a real Swiss army knife, a must have for your site if you need a calendar component!

I’m not saying this too often, but I’m serious when I say that if you need a professional calendar component with all thinkable options than get your hands on a copy of DPCalendar. For a very decent amount of money (from as cheap as from $39) you have it all.

And if you need a professional built Exchange plugin based on the professional SOAP-api to view your Exchange calendar data in DP calendar: as far as I could find Laoneo is the only one who has it for Joomla this way!

No (positive) critics at all? Oh yeah, two!

1. The developer is sometimes a little short in his answers, but I recognize that kind of behaviour from professional high IQ’ed developers, they are great in doing their technical job but doesn’t talk too much, they rather work, eager to find a solution for your question instead of circling around the question with a lot of words….. The best part is however: you will get an answer on every question and more important: a professional solution!

2. Because my question meant custom work for them I have paid a part of the development costs (worth the money for me), but the good news for all you readers of this review is that this mean that you can have the Exchange plugin for free when buying a DPCalendar Premium subscription and believe me, I give it to you wholeheartedly!

Chapeau, five stars fully worth and therefor my pleasure to write an extensive review here !

Owner's reply

Thanks for the kind words. Was nice to work with you together!!

Reviews: 4
When first installed everything seem to go fairly well, however we noticed an serious inconsistency with the synchronizing of data from Google. Sometimes events would show up in lists and not in calendars and you never knew when the event would show up. We saw in their help that eliminating the cache time would speed up the process but cause performance issues. We tried doing that and we ended up getting this spinning wheel that never gave us a calendar. When we disabled the plugin for google, we got an empty calendar, however re-enabling it got us back to a spinning wheel.
We asked for support and were told that they needed access to the private area of the site. We were hoping for a few helpful suggestions before we got to the point where we were giving out passwords for that.

Before we gave out a password for the private site area, we decided to uninstall it and re_install it. When we uninstalled the component, the site crashed. We had no access to the backend or the frontend, but it did throw an error message pointing to the fact that the uninstall was unclean and left remnants that was causing joomla to crash.
We had to open the database in PHP myadmin and find the remnants and disable them manually. Once we did that we were able to get to the admin side of joomla again. When we logged in, joomla saw that there was a bad un-install, pointed to faulty manifests from the component and cleaned itself up. (hurray for joomla). After all this we were able to get the front end back up and running.

Obviously we have decided to NOT re-install this software. Money Not Well Spent!
Owner's reply

Sad to her that it went so wrong. Normally people are more than happy when we offer to fix the problem on their site directly to speed up the solving process.
We have a 30 day money back guarantee, to bad you didn't request refund it you are unhappy with DPCalendar.

Reviews: 2
While I've only used DPCalendar a short time, it appears to be an excellent calendar. Not being dependent on Google calendar was a goal. DPCalendar filled that goal. In the event I had a problem, support usually responded within a day. Even with my limited coding experience, I've been able to resolve most issues with their great support. I think I made a wise choice in DPCalendar.
Reviews: 1
The DPCalendar is a must-have for event management on Joomla. With the ability to separate calendars into user groups, and the system taking full advantage of Joomla's ACL system, I found it really easy to filter events dependant on user group access.

I'd definately recommend this for anyone who wishes to show events on their site for any reason.
Reviews: 40
DP calendar I use 3-4 years and last version is very good. Support also is constant excellent so I don't see any reason to don't buy this excellent component.
Reviews: 1
I use this calendar on my website and I'm very pleased with that calendar. The best of all is the excellent and very fast support. For me that is the best calendar solution I've seen so far. A great thank you for the guys of the support team.
Reviews: 1
I´ve tested most calendar extensions for joomla.. but this one is the best! Is the only one that fit my needs. With radius search on gmaps, ACL Control and much more.. And the Support is the fastest and best you can get!
Reviews: 1
I provide Joomla! solutions for German NGOs and use DPCalendar as my favourite at the moment. For my customers it is easy to use, for me it is easy to adapt the existing design (very good code structure). Anyway, I love this extension because I can just use it as a native Joomla! extension. Moreover it comes with powerful features to import external calendars like google, ical and so on. I've posted two threads into the developer's forum and got a very fast and helpful reply. Thank's a lot for this mighty feature and your good support!
Reviews: 3
As far as i see, DPCalendar is in deed the mightiest solution at least for my Joomla 2.5 site (but supports also 3.x). I am administering a site with no less than 14 calendars of the societies of our community and until now not a Joomla expert ... And I always prefer commercial solutions, for the money I pay today I spare trouble and waiting for support tomorrow.
"Right out of the box" DPCalendar is a stunning solution, which solves almost all of the every day demands. There are a lot of aspects, which help to customize the software, the UI and the "look and feel". At start I was somewhat irritated about the few setup icons in the admin backend - but the power is hidden under the combination of these menu items, categories, calendar setup and options, the locations and the event database itself. All that is straight forward for the beginner.
But I would lie, if the setting up of the full power of such a mighty solution wouldn't need some knowledge in code editing. It's like driving a large car just out of the store - or tuning a car, which needs knowledge of the engine and the electric. But one doesn't need editing of deeply nested files via ftp in the site, the developer team has pulled out all that code and parameters into dialogues in the backend. That's a great help together with a good online documentation and a professional translated piece of software, too.
The support team is beyond any critique: fast and exhausting answers, patient if there comes not the fast solution.
Superb software, very good support.
Reviews: 1
Just a simple calendar? Yes... but excellent implemented. And the support is also excellent.
Reviews: 5
I have tried various calendars throughout the past couple of years and once I tried DPCalendar I was pleased to find that I no longer had to search for the right one. My site runs a great deal of components and relies on JomSocial for event creation and handling. Anyone running JomSocial and showcasing many events would understand that getting a calendar to work simultaneously is.. if not impossible to come by.. a pain to configure.

DPCalendar has taken all the worry out of the process. Importing events is as simple as a click! A little bit of adjusting is needed once imported.. but well worth it as.. well, there just aren't any others!

Support is top notch and fast to respond. They really do a great job at communicating and even offer up friendly advice on issues that occur.

I am very pleased with their software and look forward to converting my site over to 3 once the LTS is released.

I can honestly say, you WILL NOT find this type of component anywhere on the market. It's not settling for the only one with functionality you need utilized... it's settling for the best. With this, I highly recommend this to anyone needing this type of component.

Thanks Digital-Peak, you guys rock!
Owner's reply

With version 3.1 every part of DPCalendar will be fully responsive. How sounds that!!!

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