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Really Simple Calendar ComponentModule

Really simple calendar Module - Component is a simple Joomla calendar. The Component is easy to use and plug n play.


Really Simple Calendar is responsive and it can be adjusted automatically to the width of your page.

Basic Calendar Features
Really simple calendar enables you to set events and categories from the back end of your Joomla site. Then you have the option to display it as a menu item or you can display it as a module in any position that you want. Other features include styling of the calendar, such as changing the colors.

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Reviews: 7
I was looking for something simple to place events and what he had seen so far were complex solutions.
Espa plugin is really impressive for its potential and its easy handling.

Cons: I was unable to make the events will there be in the same window (taking set in that there will be options in the same window).

For the rest minimalist congratulations on this excellent work.
Thank you very much for your time.
Reviews: 2
It is a very simple plugin, ideal for newbies and professionals.
Reviews: 2
As the title says,the calendar is very simple to use and works great at my site.
Reviews: 1
I was looking for something easy and simple like this plugin for some time now, I'm glad I've found this one, can only recommend. Thanks
Reviews: 1
Although i didn't eventually use that plugin as i needed an events calendar, the plugin is eas to intall and use for what it does.
Reviews: 1
great plugin! just as it says. A really simple plugin