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Spider Calendar is one of the best event calendars available in JED. Spider Calendar is a highly configurable RESPONSIVE extension which allows you to have multiple organized events in a calendar. If you have problem with organizing your events and displaying them in a calendar format, then Spider Calendar is the best solution. Maybe you just want to have a quick look at your calendar to remind yourself about the future appointments? It will be great if calendar extension will be able to show all events, display them in a module position as a beautiful and customizable calendar on your website. Spider Calendar is an extraordinary very user friendly.
• Supports Joomla! 2.5 and Joomla! 3.x.
• Can be used as a component and as a module as well.
• Possibility to change the colors of the calendar and fit it to the colors of your website.
• 5 standard themes included in extension package for the calendar module.
• 11 standard themes included in extension package for the calendar component.
• You can set the height and width of the Spider Calendar in the module and in the component as well.
• With a simple click on the date on the Calendar you will see the events and their descriptions recorded for that day.
• Spider Calendar supports events that last more than one day.
• Possibility to set the month and the year initially displayed on the calendar (option to display any particular month instead of the current month on the calendar).
• Possibility to create as many calendars as you need. The design of each calendar is configurable.
• You can show multiple calendars in one page.
-Important : The releases since 2,2 are "Security Release" and those who use the extension in version under 2.2 should upgrade Spider Calendar immediately to the last version!-
• You can create events for each calendar separately.
• Parameter by which you can include a Facebook "like" button in each event of calendar.
• You can change calendar date color, font size and font family in the
• Possibility to change arrow color and background color in the popup of the calendar
• Possibility to change popup background color
• Possibility to define the height and width of the popup of the calendar
• Possibility to define the number of displayed events in the popup
• Possibility to select calendar date style in the popup
• You can create events in a calendar which will not repeat (and use a single time).
• You can create an event in a calendar and repeat it by any number of days.
• You can create an event in a calendar and repeat it weekly/monthly/yearly.
• Possibility to choose month display format in the Spider Calendar in component.

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Reviews: 4
it's really easy to use and when you need help, there is an excellent support. I say thanks for a good job
Reviews: 1
A beautiful and easy to use calendar extension. Just install and start using.

I had needed support for a little problem. 1 hour and problem solved.

And i asked help for the free extension!!!

Thank you
Reviews: 12
I initially downloaded the 'lite' version to try out the product before purchase.

I had some compatibility problems with my template and contacted the developers who, although I hadn't paid anything, helped resolve all my problems.

I then bought the Pro version and am delighted with the extra features - especially the ability to totally customise the module(s) to my client's brand colours.

I highly recommend this product to anyone seeking a light-weight yet full function event calendar. The admin is so simple to use that even non-tech clients are able to keep their events up to date.

And finally - a big thank-you Web-Dorado for their fast response and high level of support.

David ;-)
Reviews: 1
I need special solution for various users. Although it was complicated and have been hard to provide optimal setting, support very helpfully and professionaly help me. A lot of thanks!
Reviews: 1
I have try a free version and I must bought it because this is perfect. Ready to use, many skins and very well adjustable. And support from Perfect! I like it!
Reviews: 1
This is not only an excellent product, but the support is also outstanding. The responce is very quick and accurate. Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 1
We purchased the spider-calendar for the website of our sportsclub and had some small issues with it (displaying some dates, position of the bubbles, etc..). Just reporting it to the support we received within a few hours not only a answer, but a complete solution of our problems. The support is lightning fast - I never saw this before.

The product is well developed. Very quick displaying all events of a day by mouseover and customisable as necessary (color, size, categories).

We used another (very good, but very complex) calendar before. This has not been used by our members. I think with the quick display via bubbles all users get a fast view on all upcomming events. No more need to wait until the calendar has loaded. Quick and fast.
And if you need more information you can click on that selected event an receive a very detailed description.

Very well done! (7 stars of 5 possible!)
Reviews: 2
Thank you, developer for your work.
I'm impressed how fast is your support response time.
Reviews: 2
I just had some questions and the support answered quick and right.


I can recommended it

THANK YOU Web-Dorado
Reviews: 1
I have a problem with display calendar. I had not response from forum a week, till I connect support. They fix the problem next day. Great! Thanks!
Reviews: 3
I bought a commercial version and have an easy install and use. There were some troubles and support solved its.

Thank you for good extension. I recomend it!
Reviews: 3
After the very easy installation, I customised it very quick.

I just had some questions and the support answered quick and right.

I can recommended it
Reviews: 7
I purchased the pro version two months ago, and I've been pleased with its operation and the support provided by the developers. There are 11 sample themes which are all easily adjusted for customization.

When I suggested that the events displayed didn't have an AM/PM time selection, I was surprised to see in implemented in the next upgrade, eventhough the developer indicated that I could have it done for a fee.

Multiple calendars are supported out of the box. You can have one calendar for example teachers and one for students, another for janitors. etc.

There's one minor thing that it doesn't have which is standard with most modules. When saving events it has Save and Save & Close, but it doesn't have a Save & New. That causes an extra step when inputting multiple events to a calendar.

All in all, this is a great calendar.
Reviews: 2
Spider calendar extension is an excellent product. What I needed for my web site calendar was supported by this calendar. It was a pleasure to work with the development team. Also the price is fair compared to the functionality.
Reviews: 4
Thanks for such a useful extension. It saved me a ton of time. I've used Spider Calendar for a site of church and I plan use it in my future projects.
I look forward to future developments.
Reviews: 1
Very useful extension. Very easy to use, I am sure I will use this product in a future. I have told all my friends. Excellent product. Thanks.
Reviews: 1
I love this spider calendar! It simply does what I needed. Glad to see that the big calendar is added in this version.
Reviews: 1
I am a website developer and create several Joomla sites a month. I bought Spider Calendar more then a year ago and used it on most of my sites. Recently I looked at the demo of the new version and discovered lots of new abilities. I bought it again a week ago and I am very satisfied.