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Calendar Planner is a complete, super-easy to use calendar tool to manage events and appointments in Joomla!, through its responsive, interactive and AJAX-powered user interface. Drag & drop, resize, repeat events, maps, notifications & more.

Create and share events with your users using beautiful calendar views in Joomla. Either to plan your own private schedule, or to share public calendar events that your users can see in your site, Calendar Planner is the best Event Management tool for Joomla! and the most intuitive and easy to use, thanks to its brilliant, JavaScript and Bootstrap powered User Interface, and its AJAX connection to the server for non-intrusive, smooth navigation for your users.

The basic features provided by Calendar Planner

- Users can create their own events and calendars, if you allow it
- E-mail alerts that everyone can set up if they want
- Ajax powered, fast and smooth
- Drag & Drop interface, resize, create events in frontend
- Mobile friendly, responsive layouts
- Colorful calendars for your events
- Private or public events
- Geo-location for events, and maps (Google Maps integration)
- Repeat events (recurring events)
- Beautiful full-screen view that feels almost like a native app
- Search events, filter by date, name, category...
- Export calendars to iCal for importing to Google Calendar, Apple iCal, Outlook...
- Upcoming events module
- Mini calendar module
- Multi-language support, settings for calendar start day and such

And also...

- Integrated with JomSocial (display JomSocial events in Calendar Planner)
- Integrated with EasySocial (display EasySocial events in Calendar Planner)

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Reviews: 19
Calendar Planner is a nice and easy calendar extension. I do have one feature request, about Joomla core acl integration, which I already discussed with the developer. But for me this would be a 'nice to have' and certainly not a showstopper.

What impressed me most is Germinal's help when I ran into a serious (Bootstrap versions) conflict with my template. If I'd call it 'going the extra mile' then it would be an understatement. He was really going quite some extra miles!

Many thanks, Frits
Reviews: 7
I have needed this calendar for about 2 years to manage my meetings and it has not disappointed. Germinal is a very experienced developer and I get the distinct impression he loves his work!

I had a couple of issues that were down to server environment and Germinal has sorted them with ease. The design, layout and features of this component, make it a must have for any business that needs to keep track of their appointments.

The email alerts are a brilliant addition and all without a cronjob. Its just works!
Reviews: 4
Finally someone took the time to create a high quality responsive calendar. I've tried most of the competition, including costly extensions (I even paid one extension developer to customize my calendar to meet my needs, and it still fell short). I did more in one day with this calendar than I've been able to do in months with other calendars. And the support team has been awesome. Fast and trustworthy. I recommend this developer. I look forward to following the progress of this component.