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Zap Calendar is an advanced, native Joomla calendar featuring AJAX, RSS and full iCalendar support. There are dozens of add-ons available for Zap Calendar, making it a full-featured calendaring system for Joomla websites.

Extensive iCalendar Support - Zap Calendar was written from the ground up to fully support the iCalendar standard (iCalendar is the standard format for transferring calendar events between applications). Zap Calendar provides full import, export and synchronization of calendar events to and from external sources (including deleted events). Using a calendar program such as Outlook, Thunderbird or Google Calendar and devices like the iPod or iPad, downloading or uploading a single event or an entire calendar with 1,000's of events can be done easily with Zap Calendar. iCalendar repeating events are also fully supported. Using the iCal subscribe plugin (available in Zap Calendar Pro), you can synchronize events created on remote calendars with Zap Calendar, allowing automatic updating of your calendar when an event changes in a remote calendar.

Module and Plugin Addons – Zap Calendar can be extended using Zap Calendar modules plugins. With over 2 dozen to choose from , these addons provide additional functionality to the calendar, including searching, weather, mapping, captcha, RSVP, moon phases, commenting and social networking support.

Third Party Application Support – Zap Calendar provides support for several popular Joomla extensions, including Community Builder, JomSocial, sh404SEF and Zap Weather. Zap Calendar also includes a plugin for Google Maps for displaying events on a map.

AJAX Support – Zap Calendar supports AJAX, which allows users to browse the calendar by event, day, week, month or year without ever refreshing the screen page. AJAX is supported for both Zap Calendar component pages and modules.

Social Networking Support – Zap Calendar users can post events to popular social network sites like Facebook and Twitter using the "share your event" option. Events can include a Facebook "like" button. Users can comment and RSVP to events using the provided plugins. Zap Calendar provides support for Community Builder and JomSocial.

Event Management – Multiple categories per event, repeating events, linking events to articles, front-end add/edit/delete events, location/venue support (new!), quick event creation mode, import events from a CSV file, iCalendar file or URL.

Calendar Management - Multiple calendars per site, multiple calendars per page (via modules), personal calendars, spanning events and categories across multiple calendars, flat and tree-based category layouts, theme support, display/hide event categories on a calendar.

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Reviews: 1
The calendar installed properly straight away. I've had a few problems with importing data and with the google maps plugin, but all support queries have been answered within 12hrs and all problems quickly resolved. Highly recommended
Reviews: 1
The guy that wrote this is nice enough when he decides to answer you, but we purchased this for a client site and asked for support over a month ago. We had our first response in about a week after we asked for help and then again over a week later. Now I can't get a response at all. This is not acceptable with a paid extension. We have an upset client are stuck having to pay to develop something else for lack of support. I am sorry to the developer for writing this, but I have given you many weeks and you are not responsive at all. The middle button between the arrows makes you refresh the screen to see the current month once you advanced to a new one. The links in the calendar are broken and only hover works, and now we find out that the subscribe does not work either. This is a great option of it works, but it simply has too many flaws and support is non existent.
Owner's reply

I'm sorry for the delay you experienced in support. The problem was related to the Joomla version you were using, which was hard to troubleshoot since it was a very old version of Joomla and we did not have a test site running this version. I hope the problem is now resolved to your satisfaction.

Reviews: 1
I've been using Zap Calendar for over a year now. This calendar extension does more than any other calendar component I have ever tried. Aside from being incredibly easy to install and straightforward to use, the support for this is absolutely incredible. I had to do a few custom things with the calendar and the author of the component came to my site, re-worked code, and helped me get set up. Over a year later (after my year of service expired) I asked for help again and he STILL helped me. Cheers to this component and its author. Amazing.
Reviews: 3
This calendar is very good.Some functions want to mention:
1.Google map integration
2. Facebook like integration
3. Jomsocial integration.

The only thing missed is SEO optimization. Hope to see in next release.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review. Zap Calendar currently supports the built-in Joomla SEO feature and sh404SEF Joomla extension. If you are having a problem getting SEO to work with Zap Calendar, you can contact support by sending a message to the "Contact Us" link at the site or post a message on the support forum at the same website.

Reviews: 3
ZAP CALEDAR is an excellent extension that helped me a lot creating my site calendar. The support given was really fast and accurate, I can't ask for better assistance! A fantastic extension that saved me a lot of developing time!
Reviews: 1
After looking at all of the calendar products, I carefully selected Zap Calendar as the most comprehensive and the one that suited my needs. It installed without a hitch and I was up and creating events for my site.

After working with Zap for a while, I had a problem with the component. It was clearly some conflict within my other products, but I could not work it through. I emailed Dan and he was quite responsive, cordial and methodical. When I gave up trying to get it going he graciously stepped in and fixed it. As suspected, it was NOT a problem with Zap but a component conflict. I was very pleased with his response to my problem.

What more could you want? All the features in a calendar and a mature company standing behind it!
Reviews: 6
I have used several different event calendars on Joomla 1.5 sites. Upgrading to J2.5 prompted me to look quite exhaustively at alternatives. In my opinion Zap Calendar is way out in front, especially for its flexibility to be re-configured for different sites.
Reviews: 1
I maintain a website for a car club I belong to. I have been looking for two years - trying to find a calendar program that suits our needs. Zap Calendar has fit the bill and I am happy with it. The most amazing part of my experience with Zap is the support offered. I encountered a problem with an add-on which displays 12 months at the top of the calendar and reported it to Dan. He communicated well and worked tirelessly on the issue until a solution was found.
Ah yes - this is what service is. Now I remember. If you are looking for a good extension to replace a finicky component such as JEvents - this is the one to go with.
Highly recommended for it's features as well as support.
Reviews: 2
This is my second review and it's to the same company... just fantastic support and a great extension. Dan worked around the clock to get the calendar right and almost instant response. Easy to learn, easy to update, can't ask for a better product.
Reviews: 1
This is an amazing extension, it does what it says and even more, as the technical assistance is fast and accurate. I had a few request (modifications and extra plugins) and my wishes where guaranteed in almost no time! Fabulous! Two thumbs up!
Reviews: 1
This is a great extension and is backed up with equally great support. Dan gave pre-sales support by confirming he could customize it to meet my specific needs. After purchase he made the customizations and upgraded me to the newest version which he just finished developing. All the customizations were made quickly which helped me meet my deadlines. Thanks Dan!
Reviews: 3
I really like the Zap-calender. It is advanced so give it some time to get to know it. It is worth the effort!

I also appreciate the discussions with the developers on the forum. They do really listen to idéas and suggestions.
Reviews: 6
I am rating this Excellent even though there are a few minor issues. Overall this is a great ext that adds so much to my site. I am in a very competitive market and upcoming events is an important feature. Z calendar blows my competitor's event lists/calendars away. The Google Map feature in the paid version is just outstanding and worth the cost by itself. Looks like the forum is actively supported by the developer so I will take my minor issues there.
Reviews: 3
Zap Calendar is a great extension with so many possibilities! When I was having trouble with my iCal subscriptions to a Google calendar with almost 200 events, I contacted support and got a prompt response with a good understanding of my issues. My problems were not simple, and my support worked diligently on finding solutions and helping me with every detail. I very highly recommend the Pro Version of Zap Calendar! It is worth every penny!!
Reviews: 8
they say you can add repeating events, but in their demo that option is not available as a choice. the social media tie-in and the google maps are cool features, but I need to be able to add repeating events.
Owner's reply

Yes, Zap Calendar supports repeating events in both the front and back end editors, however, the feature has been disabled in the demo to prevent abuse to the demo system (with one click, thousands of repeating events could be created). You can see a screenshot of the back-end repeating event options in the "Add New Event" screen here: (click on the "Add New Event" screenshot to zoom in).

Zap Calendar's repeating event feature is extensive, is iCal compatible, and allows you to edit or remove an event within a repeating event series. You can contact the author at the "contact us" link or in the forums on the site if you need additional info on the feature.

Reviews: 1
If you are looking for a calendar application for events needing many different categories, and showing their geographic location, Zap Calendar is it. They truly don't come better than that. I also found that the developers really listen to their community, and if you look at the wish list and compare it with features implemented you can see the evidence.

The support is excellent and friendly.

Our requirement was very complex, and nothing fitted the bill until we found zap calendar.

I am very happy to pay for a quality extension like this, as the cost of developing it would have totally blown our budget.
Reviews: 1
I spent a couple months testing out all the various event modules. I was convinced I could get a free one that did what I wanted. All of them had a fatal flaw, the RSVP capabilities were either non-existent or lacking. I saw the Zap Calendar demo and I knew it was what I wanted. It is so feature rich and complete. I wanted to change a part of the RSVP plugin for my specific situation and the developer actually rewrote part of the plugin and emailed me the new code so I could have it before my site goes live. That is the level of dedication he has to making his product better. To me, that alone was worth the purchase price. So many features, such a great look. Since my site is for a social group this was the most important component, and I can say for a fact that this component alone completes my site so perfectly. Many thanks to Dan.
Reviews: 1
A pricey add on but worth evey bit of the cost. Feature rich and very flexible. You can't go wrong here.
Reviews: 7
I have only reviewed three products since I began working with Joomla two years ago and can honestly say that this one rises to the top!!! I looked for weeks for a calendar program to fit my needs and this one kicks butt!

This extension is extremely easy to setup and use and does more than you can even think to ask!!!

The support is even more amazing than the extension! Their willingness to help their clients goes above and beyond customer service and is much appreciated!!!

Way to go on an awesome extension!!! Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
Excellent Calender. Love the features. One of the team member tried it and work exactly what has been said.

Good works. Carry on.
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