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Zap Calendar is an advanced, native Joomla calendar featuring AJAX, RSS and full iCalendar support. There are dozens of add-ons available for Zap Calendar, making it a full-featured calendaring system for Joomla websites.

Extensive iCalendar Support - Zap Calendar was written from the ground up to fully support the iCalendar standard (iCalendar is the standard format for transferring calendar events between applications). Zap Calendar provides full import, export and synchronization of calendar events to and from external sources (including deleted events). Using a calendar program such as Outlook, Thunderbird or Google Calendar and devices like the iPod or iPad, downloading or uploading a single event or an entire calendar with 1,000's of events can be done easily with Zap Calendar. iCalendar repeating events are also fully supported. Using the iCal subscribe plugin (available in Zap Calendar Pro), you can synchronize events created on remote calendars with Zap Calendar, allowing automatic updating of your calendar when an event changes in a remote calendar.

Module and Plugin Addons – Zap Calendar can be extended using Zap Calendar modules plugins. With over 2 dozen to choose from , these addons provide additional functionality to the calendar, including searching, weather, mapping, captcha, RSVP, moon phases, commenting and social networking support.

Third Party Application Support – Zap Calendar provides support for several popular Joomla extensions, including Community Builder, JomSocial, sh404SEF and Zap Weather. Zap Calendar also includes a plugin for Google Maps for displaying events on a map.

AJAX Support – Zap Calendar supports AJAX, which allows users to browse the calendar by event, day, week, month or year without ever refreshing the screen page. AJAX is supported for both Zap Calendar component pages and modules.

Social Networking Support – Zap Calendar users can post events to popular social network sites like Facebook and Twitter using the "share your event" option. Events can include a Facebook "like" button. Users can comment and RSVP to events using the provided plugins. Zap Calendar provides support for Community Builder and JomSocial.

Event Management – Multiple categories per event, repeating events, linking events to articles, front-end add/edit/delete events, location/venue support (new!), quick event creation mode, import events from a CSV file, iCalendar file or URL.

Calendar Management - Multiple calendars per site, multiple calendars per page (via modules), personal calendars, spanning events and categories across multiple calendars, flat and tree-based category layouts, theme support, display/hide event categories on a calendar.

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Reviews: 7
"Shockingly Good" I reserve for a small category of Joomla extensions that must pass four tests - stable and reliable, easy to use, powerful and complete features, and looks fabulous. You all know how hard it is to find all four even in commercial extensions ;there's always one of those elements missing.
I am stingy and usually always go with non-commercial extensions if at all possible. This is one of fewer than five Joomla extensions that delivers your money's worth.
The configurable options are many, the display is attractive out of the box and is easily modified, the iCal and GoogleMap extensions are wonderful, etc.
The only thing to watch out for is not to turn on the plug-ins for JomSocial etc. if you don't have the components installed - it will error out on you with no explanation.
Reviews: 5
This calendar have very nice and important features. Is extremely user friendly since it allows the easy integration with iCal feeds. Excellent job!!!
Reviews: 7
This is hands down the best calendar component and module combination for Joomla. I have tried them all, hacked them all and in the end came back to this one because it is simply the best. The code is well written. The support is quick and superb. The developer really cares about his products and even made the effort to add a feature that I was looking for to the latest version.

The additional features like the google maps integration and jom social integration make this extension a must have for any site requiring a calendar.

The feature that was most important to me was to have a small calendar module that I can set to open on a specific date in the future WITH the events highlighted on it. No other module could provide this except for Zap Calendar. The rest is icing on the cake.

Reviews: 4
Get it. It works. Easy to navigate and admin. iCal feature is what sold me. Pro version: I'm giving this 5 because it does everything it promises and the developer is very open-minded about enhancements, not to mention prompt and clear in his support responses. I think a more developed user manual would help, that is, more step-by-step instructions and clearer demos. What's there is very helpful, however. My wish list includes being able to add members to events from user profiles (e.g., integrated with Jomsocial) and have group notified, with iCal attachments. The developer takes you seriously — another plus. It's a real, grown-up extension.
Reviews: 8
I have enjoyed using and configuring Zap Calendar and would agree that this is one to watch for the future. It's easy to set up and any problems are quickly resolved either in the forum or directly. Keep up the great work!!
Reviews: 1
Excellent Application!
The ZapCalendar Pro was just the solution we needed to provide our visitors with categorized events in either a 2D calendar view, or straightforward listing format. We were really surprised and pleased with the extra features as well (e.g. geocoded maps, subscription/download capability and the direct tie-in with Joomla native search engine.
Nice features, great price!
Reviews: 3
I can not say anything bad about this app. Fast service on problems in the forums. I suggested a plugin for jomcomment and in the next release there it was awesome. this calendar is destined to be the number one choice in joomla.
Reviews: 9
We also purchased the PRO version and could not be happier. Very extensible and their support is very fast and friendly.

Two features that I need to mention are the ability to link your events to articles (instead of just an event view --- BIG IMPROVEMENT from other calendar managers) and the ability to download or subscribe to the calendar. This gives your users better usability for your site.

An all around great product. I can't wait for more updates!
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