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Art Calendar Joomla! extension allows display highly-configurable calendars and their events. Supports Google Calendar.

* Create highly-customizable calendars and events
* Google Calendar support: ability to show events from Google Calendars - unlimited number of calendars supported for main view
* Repeating (recurring) events: each N days or weeks, or each Monday each month, etc.
* Draggable/non-draggable events
* Customizable time formats, start date, day of week to start with, etc.
* Ability to generate calendars and events from existing Joomla! articles by entering section id and category id
* Ability to generate calendars and events from existing K2 items by entering K2 category id
* Ability to select an article to assign to event
* Ability to select K2 item to assign to event
* Supports com_zoo items to be assigned to calendar events
* Right to left support (for Arabic and Hebrew)
* Access Rights support
* Single-date and interval events
* Events can have description and links
* Customizable front-end messages
* Customizable styles
* Comes with mini-calendar module to show local events or agenda view
* Custom Javascript code support
* Available calendar list view and single calendar view
* Can be used as events manager and calendar
* Supports calendar groups: calendars can be grouped and shown in a single view
* Agenda view (flat view) available:
* Specific calendar can be assigned to menu item
* Any HTML can be shown in event description
* This is open-source software

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Reviews: 1
very usefull, simple to use, allow many customize by css, and very good support by mail,only documentation is not full but help by support is very nice and quick
(french user)
Reviews: 1
This module has some great features, like the ability to link to articles and display a calendar as a component and as a module.

However, only purchase this module if you are familiar with PHP and CSS. You will need to do a lot of customization to make it look decent, and to fix a few errors with the module add on.

One feature I wish it had is the ability to enter event times in a different field.

Also, the documentation is only so-so.
Reviews: 10
I encountered some difficulties at the beginning to make it work as I wanted. Artetic's support helped me and even went to my website administration to parameter and make test on my calendars. It's worth its price.
A plus would be to be able to add events from k2 tag. Waiting for this, I'll do with k2 categories, which is already a very good thing !
Reviews: 1
I have used this component for some time now. It works great and is very easy to modify for our needs. The support is always prompt. Great component, Great support!
Reviews: 1
This is a product that worked fine for me. A calendar that can link to individual website articles, and a distinct module (which goes handy in my front page) for showing the events.

But what made the difference was the continuing support of the Artetics team. I did request changes both to css and the outlook (and not only once), and they were quick, responsible, and effective.

Definitely worth buying, if you're looking for a Joomla calendar extension.
Reviews: 1
Needed a module to display all events info straight on the module itself without having to click on each date. Found it easy to configure and customizable to read from articles. It gave us more than what we need. Good Job and fast support!
Reviews: 1
First of all, I never wrote a review for an extension before. I choose this extension after many evaluations and comparisons with others. The demo site shows every functions that this extension can do. I'm very satisfied of my choice. I'm not joomla guru. I had a little trouble in my installation but customer support helped me quickly. They are fantastic, within 24 hours they made all customization I asked, with no additional cost. If I had to find a flaw, I think they have to improve translation system.
Reviews: 1
Great Product. Worked perfect for my site.
Even contacted support and they quickly assisted with my issue that ended up being unrelated to the Calendar! Thanks for the great product & service!
Reviews: 1
After scanning many of the Calendar options, I selected Artetics because it seemed to be the best value. Subscriptions don't make sense to me because a good plugin should be setup and run for years. so $25 a year times 5 years means you're paying $125 for a function. The Calendar worked out of the box as intended and their support staff immediately responded to my one query.
The only caveat for part time admins like me who use a Mac is to remember that you don't want Safari to UNZIP the bundle automatically! You install the Zip bundle itself.
Reviews: 1
This Artcalender works very fine, and if ever there's an issue (because of an update or another template) the support is not only helpful, but they are pretty fast too.
Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
I tried this component and it's fantastic. The staff is ever ready to help you. Thanks a lot
Reviews: 1
This plugin has a lot to offer on its own, but in addition to that, the support is absolutely unmatched. They have assisted me in making several modifications to meet my specific needs and they do it in a prompt and professional manner. Excellent!
Reviews: 1
As many of the reviews testify, this developer is responsive. I bought the product, installed it, and learned it didn't allow users to add events from the front end. I posted a query on their forum and was notified that they'd have that functionality available in 72 hours. And they did and it worked...after a fashion.

Here's the thing: this calendar is nice looking and it works, plus the developer is relatively responsive. BUT this component lacks (even after the new feature I requested was added) the features that in my mind are to be reasonably expected in an online calendar: the ability to add a new event on the calendar by (intuitively) clicking somewhere in the date box where you want to put an event; the ability to look at the day, the week, or the month (Art Calendar only shows the month); and the ability to edit or delete events from the front end.

I'm not expecting Google Calendar or Meeting Maker here, just a reasonably [i]usable[/i] application.

So count me a disappointed customer. I'm not asking for a refund for two reasons: first, I respect the work the developer has done and tried to do in response to my request. Second, there is a demo site up which exhibits all the limitations I long for above--so [i]mea culpa[/i]. I assumed that there were many more features in the component than are there on the demo site, but nope--the demo shows you pretty much everything the app has to offer.

Hopefully there's a more full-featured Joomla calendar out there somewhere for 1.6/1.7 users. One thing's for sure: the first person who brings a reasonably priced one to market is going to make a lot of money quickly....

Reviews: 1
I was looking for a calendar like this one and this was the only one I could find, but it lacked the functions I was after. So I contacted the ppl behind Art and they have helped me to mold this extension the way I wanted it from the beginning.
I did some CSS changes myself and now it looks and works superb! Try Art, they will help you get there with great custom work and support !
Reviews: 1
This was the calendar I needed. This is a easy install but as a beginner in Joomla the support was also very important for me and I could not give less than 5 stars for this guys.

Thank you very much !!!!!
Reviews: 1
I´m using this component in Joomla 1.6 and at the beginning I had some issues that support solve BTW! with a new version. Some things are still under better development for this component but so far so good with it!! It´s worth it :)
Reviews: 2
The extension does what it claims. The support by the Artetics team is great! It is the second app I am using from this team, and I am very satisfied by both of them (Artsexylightbox being the other).
They take into account suggestions for new functionalities and help you with any question you have through their forum.
Being an inexperienced joomla user this was very valuable for me (and made me a little bit more knowledgable ;-) ).
Thank you
Reviews: 1
Nice product, it is very configurable.
I am using it with Google calendar and asked for some additional options and viola! They did it!
Thank you!
Reviews: 1
Like others, I enjoyed my first look at this extension. I believe that out of the box it provides a decent calendar extension, certainly one of the better ones for 1.6.

But I've now spent hours customizing it to meet the additional requirements of my client, and I can say beyond a doubt that I would not have purchased it in hindsight. While the code is adequate, it's certainly not *good*. There are sections that are clearly copied and pasted with no thought to DRY conventions, and likewise there is no separation of logic and content. Speaking as an intermediate-level programmer, the component code is a nightmare of echoes and 200-line if/else blocks.

I haven't submitted a support request and I don't intend to. I don't need support, and I've cleaned it up enough to the point that I can handle and make it work. But when I'm paying for an extension, I expect a modicum of standard compliance. I also expect that the code is readable and that any change I need to make can be done with minimal effort, and I expect the script to balance efficiency with maintainability. In our industry, how you do things can be almost as important as actually doing them, and I really feel like this extension misses the mark in that regard.
Owner's reply

We are always ready to help to customize the extension for our customers for free. All is needed is to contact us by email or on our forum.

Most of customizations can be done with CSS changes.

2.0 version will have most of the code reworked and simplified.

Reviews: 4
Had a hitch and the guys fixed it quickly with an upgraded file. Very happy with the end results.

I recommend them!
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