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Art Calendar Joomla! extension allows display highly-configurable calendars and their events. Supports Google Calendar.

* Create highly-customizable calendars and events
* Google Calendar support: ability to show events from Google Calendars - unlimited number of calendars supported for main view
* Repeating (recurring) events: each N days or weeks, or each Monday each month, etc.
* Draggable/non-draggable events
* Customizable time formats, start date, day of week to start with, etc.
* Ability to generate calendars and events from existing Joomla! articles by entering section id and category id
* Ability to generate calendars and events from existing K2 items by entering K2 category id
* Ability to select an article to assign to event
* Ability to select K2 item to assign to event
* Supports com_zoo items to be assigned to calendar events
* Right to left support (for Arabic and Hebrew)
* Access Rights support
* Single-date and interval events
* Events can have description and links
* Customizable front-end messages
* Customizable styles
* Comes with mini-calendar module to show local events or agenda view
* Custom Javascript code support
* Available calendar list view and single calendar view
* Can be used as events manager and calendar
* Supports calendar groups: calendars can be grouped and shown in a single view
* Agenda view (flat view) available:
* Specific calendar can be assigned to menu item
* Any HTML can be shown in event description
* This is open-source software

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Reviews: 1
I have tested a lot of event calendars. But finaly I have found it! This is the best calendar for my needs. Thanks for this and for great support!
Reviews: 7
I'm new to Joomla! but this extension seemed perfect for my first Joomla site. I was pleasantly surprised that all the glowing reviews are true. Worked first time right out of the box. When I had trouble with time zones from Google calendar, support solved it pronto. You can't go wrong with these folks!
Reviews: 2
Great component and amazing support. We asked for a little change in the forum and get an update in minutes. Thanks again to Artetics team!
Reviews: 1
I just wanted to say that i have never written a review for a product before, but the help and support that I've received from the gang at Artetics is second to none. The longest I had to wait for a response was 6 hours (this being due to the fact that I'm on the opposite side of the world) but they stepped in and fixed the issue promptly. What's more, the calendar looks great and I haven't even had to tweak it yet. It just fits beautifully with the theme that I'm using.

Fantastic product, fantastic support. Well worth the very small investment!
Reviews: 1
I had an issue with ArtCalendar module in 1.6 and they fixed it for me! I created a user for them and when I came back in the morning it was fixed! Thanks guys!
Reviews: 1
Works smoothly and has a nice support. It worked for me since, with others extensions I've tried, I counldn't complete the calendar registration
Reviews: 1
The component works great!

I had a small issue with internet explorer but they were able to fix the issue for me in less than 12 hours! Very impressive best support service I from a joomla add-on/component!
Reviews: 1
Had an issue setting up calander (i dont follow instructions well!!).

Was contacted back within 10 minutes.....
Spoke to support who logged into the back of my site and set it all up for me!

Where do you get a quality component and support like that for £16???

Really happy, never had this level of sevice from anybody else..
Reviews: 7
This is a very well made component. The mini-calendar module that is available is a great asset as well. Fairly easy to customize and no issues at all with Joomla 1.6.

Also of note - their support rocks! I had a slight problem and they were quick with a suggestion that fixed something I spent an entire evening trying to sort out on my own within minutes.
Reviews: 1
This extension is great. I used it for a site that displays events on my city. At first it had some bugs with MooTools and JQuery, but that is when the support came.

Just for the support only, this guys get the 5 Star rating. Awesome support and it is clear they are updating the extension regularly.

My only thing is that whenever there's a newer version I have to ask for it in the forums, of course they send it to you right away, but it would be nice to be able to login to their site and download the update, but really that is nothing compared to the support this guy give.

Awesome work guys. Keep it up. This extension was worth every penny.
Reviews: 1
problems (my mistake) will fixed in 10 minutes and updates comes in very short time. Best support ever. The support is helpfull about things there are not regarding the art calender (css etc.)
Reviews: 2
Thank you for your help. I bought the calendar from you and my client wanted so changes to this module. I was surprised that you answered to my email in 20 min and you helped me very fast.
Reviews: 6
A very good and easy to use calendar system you can announce events with. Some small things can be done and planed for the future, like the full integration of the google calendar, which would be very helpfull.
The support is pretty fast and good.

If you are looking for an easy to use and lightweight calendar system to announce events (without registration functions), this is a component worth to look at.
Reviews: 1
This product is exactly what I looking for -a simple look and navigation. I wanted some custom color formatting the Artectics team diligently worked with me to incorporate custom colors for certain types of events and the pop-up description.
Reviews: 2
This extension is working exactly as it should.

Easy to install and one of the best supports from the owner I have ever had.

Five stars easy!

Thanks agan to support team!
Reviews: 3
Simply fantastic! Thank you very much for this very useful extension. Downloaded and installed in minutes. For me was very helpfull support of K2. I don't know why, but today still not so much extensions support K2. Thank you again!
Reviews: 1
We decided to use this for a corporate intranet and couldn't have been happier. We ran into an issue where IE wouldn't display it correctly, but the support team had a fix for us within a day! Fantastic product with fantastic support!!
Reviews: 1
This is a fantastic component and module, and the support is outstanding!

The team changed everything i wanted to be changed, and my Calendar module is just the way I want it.

They are the best!
Reviews: 5
I installed on a clients site and had a rendering issue with tooltips in IE8 and end dates not showing for events. I contacted the developer and received a response within minutes! The support team resolved the issue within 24hours and made some updates for the extension with some styling and minor changes to fit my clients site, and then sent me a new copy of the component with the changes. I had made an error when setting up the recurring events, they corrected the issue and gave me simple instructions for entering correctly in the future. I am totally blown away by how professional and efficient their support has been, considering I spent so little on such a great component. I have spent hundreds of dollars on other components for joomla, to have little or no support. I highly recommend this component, it does everything I needed and the support is outstanding... well done guys!
Reviews: 40
If somebody looking for calendar this is the best solution what I can recommend with all settings. Can make own from admin or insert just link from Google calendar. Module is also very good with no click show. I had few questions to support and they answer me for 5 minutes. Can just must recommend it.
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