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This well known and loved Events Calendar for Joomla. JEvents consists of a Joomla component and a number of modules and plugins to manage and display your events on your website. JEvents is translated into 37 languages (with more tranlsations added regularily) so its probably available in your language.

* One-off Events and complex repeating patterns of events can be created and viewed in an attractive calendar and a variety of list formats
* Multiple design layouts possible
* Fully compatible with Joomla MVC framework
* Ical imports/exports
* Repeat exception handling
* Events can be placed in multiple categories and calendar views can be customised to show all or some of these categories
* Layout editing tool to perfect the presentation on your site - you can even customise the event editing page.
* Optional checking for overlapping events globally or on a category specific basis

* Mini-calendar module (jevents_cal) which gives a quick overview of events which can be placed on any page
* Latest events module (jevents_latest) which gives a highly configurable summary of upcoming, recently created or popular events
* Events legend (jevents_legend) - displayed alongside the component gives you a summary of event categories and an easy way to limit the events shown to specific categories
* Filter module allows you to filter/search the events being displayed using a variety of criteria

* A search plugin that enables the global Joomla search to return results from the events calendar

JEvents 3.1 is now available for general download - this is a Joomla 2.5-3.0 native component that takes JEvents to the next level. The old version of JEvents (2.2.9) for Joomla 1.5 is still available to download too.

Note that version 3.1.24 onwards removes the blue information icon linking to the JEvents website.

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Reviews: 1
I can only say EXCELLENT in capital letters. The JEventes not only covers all my needs for publishing and managing events, their directories from locations and categories make it the best tool I know of to publish directories without having to resort nor envy any other tool of the market.

Thanks to the developers for their great work and support,always with a very rapid and effective response to each question or suggestion that sent to them.
Reviews: 1
This ext is very helpful and well developed. I set it up for our company's internal website and have no regret! Great choice for those who looking for event management extension.
Reviews: 1
I have looked at the options for a Calendar for my site - even bought the latest version of a well-known commercial pro calendar.
The fact that I am using jEvents free version (over one I've paid for) speaks volumes for jEvents.
I just love the fact that I can tailor the output/layout/format to suit my site - and if/when I get stuck the support is second to none!
5 star product :-)
Reviews: 2
I am using the silver subscription and it is worth every single penny!
The support is friendly and quick, they really strive to solve whatever problem concerning jevents.
There are some very useful addons like "Managed Locations", the "Standard Image & File Uploads", some social features an other goodies which are not included in the free version. That's the reason why I subscribed and I don't regret it. But even in the free version, jevents works very well.
The layout / design... well, it is not quite up to date and need some "aesthetic corrections" which can be done by working directly within the style-sheets or by using the layout settings manager. That means if you want to adapt the design, it is better to know some css and to have some time to spare. ;-)
Jevents might not have the coolest design, but it is highly customizable and - apart from the excellent support - that is the reason, why I strongly recommend this extension.
They really deserve those 5 stars!
Reviews: 2
Installed and go! That is how simple it was. I was looking for a simple calendar to display events but I didn't need to have registration system. Just a way to post events and link to details and then link to the external registration pages. This was easy to figure it out. No conflicts and looks really nice. Thank you!
Reviews: 11
Great and nice component. Just what i needed. Easy to use in the fronted (with a little knowledge of creating articles)and in the backend. Nice modules . Easy to alter colors etc.
one (small)minor point. Maybe you can make europian likeable. by creating a 24h clock instaed of am and pm. And not the 12h checkbox.

But stil EXCELLENT (in capitals)
Owner's reply

There are configuration options to choose 12h/24h time input and also for the display of times to site visitors.

Please follow up in the support forum at if you'd like assistance on how to configure this.

Reviews: 5
Thank you for this great extension.

For me, one of the most important factors is a quick and good support. That's why I ranked it as well.

Thank you very much,
Reviews: 5
I can not tell if this is a good component! Maybe yes, maybe no! But impossible to register or to login and no form to contact them ... wouhhh it really be motivated to join this website!
Owner's reply

I'm very sorry to hear of your problems registering in our support forum. We are looking into the issue to see what may have been the issue.

We did have a problem on a couple of days last week with spammers/hackers hitting our site so hard that it became almost unresponsive - I wonder if this is when you encountered these problems.

Reviews: 2
Have been using JEvents for a little while now, and am absolutely delighted by it. Installation is a breeze, and the component can be customized quite a bit without touching a line of code. Support is also quite responsive, the developers seem genuinely interested in their users getting the most out of their product.
Definitely encourage anyone looking for an events management extension to check this one out.
Reviews: 1
Downlaos, install and work with it. Perfect-thats the way it has to be!!
Reviews: 1
Hi, it s a pleasure to work with jevents and i want to review this extension because of the great support
Reviews: 3
It is a user friendly and with this extension you can easily track all the important happenings of your event.
Reviews: 1
Having used the free version of JEvents for a number of months now, I've been extremely happy with how it's performed.

Recently, however, I ran into a problem when my preferred editing extension suddenly stopped working with JEvents following the upgrade to Joomla 3.2. To keep this short and to the point, Geraint (lead developer of JEvents) took the time to identify that the editor was at fault and THEN wrote a fix for it when the developer of that extension was unable to do so.

Let me restate that: Geraint all-but fixed somebody else's extension so that an unpaying user of his software could get back to work.

Thank you, Geraint. Best service I've ever received. I'll be taking another close look at your membership subscriptions soon - and if I'm even slightly on the fence, I daresay that I'll sign up on the strength of goodwill alone.
Reviews: 1
I would like to submit this long overdue recommendation for Geraint, Tony & their team for the excellent support that they have given me. I have run Jevents on several different sites now, with different versions of Joomla and Jevents. Each site has had its own challenges. Geraint & colleagues have provided excellent support via my Silver level membership and have very patiently walked me through resolving my challenges. For those that I couldn't solve, they went in and solved it for me.

The product is free, the service costs a little but is worth every penny.
Reviews: 1
We are running J! 2.5.x and JEvents 3.1.x and we are enthusiastic about JEvents. So far we did not encounter a single problem with our installation. Great work! Thank you very much. We are using JEvents to organise and maintain the calendar of our hiking club.
Currently we are using the modules “Latest Events” and “Calendar” and the menu item types “View by Month” and “Date range”. Registered users are allowed to download the calendar via the menu item type “ICal Export” into .ics-files.
The calendar is maintained by several users using the menu item type “Create JEvents”. Access is granted with different authorisation levels steered via user groups and categories.
JEvents integrates seamlessly with the TinyMCE-Editor. All of the automatic updates worked flawlessly. The language support for the German language is brilliant.
Finally JEvents comes with a lively forum where our questions were answered within a day often even quicker.
Reviews: 2
This extension does everything I need and more! The customer service is the best. You get responses quickly and they work hard to get you the answers. I don't see why anyone would want another calender. I've used JCalPro and this beats it hands down.
Reviews: 1
Amazing calendar & event extension, very easy to learn how to use it, very simple to configurate, im a newbie but i used it easy! Thanks jevents!
Reviews: 1
Very good calendar extension with lots of options. Does everything I was hoping for. Best free one I could find.
Reviews: 12
What a great Component for a Joomla sites that requires information published on an easy to read level. This component goes to great lengths to proved an easy to implement calendar that is easy to use for the web visitors. It is beautifully integrated with J-categories. I love that you can display various options on the front end and the front end can be presented in different ways. I used it on a J-3 site and it works very well indeed. I give it an A+! Thanks JEvents developers.
Reviews: 1
Jevents has the best support all over the web. Fast and helpful. And the best, all of this for free.
User has to pay this level of support by other extensions.
Nice job, keep it up!
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