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This well known and loved Events Calendar for Joomla. JEvents consists of a Joomla component and a number of modules and plugins to manage and display your events on your website. JEvents is translated into 37 languages (with more tranlsations added regularily) so its probably available in your language.

* One-off Events and complex repeating patterns of events can be created and viewed in an attractive calendar and a variety of list formats
* Multiple design layouts possible
* Fully compatible with Joomla MVC framework
* Ical imports/exports
* Repeat exception handling
* Events can be placed in multiple categories and calendar views can be customised to show all or some of these categories
* Layout editing tool to perfect the presentation on your site - you can even customise the event editing page.
* Layouts can be event category specific so your sports events can be laid out differently to your music events etc.
* Optional checking for overlapping events globally or on a category specific basis

* Mini-calendar module (jevents_cal) which gives a quick overview of events which can be placed on any page
* Latest events module (jevents_latest) which gives a highly configurable summary of upcoming, recently created or popular events
* Events legend (jevents_legend) - displayed alongside the component gives you a summary of event categories and an easy way to limit the events shown to specific categories
* Filter module allows you to filter/search the events being displayed using a variety of criteria

* A search plugin that enables the global Joomla search to return results from the events calendar

JEvents 3.1 is now available for general download - this is a Joomla 2.5-3.0 native component that takes JEvents to the next level. The old version of JEvents (2.2.9) for Joomla 1.5 is still available to download too.

Note that version 3.1.24 onwards removes the blue information icon linking to the JEvents website.

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Reviews: 1
I have use these component module for a long time. Before I use it with Mambo now change to Joomla. This is the function I need. Simple for Install and easy to use.

I will always watch this canlendar work.

1. When add an event which happenes weekly or monthly, I can not define the end time. What is available is the end date.
2. Is it possible to add a new feature that the registered user can join the event which has upper limit number of attendees?
Reviews: 1
This is a big improvement over 1.2 (eek, didn't even realize 1.3 was out before seeing this version). One thing I would like to see is that the Author be handled the same way that Joomla Content is handled. I don't want to see the username, and I don't want it to be linked to the mailto: email address of the user, (at the very least, give us the option). Would also like to have email cloaking in the Contact field. Saving the venue, and linking the venue to a map would be icing on the cake!
Reviews: 2
This calendar is really coming along. There are some features I didn't notice, and pardon me if I overlooked any of the following, but I would like to see:

- Option to turn off WYSIWYG and have a plain text version.
- Ability to save venues for future selection.
- A specific entry for venue websites under extra.
- Option to turn off images.
- Ability to end an event at Midnight, without carrying the event over to the next day. An override that plugs in the word 'Midnight' perhaps?
- An available list view of the events from the current day forward. With the option of hiding events that repeat.
- Ability to copy an existing event, and then edit it as a completely separate event. A real time saver.
- An option to flag an event as featured, so that featured events get preferential listing under latest events.
- Thanks
Reviews: 1

doesn't work with PHP5

Neverless a good looking calendar!
Owner's reply

There are no know problems with PHP5 or MySQL 5.

Reviews: 1
An awesome contribution to the community!
good calendars are hard to find - this one is great
Great work with the search bot - makes it easier 4 sure.

1 gripe - doesn't work well with standard SEF enabled - Nor with open-SEF - redirects crash. Unable to run both Events and SEF + be able to edit from the front end successfully.

I will be looking out for your updates - Keep up the grand work!
Owner's reply

There are no known problems with the Joomla builtin SEF - try out the demo site.

If you are having other problems please report them using the tracker (link above) and we'll see if we can help..

Reviews: 1
For me looks great. Excellent piece of art.

Theres a new version comming soon?
Reviews: 1
A really fine event calendar but I really prefer my dates to be right aligned in the little calendar display (so that the 7 lines up with the 4 in 14, not the 1) - to do this I added "text-align: right;" to many of the styles in modules/mod_events_cal.css - here is my version:

Also my client was annoyed that the events in the admin area were not sorted by date, so I fixed that as well.

But generally this is a high quality product. Nice displays. Esay to use.

Reviews: 1
Calenders are hard to find for Joomla - good ones espacially. This is my favorite, but it has many limitations. To mee, its mostly lacking ways of displaying events. I can chose a monthly view - but not choose to see items from one category in that monthly view. Actually all views are boring lists, except the monthly one - that shows all items, disregarding categories. And thats just one example.

But still. I haven't found any better component, so I live with the limts.

Ole G.
Reviews: 2
I'm helping build a mmo WoW guild website and this calendar was the best that suited our needs. Aside from the afore mentioned problems of the backend resetting the dates, I'd like to see a feature of 'no end date' for continuous reoccurring events. As is, the only way to do so is to simply skip forwards a handful of years.

One other thing I'd like to see is the ability to make the frontpage calendar module have it's own ministylesheet. I'm using the NightMoves template by PixelBunniP and the background for the modules is by default transparent, resulting in an unreadable calendar module. Looking at the Events Style, I see no option to edit this, and doing a flat "all modules have this background" looks odd.

All in all, I highly suggest this module to anyone looking for a simple and easy to use calendar for their group.
Reviews: 2
I want to correct and clarify my previous review. The "bugs" I mentioned actually have workarounds, so they are really usability issues. Once I learned the specific way (not very intuitive) to correctly make repeating events, they worked like a charm. (The end date has to be set properly, or else they won't work.)

I love the easy style sheet editing too.

This is my new calendar of choice!!
Reviews: 2
This one is almost there. I find it very easy to use. The calendar is nice, as are the modules. It could use a better default look and feel (feels dated).

But, two bugs keep me from choosing it right now for production:

1. Repeated events don't display on calendar, only the first instance.

2. In the backend, when editing an event, all events revert to "daily" repeating, with no other option selectable, so you have to use front end to edit events.

Fix these bugs and I'm on this calendar!!
Reviews: 2
I'm very impressed with the way this component has worked for something that is still in beta. The only problems I've found so far relate to setting events to "yearly". They don't seem to carry over after being completed. I'm using it to set up dates like anniversaries and birthdays on my family website and recurring dates will be common. I'm sure it's an easy fix, I just haven't figured it out yet.

I also notice that when opening an event in the backend, the dates get switched to "daily" and the option to select anything but "daily" is greyed out.
Reviews: 4
I have been looking and looking for a a calendar that does what this one does. It install's smoothly, and run's beautifuly. Thanks so much for this product and keep up the great work! Do yourself a favor and download this today!
Reviews: 1
The 'Selection by' options do not work in a Joomla site configured to run with 'OpenSEF' URLs.

When I change the option to 'Select by Month' or to 'Select by day' or any other item in all the selection boxes, the home page displays. If I disable 'Open SEF' URLs, then it works fine.
Reviews: 1
It really worth a try! Installation was a breeze, it seems working nicely with out making problems on the datebase. Just try it and you will love it!
Reviews: 1

This new version seems nice. Except that I don't know how to upgrade my version 1.2 to this one. This is needed to install Joomfish 1.7 after...

Found no doc about my particular case
Reviews: 1
To get my Events module working after upgrade from Mambo to Joomla 1.0.8 i had to follow the info in this thread:
more info(in german):
Reviews: 1
Amazing! I registered just to review this.

It's SO simple to setup.
It's SO straightforward.
It's SO clean.
Havent found ONE bug.

Using LatestEvents and Calendar modules, they fulfill every of my expectations and work very well!

Congratulations on this great script!
Reviews: 1
This component/module is a powerful tool to organize a schedule of events, but its emphasis is on regular, recurring events. You have many options to define in which week, in which month, under which circumstances an event has to be displayed. Sadly there were several small flaws regarding the regular events (e.g. ordering problems), but they are solved in a new version which is available at

Also in this new version: for the first time you can suspend regular events on single days without having the hassle of ending the publication for one event and creating another to cover the time after the day of the suspended event!
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