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  • Changes MySQL database to MySQLi.
The most popular and most loved event management extension for Joomla!

With 99% of satisfied customers, premium support & powerful options, Ohanah is the right choice for you when it comes to deal with events. Fully compatible with any Joomla! version.

Over 1 million events have been created using Ohanah in just 3 years. People from all over the world are using Ohanah every day to organise their seminars, community gatherings, music shows and any type of event that you can imagine.


Ohanah will let you fully manage all aspects of your events.

* event management (recurring events included)
* venue management (geolocation included)
* attendee management (notifications included)
* and much more…

All at your fingertips, easy to use also for your clients, and with a beautiful interface. A great user experience is guaranteed.


No need to be a CSS expert in order to have an amazing looking site. Ohanah will automagically blend in with your existing layout and design, and your events will have the same look & feel of your site.


Let your visitors browse and access all your events on their smartphones. With Ohanah you get a fully customisable jQuery based Mobile app, which can even be converted into a native app.


Ohanah truly speaks your language. Translated into 36 languages and used in more than 100 countries, Ohanah is one of the few extensions on the JED that is really multilingual. Check the list of available languages here


Ohanah is developer friendly and provides a full REST API and a JSON output that let you take control over its customisation.

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Reviews: 2
After testing all components for events I can assure you this is the best without question. Simple to use, elegant, professional and really great support. One of the best components I've tried Joomla in all areas.

Very good job guys!
Reviews: 1
I have to agree with a lot of the other comments. Ohanah is probably going to be the best event management extension for Joomla but at the moment, it is still under development.

Since the support is better than you can probably imagine, I would still recommend using Ohanah and if you run into troubles, ask the support.
My questions / error reports have been answered and even fixes within 24 hours.

Therefore, I still rate Ohanah as excellent, although there are some todos for the Ohanah team.
Reviews: 3
I've been using Ohanah for a while now, and I must say; with each new version I'm more impressed. Its very simple to use, extremely fast, and looks great. This is definitely the best (and prettiest) events component out there - well worth the money!
Reviews: 4
4/5 stars because of some missing features (e.g. linking to comprofiler).

Ohanah is very easy to use. The submission of events is easy and straigtforward. My client immediatly fell in love with the clean and short form for adding events at the frontend.

There are some whishes I have, most of them are allready asked for in the support section and scheduled by the team.

Support is excellent! I have had five questions, which were all answered within 24 hours. The one thing I wanted to have modified and was not supported by the team was fixed within a couple of hours, due to the clear code.
Reviews: 2
I bought this extension for use on the site of a photo club that have different events for their members, but also events that are open for everybody.
Ohanah is unfortunately not meeting all my needs at the moment, but the developer is releasing frequent updates with new features implemented.
In the support section you are allowed to suggest new features and vote for those you wan't implemented. This is nice, but I feel that maybe the product has been released a little bit early.
All in all, I am satisfied with the product and very satisfied with the support and response time of the developer.
I recommend this extension for it's clean and nice user interface and the support of the developer. But be sure to check the feature list before buying so you won't be disappointed.
Reviews: 3
This is the best agenda component for Joomla. I used it on several website now and can recommend it to anyone who wants a advanced agenda module! Its also easy to modify with some knowledge of html and css.

The support is also quick and great, so yes:
a big five stars for this great component!
Reviews: 1
Good extension.
Easy to use Ohanah and excellent support.
Reviews: 1
Ohanah is realy THE ONE extension when managing site that includes events.
It's really easy to use and it integrates great with your template. Everything works great.
Had some problems (my fault) and guys rescued me within some hours.

Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 1
I paid for this extension about 8 months ago. It became pretty clear that the extension was not upto scratch right off the bat as it was missing many basic features. Support kept saying that these features would be fixed in their new version that they were developing. Many of us put our projects on hold to wait for the new version to come out. When it did finally come out we all get an e-mail saying it's going to cost us. This after a lot of us spent so much time helping the support know what was lacking in the first version. I spent countless hours contributing and this is the slap in the face I got. Stay away from ohanah as all they care about is money. Sure they can fix fundamental flaws in their product but it's going to cost you! I recommend maybe waiting 5 years or so when they have ironed out all its flaws, then pay the money.
Owner's reply

Hello grohl39, if ohanah wasn't fit for you you could have just asked for a refund straight away 8 month ago and we will have just refunded you :) ...we aren't about the money, we just are about gr8 products and gr8 support.

The v2 is a completely new product and come packed even with a full mobile app that work together with the extension and just this alone is worth every penny. We appreciated you as a customer of the old version and therefore kindly offered you a super discount offer if you needed or wanted to upgrade. There are plenty of awesome website out there made with the v1 and upgrading is not mandatory, as stated we will keep giving you lifespan support and fixes for the old version you bought, we just won't stop supporting it!

We are sorry to hear about you being disappointed What we can suggest you is to please open a ticket on the support system and if money is everything that matter to you, we will be more then happy to refund you even now after 8 month.

Reviews: 2
V1 a very capable and easy to use component for any kind of event planning.

V2 astonishingly easy to use.
Very clean admin layout, very little clutter and the way it integrates with your template is amazing. You really need to check out the neat Module injectors.

Support has been super quick with some questions being answered same day. Amazing.

Check out the Mobile App, very clever though I have yet to find a reason to use it. But trust me I am looking as its a cool feature.

Only think I would like to see is a way to download and export your events, contacts, venues etc. in a CSV formsat would be nice.

Never the less if your looking for quick and simple component that has everything you might need to manage events then look no further than Ohanah.
Reviews: 1
When using an extension, more important thing then the extension itself is quality of the service of the 'support team' I think. Because, if a support team is fast and full of 'love' with the application, you will get whatever you need. I think there can not be any excellent extension which answers your all questions, but with such a support team you can really do whatever you need. Ohannah support team is very fast (really fast) and they love their extension like me! I DO LOVE BOTH OHANNAH and SUPPORT TEAM!!!
Reviews: 1
Pros: This is a nice extension. I love the interface and ease of functionality. I had some major issues with the installation but those were quickly resolved through a fast response from support.

Cons: There is no function to purchase tickets at varying prices. Example: If you want to charge a price for a single person but a lower price for multiple tickets. There is also no function for a coupon code.

Unfortunately, that is a major flaw that I missed when purchasing this extension (I bought the 12 months support too.) It's a feature that is really, truly needed on my site and is available through comparable extensions. When discussed with support, I was not under the impression that these features would happen any time soon, despite multiple requests for them on their support message boards. Please be advised of this if those features are important to you.

If that feature does not apply to you, this extension could really work.

Lastly, support is really on it for current features.
Reviews: 1
When I first installed on Joomla 2.5.1, no problems with install. Create a test event and try publish to menu, click on the menu item from front end, blank page appears.

Wrote to Ohanah, they insist on backend access to resolve the problem. I asked them to remote on my computer to view the backend instead as I would never trust someone on my backend access with access to all root folders. Then they ask for info on my site, i gave all the php info, system info, turn debug on and everything, found out their module injector is in conflict with other modules. Then they replied "Can you send me a backup of the site using Akeeba so I can find out which extension is causing the conflict? "

All these bugs has been going on for a week, I uninstalled from my site, very rude customer service says "I'm being difficult for not giving back end access"
What's so difficult in remoting on my PC and solve the problems? They claim they need developer tools to resolve it. Hey I'm a web developer and i should have all the tools you need

Now obviously my problems with module injector is not working fine and I have uninstalled it from my site and when I ask for refunds, they said NO because they claim I didn't cooperate to resolve the problems. Hey guys, this component is not a BETA release! We are not here to become your tester!! To become your tester to test bugs, we are supposed to be paid instead!

Here's their reply on not giving me a refund

"The module injector is a feature no other Joomla extension has, and it could create conflicts with some of them given it is 10 days old.
Our beta phase has lasted 2 months, we can't possibly test every Joomla extension and see if it creates incompatibilities."

Well, if you are patient enough to install this component and willing to give your backend access to them to solve this problem, and you not knowing what they do to resolve the problem, then you may buy it? If you ever need to reinstall your site, and if you are no longer in support subscription, then you are doomed. This guys are really difficult to deal with. Alternatively I suggest you wait couple of months before their stable release!
Reviews: 1
PDF ticket feature would be ideal, once a payment has been processed, the customer receives a PDF file via email that can be completely customized.

No mention of emailable PDF paid ticket to customers? please correct me if I have overlooked this
Reviews: 2
Excellent extension, and excellent support.
And now the 2.0 version is out (and fully compatible with Joomla 2.5)
Very good news.

Long life to Ohanah and to his team !
Reviews: 1
Had a few issues with my Artisteer template which turned out that the facebook SDK was causing issues. All of these problems were resolved by the support team at 11pm!!

Very good would recommend this Extension

ALL working fantastic. Looks great and easy to use.
Reviews: 1
The extension looks great and works fine, but if you have a problem you won't find an immediate solution. If you notice their forums are only available to users who purchase the extension. It isn't until later that you find out that most of the questions in the forums haven't been answered. When submitting a trouble ticket it will take a day or longer ( I still haven't received an answer to a question I posted).

I like the extension, but have paid far less for others out there and have received far superior support.

If their support were better I would give the extension a higher score.
Owner's reply

Hello Fishez, thank you very much for your review and for pointing us where to improve.
While forums are open so that the community can help each other, tickets are replied on a 24h basis. Even if for us is a very very busy period as we are finishing the v2 of ohanah (more then 1300 code commits have been made) we strive our best to give the greatest support.

Reviews: 2
Simple to install, clean layout, easy to use, but sincerely IMHO 32 euros are too much against the great and free eventlist.
Reviews: 1
There are a few things that I had difficulty with when installing and configuring the extension but the support was fantastic! They were right on top of my request to look around for the problem.

I've used other free event extensions, but this one definitely tops the others and should be much easier for my clients to use. Thank you Ohanah!!
Reviews: 3
I went into Ohanah a few months ago, and after keeping updating to every new version the team was releasing, I was delighted not only because they fixed bugs but also improved or added features. Just look at the release notes:, those guys are insane! Seems they listen and read a lot through the suggest ideas polls they host on their support system. They will release soon a v2, and from what we are discussing in the support with them, it's going to be a blast! More than 30 suggestions covered and seesm they have put ten so much more into it, looking forward to it!!

Keep it up guys, getting into your world was the best things I did, and worth every penny of it, thanks to be there, and thanks to care about my events!

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