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  • Changes MySQL database to MySQLi.
The most popular and most loved event management extension for Joomla!

With 99% of satisfied customers, premium support & powerful options, Ohanah is the right choice for you when it comes to deal with events. Fully compatible with any Joomla! version.

Over 1 million events have been created using Ohanah in just 3 years. People from all over the world are using Ohanah every day to organise their seminars, community gatherings, music shows and any type of event that you can imagine.


Ohanah will let you fully manage all aspects of your events.

* event management (recurring events included)
* venue management (geolocation included)
* attendee management (notifications included)
* and much more…

All at your fingertips, easy to use also for your clients, and with a beautiful interface. A great user experience is guaranteed.


No need to be a CSS expert in order to have an amazing looking site. Ohanah will automagically blend in with your existing layout and design, and your events will have the same look & feel of your site.


Let your visitors browse and access all your events on their smartphones. With Ohanah you get a fully customisable jQuery based Mobile app, which can even be converted into a native app.


Ohanah truly speaks your language. Translated into 36 languages and used in more than 100 countries, Ohanah is one of the few extensions on the JED that is really multilingual. Check the list of available languages here


Ohanah is developer friendly and provides a full REST API and a JSON output that let you take control over its customisation.

Have additional questions? Visit our website or check out our the demo

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Reviews: 3

I bought this component for a event website. The component itself is easy to use and the first look is great. BUT, if you try to change something like resize the picture of the events in the list view (which is standard 100px x 100px) you will find no easy way! Yes, friendly support is available, but this really basic feature is not part of their code at the moment (Version 2.1.8). Also there is no possibility to have different kind of tickets, like tickets for adults, kids. I was looking at their page more then 10 times and spend a lot of time before I bought it, but it wasn`t enough. Their refund policy is strange: if they have a bug and cannot fix it you will get your money back, but not in my case, because changing of a picture in the list view is not part of the code.

Sorry guys but this is FOR ME kind of "buy a alpha version" and hope that the developer will bring the basic features at "one day".

For other users: ask, ask and ask them for every feature you need before you buy Ohanah.

All the best for you!

Owner's reply

dear Manuel
our refund policy is very clear:
we are sorry if you misread that.

We are also very sorry if you haven't checked or misread again something on the product page, where you had a full features list, detailed features tour, faq section, contact form and three FULL demos to try out and know everything in advance.

your installation was bugs free, unfortunately you were asking (and blackmailing) us without patience with extra features requests and custom development works that we don't do, as clearly stated on our faqs too.

think you haven't also checked carefully some important jed rules
or you wouldn't have come here manifesting your disappointment by this way.

you could have contacted us on the support platform in a better way, what i still encourage you to do, we will be more then happy to find a solution with you.

Reviews: 2
We installed Ohanah as we wanted a way for people to start their own events as part of a grassroots community development.

The way Ohanah handles module placement takes some getting used to but solves some of the problems caused by having the extra level of dynamic function.

We did have a slight problem with users having problems logging in if their name contained an unusual text element, However the support team solved this straight away.

The only aspect I'd still like are the ability for fronted adding of a recurring event,hopefully this will appear in the future.
Reviews: 1
so a very good extention, further a perfect support team that will help you at their best, even if you are a newby ... in you need a calendar use ohanah
Reviews: 5
Very easy to setup and to administer. Thank you for this great software.
Reviews: 1
I use Ohanah extension for registration of my students for a kitesurfing school. These works out perfectly.
They help me to specify their component for my needs at no cost. Don't hesitate of paying money for such a great product - their calendar worth it!
Reviews: 2
Too many apps are either functional OR beautiful, this app is both. A super easy install & configuration and I had people seamless event management & registration within 15 minutes. This is perfect for sites in production that can't afford downtime, or environments where a test installation isn't feasible. I look forwards to future development of this app as well as other apps they may have up their sleeves.
Reviews: 1
Excellent service, fast and competent. Future versions should implement some options currently lacking for optimal management of multi-partner events.
Reviews: 11
My solution for my customer was to have many older people insering events via frontend e.g. swimming every wednesday, ohana is not able to fulfill this needs.

The only software i know that supports frontend recurring events out of the box is superevents.

Also no solution after hugh talks with the support team by more than a handfull of ohana customers.

So in the end i wasted time for waiting for the feature, talking to the staff and money for the supscription during waiting.
Owner's reply

Hi Tobias,

recurring events are there but not via the frontend (and there is nowhere on our public site that says other ways).
Thank you for your feedback.

Reviews: 5
The Ohanah team has improved their calendar tremendously in the previous months. They've finally added recurring events, the interface is extraordinarily clean, I can add custom fields to event registration, and it does everything we needed for my client's board game store.

Support is fairly quick and responsive, too.

The tool itself is mostly bug-free and has solid user event creation functionality, calendar displays, and overall theming. Everything looks nice and flows readily; it's very 'clean' in its design.

jEvents was preferable for 1.5, but for 2.5 and modern joomla sites, I see no reason not to use Ohanah.
Reviews: 1
Beautiful and versatile events extension. I've used every extension I could find to create a robust calendar but couldn't find one that hit every issue until Ohanah. Fantastic use of mapping and professional yet contemporary styling. I wish more extensions were like this one. Very highly recommend
Reviews: 4
I purchased Ohanah for a client that needed a simple, easy to use ticketing component for their website. The main issue was making sure my client could setup an event and track registrations very easily since they do not have any web experience. Ohanah is perfect for their needs. Highly recommended!
Reviews: 5
Ohanah is a versatile component that serves just about any "upcoming events" or event registration need. The component neatly integrates into Joomla themes and the backend configuration is user-friendly. When needing to tweak the component to suite the unique demands of your website, Ohanah support is exceptionally responsive and helpful. Although the component is not cheap, it is superior to any other option I am aware of and well worth the investment.
Reviews: 5
I have used RSJoomla but now I've switched to Ohanah. The admin is very userfriendly and my customers doesn't need much training to publish their own events.

And if anything comes up the support is great. Thanks again :-)
Reviews: 4
Bought this extension for organize events and i was very happy with the product and also the easiness of installation and the creation of events with different characteristics. It's very easy for the client also to update and create events, it has an appealing design and a good organization.
Definitely a valued tool for managing events.
Also, some doubts appear and the support was very effective and quick.
Reviews: 2
This extension is very easy to use and customize. The support is great and fast. I use it to manage a simple list of events and it does the job perfectly.

No doubt it will soon be a hit.
Reviews: 1
Hi (excuse my english)
I have Ohanah in many sites for some clients and they are really happy with the simplicity and powerfull of this tool.
A detail that do them really happy is the ability of locate in a map the site of the event and, off course, the integration with some payment systems.

Thanks Ohanah ;)
Frank Hunter
Reviews: 1
The component is full of useful features. It does what is promises and more. I especially like the slick UI, very clear and user friendly design.
Speaking of support i must say this is excellent, very quick replies and always with a good solution or answer.
I absolutely recommend this product.
Reviews: 2
I have used a few Events Extensions in the past and none compare to Ohanah. This is the complete package. Everything you need from a Event List, Monthly Calendars and Upcoming events is exceptions and it Works! I also love the maps that are associated with each event.

The customer service is also very good.

I highly recommend this extension and you will love it to.
Reviews: 1
I have only created a handful of Joomla websites. I'm not a developer. I am a copywriter and editor by trade. Initially I had some difficulty understanding the module injector concept. I made an inquiry to Ohanah and within a few days got a response and links to documentation. This solved my confusion and I was able to configure my module positions to display properly. I also tinkered with the css and was able to make a custom display of the information. I learned how to get custom icons displayed as well. Ohanah support staff is willing to help their clients, and will even take a look under the hood of your site if needed. The only thing on my wishlist is for them to make the documentation easier to find on the website through more specific key phrases. Overall, I am VERY satisfied. It is a nice product.
Reviews: 4
I have tried most events management systems on JED and Ohanah is the best that I have ever used.

-The system is very user friendly without causing loss of functionality.

-The layouts and functions have the latest techniques integrated. This saved me a lot of time by not having to redo the stylesheets to match my site as I have done with every other component.

-The dynamic modules make, what otherwise would be a tedious task, event posting quick by not having to place maps etc. (it's geocoded) in the description.

-The support team is excellent! I had one or two issues (my fault, of course) and they were resolved within hours.

After having this on three different sites, there is only one thing on my wishlist. I usually have events with varying ticket prices. Unfortunately you can only have one price for a ticket per event. From what I understand, this function is in the works with Ohanah though. In the meantime, I have just added a Paypal button (with dropdown) that suffices for an easy work around.
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