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Matukio is a powerful event managing and booking system for Joomla, offering a bunch of features to easily manage and present your events, fitting both small and big event organizers. It supports multiple categories, offers full Joomla ACL support, payment, places and organizer management, various export options, frontend and backend management!

There are a lot of different views to present your events: Advanced Event-list, upcoming events, calendar view, feeds and many more. Additionally it comes with awesome detailed event-, organizer- and location-pages and different modules to advertise your events!

The booking system is 100% customizable including various payment system integrations and payment processing. You can easily customize every field in the bookingform, add new ones and offer different fees! The integrated template-system for emails, export pages, certificates allows you to easily integrate it into your corporate layout and to use your own texts. But that's just the beginning Matukio comes with many other great features, like automatic certificate generation, integrated google maps and event ratings and so much more! Don't forget to take the product tour and try our new livedemo (with backend access)!

Matukio was build on the base of the Seminar for Joomla 1.5 extension by Dirk Vollmar. Unfortunately Dirk was not interested in developing the extension further and we took on the task on fully rewriting and enhancing it with new features for Joomla 2.5 & 3.2 including a complete port to the Joomla MVC and Bootstrap framework.

Features at a glance:
* Create and manage events from your Joomla backend and frontend
* Support for webinars
* Add event images and files, support for multi picture
* Frontend management of participants and events for organizers
* Custom registration and booking forms
* Advanced event and accounting management
* PayPal integration and payment management (including cash, banktransfer, invoice and many more etc.)
* Coupon system (percent or cash value)
* Extensive statistics, including modern charts
* Participant certification system
* Completly customizable booking form, easily adjusting to your needs
* 100 % dynamic booking form
* Easily create new fields (like text inputs, selects, radios, checkboxes etc.) in the backend without any programming knowledge
* Set up different fees (discounts and surchange) including support for date ranges!
* Edit / cancel booking for booked participants
* Book multiple places including multiple ticket types at once!
* Customizable booking, cancel booking Emails generated on your template!
* Auto-generated tickets
* Print and export bookings, including barcodes and QR-Codes
* List of signatures, export to CSV, and more
* Number of available seats, and possibility to book on waiting list
* Integrated Google maps API Version 3
* Event rating & participant certification (based on your predefinded layout!)
* Organizer pages (presentation, photos a

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Reviews: 1
Excellent tool we use since years for managing courses assigned to our historical ball. Especially important: quick, competent and friendly support! This tool is worth its money.
Reviews: 2
We used v2 of Matukio for a short time. As our company just offers many events, we installed v3 and just like it. The latest version is great. Many of our old wishes are implemented and we are very happy. A few bugs we found have immediately been fixed. Great extension, great support! Continue like this!
Reviews: 2
I used this component before (then: Seminar) to make events for the Dutch Kendo Renmei.
It;s an easy and flexible component.
Reviews: 2
I'm using this extension for scheduling lessons for a dogschool and it works like a charm. Easy to set-up, and the support forum is really quick with response and very helpfull. The best eventbooking system I've been able to find.
Reviews: 6
I used Seminar before. It was very nice event extension for Joomla 1.5.
Finally, it is now available for Joomla 2.5 too, with a new name (Matukio) and a lot of new features. I highly recommend it.