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Events Management extension with a calendar module. Cross-platform Joomla 2.5 & Joomla 3!
Available in more 30 languages, iCagenda has a responsive and flexible design, with a theme pack installer inside.

Period events (start and end date and selection of weekdays) and/or single dates, time, contact information (email, phone, address, venue...), frontend submission, registration to events with options, newsletter for registered users...

Back-end Advanced ACL Access Permissions.

Front-end buttons: Print and Add to Calendar (iCal, Google, Yahoo, Windows Live and Outlook calendars)

Terms and Conditions option for submission and registration forms.

You can also insert a Google Map, an image and an attached file.
The description of the event is using your favorite editor (possibilities to add video, media...).

Component manages the sharing on facebook, twitter and all the social networks, using AddThis (Optional).

Display of events takes the form of a list, for which you can apply filters (upcoming dates and/or past, category(ies), ordering by dates...) and customize graphic elements (choice of theme, size of the Google map, number events displayed per page, date format in your culture (for languages available in iCagenda), etc ...)

The Theme Manager allows you to create your own theme pack for iCagenda and install it easily via the component.
Two Themes are included in iCagenda : default and ic_rounded.

Other themes are currently in process, and a documentation will soon be opened to give users all the help and tips for creating a custom theme pack!

iCagenda Free includes: component iCagenda, module iC calendar, plugin search and plugin autologin.

Available in 32 languages (other in process) :
English, French, Italian, English/USA, Portuguese/brasil, Dutch, German, Spanish, Russian, Norwegian, Czech, Slovak, Latvian, Greek, Polish, Finnish, Chinese (trad.), Portuguese, Croatian, Swedish, Catalan, Serbian (latin), Slovenian, Arabic (Unitag), Danish, Hungarian, Japanese, Romanian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Basque...

Video Tutorials about iCagenda v2 by Giusebos :

You can use this version 3 of iCagenda, both on joomla 2.5 and joomla 3.2/3.3.
It is a cross-platform version.

Note for users of Joomla 3 and 'Install from Web' : direct installation from your website is available!

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Reviews: 3
After having tried many calendar component, I use icagenda adopted for its simplicity, its effectiveness and quality of its support.
A clear and well monitoring roadmap lets you know when have functions that come later.
Congratulations Cyril very good job
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review! Really appreciated.

Reviews: 1
This is a beaautiful extension, presents well on my front page. Support is quick and thorough. Can't say enough good about it and the support. I did report a minor IE9 problem, an irritant, and expect that to disappear soon. Front end event entry all sorts of capability.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review!
And thank you for your help in solving this bug on IE!

Reviews: 37
I wasted 16 hours on a different product and happened upon iCagenda by chance, whereas I missed it before my 16 hour ordeal.

Out of the box the free app is incredible and just SO EASY to use.

Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review!
And working every day to make iCagenda more and more easy. And users feedback is very helpful! ;-)

Reviews: 1
I needed an events extension for a new client. iCagenda is very easy to install & configure and does "almost" every thing I need, but that one thing is on their roadmap already and I'm happy to wait. Thank you guys.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review!
Hope you will enjoy all new features i'm working on! ;-)

Reviews: 3
the best of all time extension for the management of events.Great technical support even for the free version. Continuous updates with spectacular features. thank you Lyr!C :-)
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review!
Community ideas are always good to enhance iCagenda features!
Keep in touch!

Reviews: 2
Really, the best service we have received. Totally commited to his extension and to his work.

Thank you.
Owner's reply

Really, thank you for your review!
And yes, i love what i do! ;-)

Reviews: 1
I really do like all the features that iCagenda. After reading the forum many new features are planned in the future roadmap. But it already has many of the other calendar apps beat with what has now. :)
Owner's reply

Thank your very much for your review!
Many things in process for end of this year ;-)

Reviews: 5
I just discover this extension and I try it on my test site. A minor problem occurs, I contact the support by email, very fast I have a good answer. Thank you very much and I recommend without any doubt this extension.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review!
Allways good to know that users are happy with the support!

Reviews: 1
iCagenda is a great extension and the developper is very active. His Support and his Forum are really great.
iCagenda is worth every penny...
Congrats to this very powerfull extension!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review!
And it's true, i'm really active thanks to the community which giving me so great feedback! Motivating!
And many things to come! ;-)

Reviews: 2
Recently installed to a 3.1 instance of Joomla and found the process of installing the extension and creating a public calendar of events very easy.

The default layout is clean, while providing as much information as you could want to about the event.

I'm a web developer myself and feel this extension provides a example of good interface design.

This was the only calendar extension I found that said it could store attachments per event - which is the main reason I decided to try this one. Please don't remove that feature!

The registration thing is nice, but to be really useful to me I would need to be able to plugin a payment system and custom fields during registration (if dev wants to know more, drop me a line).

It will work well for the free events we put on though.

My Joomla experience: sites running in 1.5/2.5 but new to 3
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your detailled review!
Don't worry about attachment feature, i will keep it! (and in the future, i want to enhance it!)

A clean and ergonomic design is one of my goal! ;-)

About paiement, this is something i will developpe by the end of the year, but maybe one simple system in free version (check, wire transfert), and an advanced one in the Pro version (with integrated Paypal system and else...). All this is currently in study.

Keep in Touch! And keep an eye on the roadmap topic on joomlic forum ;-)

Reviews: 1
Good extensions with very good support. Thank you very much :)
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for the review, it is much appreciated!
Support is important as the best way to enhance an extension! ;-)

Reviews: 1
This is a pretty good product. Looks good and convinced me to upgrade to the PRO version. However, it has one serious limitation that is going to force me to look somewhere else. That relates to dates. If you have a weekly or monthly repeating event, you have to re-enter it for every week or month. A further limitation even when adding a weekly or monthly event you can't cut and paste to save time. You have reset using sliders for each event. Very frustrating and a big disappointment when everything else looks so good.
Owner's reply

Thank You for your Review!

At first iCagenda was a simple little component. Today, it has much change in a short time, and the functions of which you speak are among those currently daveloppement!

As you noticed in the change log of iCagenda many changes in recent weeks, and that in order to prepare many new features (submit an event in frontend, repeated events, selection of weekdays for period events,...)
As you have a pro account (and thank you for your support!) You can contact me by email, so that I can give you the benefit of alpha versions, and give me your impressions and feedback, as one of those functions is almost already ready!

Best Regards!

Reviews: 1
All I want to do with this is possible. I never thought that it has so much possibilities.
The support of the owner is immense!I'm a dutch user and bought the PRO. It's almost incredible how friendly and warmly i got support. Great!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review, and your help by purchasing the pro version (removal of signature, advanced support and extra module not listed here).
Yes, support is important, as a good way to improve iCagenda! ;-)

Reviews: 2
It works perfectly.
Simple, quick and smart.
The best extension I even used
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review!
And little by little, with many new features, to keep iCagenda simple, but with more flexibility!

Reviews: 3
This is really beautiful and useful extension. The support is really great. Its easy to use, and it has a very nice frontend.
Owner's reply

Thank for your review!
And what you say is probably the reason for the success of iCagenda! ;-)

Reviews: 1
I'am a french user of this extension.
Quality applications with very fast support
Thank you
I am using PRO version and I can recommend to buy.

Very good work
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review and for your purchase of the Pro version!
This is a great help for me, to continue development and support. :-)

Reviews: 1
This extension is really good. Contains exactly what I need. It's simple and awesome to use. And it's have an awesome support :)
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for the review!
My goal: many features, while being as simple as possible and accessible. ;-)

Reviews: 1
I love this! I appreciated the extreme availability and the competence of the support.
Tank you Lyr!C
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review !

It's always useful to help users solving an issue, to improve iCagenda every day!

Reviews: 1
This extension is exactly what we needed. Easy to use, easy to setup and get underway. The one drawback, I have found is searching for events, you can't use the standard joomla search (at leas in 2.5) so I need to find an extension that will search all the data in ICagenda, other then that can't wait til we have frontend event submissions.
Owner's reply

Thanks a lot for your review!
Adding events in front-end is currently in developpement ;-)
And i've planned to work on search plugin and search function this summer!

Reviews: 2
This by far the best free event management extension leading its compitators in a huge margin! I really love the style, clean and attractive calendar, and perfect event list. It has google map too!

The support in the forum and email is 5 star too!!! If you are looking for a great event management extension, your search is over!
Owner's reply

Thanks a lot for the review and the showing of your appreciation.
In the coming months, a lot of things in preparation;-) (and really soon now, in june, iCagenda will be compatible with Joomla 3!)

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