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Events Management extension with a calendar module. Cross-platform Joomla 2.5 & Joomla 3!
Available in more 30 languages, iCagenda has a responsive and flexible design, with a theme pack installer inside.

Period events (start and end date and selection of weekdays) and/or single dates, time, contact information (email, phone, address, venue...), frontend submission, registration to events with options, newsletter for registered users...

Back-end Advanced ACL Access Permissions.

Front-end buttons: Print and Add to Calendar (iCal, Google, Yahoo, Windows Live and Outlook calendars)

Terms and Conditions option for submission and registration forms.

You can also insert a Google Map, an image and an attached file.
The description of the event is using your favorite editor (possibilities to add video, media...).

Component manages the sharing on facebook, twitter and all the social networks, using AddThis (Optional).

Display of events takes the form of a list, for which you can apply filters (upcoming dates and/or past, category(ies), ordering by dates...) and customize graphic elements (choice of theme, size of the Google map, number events displayed per page, date format in your culture (for languages available in iCagenda), etc ...)

The Theme Manager allows you to create your own theme pack for iCagenda and install it easily via the component.
Two Themes are included in iCagenda : default and ic_rounded.

Other themes are currently in process, and a documentation will soon be opened to give users all the help and tips for creating a custom theme pack!

iCagenda Free includes: component iCagenda, module iC calendar, plugin search and plugin autologin.

Available in 32 languages (other in process) :
English, French, Italian, English/USA, Portuguese/brasil, Dutch, German, Spanish, Russian, Norwegian, Czech, Slovak, Latvian, Greek, Polish, Finnish, Chinese (trad.), Portuguese, Croatian, Swedish, Catalan, Serbian (latin), Slovenian, Arabic (Unitag), Danish, Hungarian, Japanese, Romanian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Basque...

Video Tutorials about iCagenda v2 by Giusebos :

You can use this version 3 of iCagenda, both on joomla 2.5 and joomla 3.2/3.3.
It is a cross-platform version.

Note for users of Joomla 3 and 'Install from Web' : direct installation from your website is available!

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Reviews: 1
This extension looks great and works good! I hope it will be upgrated to version 3.x too so i can continue to use it.

great work!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review! you wish to use iCagenda with Joomla 3.x, will soon be done ;-)

Reviews: 1
One of best complex extensions for event management on your Joomla site. Setting of component and modules is very simple and intuitive.
The customization of template is very clearly and you can customize and create templates very quickly with basic knowledge HTML and CSS.
I am using PRO version and I can recommend to buy.

Thank you for your work!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your Review, and your pro version purchase!
The Theme Packs Manager is to allow a designer to create a totally unique graphic theme, and be able to install it directly in the component.

Reviews: 1
I must say that I am more then happy and more then satisfied with the solution of this extension and with the support. The guys at iCagenda were so helpful that they went over the measure and were helping me also with other joomla related questions and not just their component.

The system is easy to use, you just install it and prepare it the way you want. There are many great features that I need in order to set up my calendar events.
The documentation is good and like i said the support is beyond everything I saw so far. :)
It is on my list for all my joomla sites
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review!
I'm really happy too, as the developper, to have all this feedback on the forum, and I'm lucky to have great tutorial videos made ​​by Guisebos!

Reviews: 1
It should be possible to test / use the iC events list.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your vote!

This listing on the JED is (as it is the rules) only about iCagenda component, and its free module iC calendar which is included in the extension.
The module iC Event List is an addon included only in Pro version, so i didn't write about it on the JED. (note: free and pro version of the component have the same features)
You can see this module in a front-end rendering on the demo website. I will add soon a description of its few options on download page of JoomliC website.
But, you're right, i can maybe add an access to test its back-end on demo website! I will see later for this possibility.

Reviews: 5
Overall the component is well done and I installed it to try it out for a couple of weeks. I would have liked to keep it but..........I am going to be moving on because:

1. There is NO front end editing option. This kills the deal. Events can only be added through the back end. I have many people who need to add their own events and am not going to give them access to the entire back end of the website to do it, nor can I reasonably take the time to add (and remove - see #2 below) everyone's events for them.

2. When a sequence of events is over the listing remains visible until you go into the back end and manually remove it. This may occur with individual events as well, haven't tried that but still, events should be removed automatically when they are over. This makes a lot of extra work and organization that has to be kept track of for the administrator.

These are both fixable issues but have seen not even a whisper of them being forthcoming so will be moving on. Otherwise a reasonable component.
Owner's reply

Hello keywestindeo,

Thanks for your Review!

Before you drop for another extension, as you appreciate many features of iCagenda, I'll give you some answers (which can also be found on the forum) :

1: Submit event in Front-end is currently in developpement, i'm working on it this month! But, with ACL permissions, you can already grant access to iCagenda only, and not all the back-end! (some users of iCagenda are already doing so today, and it's working well. For people who want to know about the configuration, they can post on the forum, the community can help!)

2: You may have not view the option for that! You have it in the params of the menu item, to display only future and today events! ;-)

Note: There are some really good tutorial videos done by Giusebos, from Joomla Italy, and you can learn how to use, configure, and much more about iCagenda!

There's a wishlist/roadmap on the forum, and everything is added here :

I'm sure you will enjoy iCagenda, and don't hesitate to ask question, or request help on the forum! ;-)

Best Regards,

Reviews: 1
I'm using iCagenda official version. It's a excellent componet. I'm very happy that I bought it. Compliment for support.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for the review, it is much appreciated!

Reviews: 12
I needed an event calendar for my musician's concerts. This extension is like a mini Joomla! within Joomla! Despite its power, iCagenda is dirt simple to use. I love being able to show the location of my concerts on the google map within each event's page/details. This gives my site a very professional look. More importantly, iCagenda works perfectly with the existing positions in my template. At present, this extension is perfectly suited to a novice - the perfect balance of ease of use and power. After combing through many extensions, this is by far the best for my purposes. If iCagenda was strictly commercial, I would happily pay for it. Lastly, the thumbnails with the dates on top of them are fantastic, and iCagenda seems to automatically resize any image I throw at it perfectly.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for the review!
And .. to tell a little story, at first I develop a simple version of iCagenda for my clients, groups of music... ;-)

Reviews: 1
Tried 2.0.6 - loved it. But there is a little problem at the exit event on the calendar is not specified event category, had to be corrected.
It would be good to place under the calendar widget: "Color - event."
Thanks for your work. Get rich - buy carefully.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your useful review!
Yours suggestions are in the roadmap of iCagenda developpement ;-)

Reviews: 7
Im must say that im in big impression with this component. Install with no problem at three webhosting providers at three Joomla instalations. Work excelent at localhost Wamp server too. I can not agree with the StarDevComp review... No serious bugs or instable work at all. Joomlic iCagenda forum and customer service are at high level! Quick responses for email and forum posts. iCagenda still improving. Updates are frequent with new features and minor bug fixes. 19+ language packs! This guys make a really good work here! Easy templates. I cant wait for AcyMailing plugin to event email management, and other promised and needed features. Highly recomended and free component! Keep up a good work! PS. Im a Pro happy buyer :)
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your detailed review, I am trying my best to make the component as useful as possible.
About AcyMailing, when iCagenda v3 will be ready, i will work on the plugin.
So, if you have suggestions, wishes and ideas about integration of iCagenda in Acymailing, you're welcome! ;-)

Reviews: 8
A marvelous extension for the agenda, all is in, calendar, inscriptions, photos, and the most the traduction in every language! No idea what that extension can add more!
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for the review.
And thanks to all the translators, who are doing a great job ! And soon, some new languages! (as you can see on icagenda transifex)

Reviews: 1
I'm building a website for our runners sport club. I was looking for a good agenda for all our activities but did not succeed. Most of the extensions are: too heavy, too complicated, too many functions and options etc. etc. which does not match to our needs: a simple event list with a nice layout including a registration option.
If you are looking for the same don’t look any further and try iCagenda.
The video tutorial is great! You’re up and running within 5 min. without any complicated settings or preparations. It’s all straight forward and easy understandable. Sure I also face some problems (mainly in relation to my template) but the support was excellent for the free version and I was really surprised by the speed of the replies after I changed to the PRO version. Awesome!
I think it’s worth to spend some time to iCagenda if you’re looking for a nice event agenda.
Thanks for the nice job guys and don’t add too many bells and whistles. Keep it simple and easy accessible!
Owner's reply

Great that this extension helped you out, it is always nice to get this kind of feedback. Thank you!

Reviews: 4
like other components in this categories... it is really unstable and full of bugs. asked few times for support but they are probably busy with something else instead of answering me. could be a great component but there are really few important features missing. not to speak of the caotic html-css structure. more work needed on it
Owner's reply

I'm sorry, but you've added a review to the wrong extension, but not about iCagenda.

I have no message nor topic in the support forum with no answer, and check this everyday with help of other volunteers moderators.

I see no posts with no answer on the forum of iCagenda :

Thank you kindly update your review!

Reviews: 6
Since I'm using Joomla I've tried a few event components. But this one is the best. It is easy to handle and looks great. I paid for it, because I needed technical support. The developer helped me immediately. Many thanks to Lyr!C for this excellent work!
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review! I am glad to have helped you. ;-)

Reviews: 116
Overview: This is "now" one of my favourite components on Joomla. It has been developed and coded well, and still has room for even more development.

I may buy the PRO version later on, which is also cheap at £34 but for now the non-commercial one is fantastic.

The component needs some minor upgrades that require coding but the overall project is VERY CLEVER and INTUITIVE.

Functionality: Easy to install for 2.5 with swift precision and styling for the Control Panel. Everything has been well thought out for the layout, buttons and Agendas.

The Newsletter is to me an added bonus. I was going to use another newsletter component and bolt it onto the website for customers, but this does that as well - Just awesome.

I especially like that you do not have to provide a full registration on your website for the non commercial one and downloading it is very simple.

You have added a video in the Joomla admin section on how to use it. This is a fantastic addition. It is a shame that other developers are not as future proof as yourself.

Great job. Simply the best component for Event Management.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your Review!

Just an info about Pro Version : in GBP, it is currently £8.87 (plus tax/VAT) for one year (not £34 !).
So... cheaper! ;-)

This Pro Version has exactly the same features of the free version, but in Pro, you have a support by email, and the possibility of removal of the signature.

Hope you the best experience with iCagenda, and sure you will appreciate the new features to come!

Reviews: 2
Great extension - looks neat and tidy, does what it says it does and is easy for a non-technical operator. One thing to add to my wish list would be an option to customise the registration message to suit the event type.
Owner's reply

Good idea!
I add it on my roadmap!

Reviews: 5
This tool makes it much easier to plan all our events. Very simple, and very fast reply from the support. Thx Lyr!C, this is a good work!
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review!
It was a pleasure to help you ;-)

Reviews: 1
Just what I was looking for to keep a calendar of upcoming shows for my band. Easy to set up and use. Few cosmetic problems i am having such as changing the color of the font used in the description which is not a big deal and will probably resolve by looking at the forum.
Owner's reply

Very soon, i will begin a documentation for users to create their personal Theme Pack.
This will allow you to edit the css and html of your own files, independantly of iCagenda updates!

Reviews: 3
It's truly hard for a novice user to find a calendar/agenda app for J!2.5 that works well and plays nicely with my other mods/components/plugins, especially for free. Not only was my initial experience setting up iCagenda very fast and easy, thanks both to the tutorial video and the helpful hints on the author's website, but when I had a question about functionality, I posted on said website and had a response within 24 hours (even with the timezone difference). And this is for a free extension.

The calendar was easy to set up for recurring events, easy to make small design modifications through the backend, and has never thrown a conflict. My site members appreciate the clean look and the quick loading.

I am looking forward to future enhancements, such as multiple instances of the module, a way to see different events for different groups on the same day without drilling down into the date (although it's nice to click on the date and have a list of events pop up very quickly), and more customizing abilities in the admin area.

I've donated to the author and am looking forward to future releases.
Owner's reply

In 2013, i'm planning a lot of new features and options, and i will add them regularly.
And i always keep in a list, ideas from users ;-)

Thank you for your support in this project !

Reviews: 9
It seems like a good start for a new component coming up. But I think there are still several features missing. E.g. there is no function for recurring events, no way to customize the appearance of dates, no front-end editing, no access control, no way to duplicate events, no possibility for multiple-day-events, no administration for the calendar's templates and the html- and css-structure are quite clumsy (but that's the case with many J!-extensions). Yet, it is very simple to use. I think the mentioned aspects are essential for a good events-component, so I can only rate this one average.

PS: I find it astonishing that after more than one year with J!2.5 there's still no fully working and easy-to-use free events-component. I've never had any problems to find one for former Joomla-versions. What has happened?
Owner's reply


Just award you that some features you say that are missing, are already in iCagenda !!! (duplicate event, dates format, multiple-day-events, possibilities of customising...)

Maybe you didn't have a look at the joomlic forum, with topics about the new features coming in version 1.3 (coming very very soon, in RC released first)

If you have trouble using iCagenda, please, post a new topic on joomlic help forum! Thanks!

iCagenda is young (3 months), FREE!, and in the weeks, and months to come, a lot of new features!

Regards, Lyr!C

Reviews: 3
This component help to my web page a lot. Its highly customizable, with many options. What i appreciate very much is, that directly in admin is instrution video how to setup component. Its much better, then reading a long instruction, as is ussaly in others components and plugins. By this way, my componnets was ready after 15 minutes. Thanks a lot. I was happy to donate you.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review. As you have mentioned, tutorial videos by Gisuebos are really well done!

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