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Responsive EventsNova for Joomla 3.x and Joomla 2.5 with powerful functionality and modules!!

EventsNova is a powerful Event Management component that is designed feature rich and user friendly. It has an intuitive admin interface that allows you to have complete control over your Event System.

EventsNova has lot of modules, plugin and languages are available. Moreover we are providing Two Built-in attractive Templates with their own configurations.
Jomsocial and Community Builder integration, Messaging and other media.

Release History :

Full Featurelist :


★Unlimited Categories
★Unlimited Events
★Unlimited Groups
★Unlimited Custom Fields (Textbox, Dropdown, MultiSelect, Editor, Checkbox, Checkbox Group, Checkbox Groups with Image, Radio Button, Radio Button with Image, File Upload, Textarea, Calender, Custom HTML, Custom HTML Field, Field Delimiter, Email, Webaddress, External Video URL, Country, State )
★Custom Fields for Events, Venues, Review and Rating, Contact Us and registration
★Category Color wise Calender
★Language Manager
★Powerful Recurring Event Functionality
★Taggable Search Functionality
★Email Templates
★Radius Search Plugin
★Custom Field wise Search Functionality
★Unlimited Domain Installation
★Unlimited Domain Support
★Payment Gateways
★Automatic Image Resize
★Powerful Search/Filter Engine
★Messaging System
★Coupon & Gift Voucher System
★SEO Optimized
★Social Networks Support (twitter, facebook, Google +, Linkedin, Myspace, digg, delicious, stumbleupon)
★Bulk Import / Exports
★Video uploading functionality (File upload, YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Daily Motion, MySpace, Google Video)
★Gallery with Unlimited Images - thumbnails, title, description
★Tagging functionality
★Rating and Review with multiple attribute and Comments
★Facebook Commenting
★JomSocial and Community Builder Integration
★Admin can change the design using template manager
★Email Templates
★Language Pack
★Additional modules, plugins and languages being added all the time!
★Advance search module
★Event Registration
★Event Registration with Ticket Type
★Cancel Registration Functionality
★Waiting list for Registration
★Featured Event
★JomSocial Activity Stream
★Invite Friend
★Attendees List
★WatchList / Add to Favourite
★Transaction Manager
★User group wise Permissions
★Check for Event Conflict Functionality
and many more

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Reviews: 2
I loved the extension when I saw the demo and used it's basic functions on small website.
But When I used it on a big project I found out that it loads all event on the calender page no Ajax used, so my calender had over 1000 events and they were repetitive events so the website takes too much time to load. When I evaluated the code I found out that the way they are generating calender is not a proper way.
I'm now looking for alternative way.
Reviews: 1
We'd been looking for something to replace Eventlist for ages as we knew we had to upgrade from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 3 for many reasons especially security, but nothing seemed to fit the bill and the site was getting more and more insecure because of it.

After trying quite a few other components which ranged from clunky/unthought out to useless we eventually found Eventsnova which is so good that we changed our entire model to make use of all of its features.

Brilliant, excellent - what more can I say. Oh, apart from the wonderful Rushabh whose support is spot on - even when I wasn't too precise about what I needed.

Should be an editors pick!!!
Reviews: 2
The component is the most successful and looks very pretty.
But the summit is reached by EventsNOVA team which is extraordinary. They are very helpful and always available. I would encourage anyone who wishes to manage events using EventsNOVA.
Reviews: 1
I'm really happy by using this control. This control fulfils my all requirements. Specially, their support is awesome. I recommend to other user to use this component for event management.
Reviews: 2
We wanted to create Event Subscription Management website. And we researched many event extensions and finally we decided to go EventsNova. We proud to be say that our decision was 100% to choose EventsNova. What an extension. Extremely powerful Recurring functionality. They may have to add one feature which is Copy Event feature at back end side. Support was good too. Once we post a forum topic then they immediately reply to our forum support. They are also providing live chat support which is great too. Also guys must have to go with this extension if you want large event management or small event management website.

Thank you siddhi guys for such a great extension.
Reviews: 1
Really, stay away if you care about your site. This product is definitely not for a live site. The inbuilt layout is terrible. Furthermore, the template system is so different and hard to understand that you will have spend days and weeks to get what you really want. Support just slides your questions over if they're related with the layout. The admin side is also a total disaster, it seems that these guys are not aware of the year we live and it's technology.
Owner's reply

This is a spam review. We really dont have any user with this related name. Also we havent got any support forum topic from your side. We are giving every support replies in max 24 hours. Our template is most powerful template system ever. Our admin is also powerful. Not sure how could you do like this for negative marketing. Guys, Please skip this review and do not consider this review.

Reviews: 1
The application works great it is very easy to use, the best thing of all they are online to help . Siddhi software are also working on this app the whole time improve it. I look forward to seeing the upgrade on re-occurring event, great work.
Reviews: 1
Our company wants to use Eventsnova as a tool to allow people to subscribe for courses. All the functionalities needed are present in Eventsnova. And when there is the slightest problem or issue, the support team is very fast and helpful. Great work !
Reviews: 1
The team at Events Nova has done a great job! I came across a few questions, and their support was quick and very helpful. Just like most projects, mine required a few customizations, that they made quickly, and professionally. I have worked with several events components in the past, and this is by far the most thought out that I have used.
Reviews: 1
Hello Sir,

Thanks for Suggestion and i used this component with joomla2.5 it's work very fine and flexible. i would be more appreciate if you will be provide me latest version of this component which support joomla3.1.1.

Reviews: 2
Nice interface and provides the flexibility needed for our events management. Hats off to the developers, they were available with great support, highly recommended!
Reviews: 1
I just installed EventsNova and was amazed how FLEXIBLE it is.
It more then exceeded my expectations. Out of the box there is a lot of functions ( plugins, modules... ). I have not seen anything out there that has all the features like this component. It is easy to use and install - it takes you just a couple of clicks.
At some point I needed a bit of support at Eventsnova quick support. Guess what? 5 minutes later they answered and helped me out.
I highly recommend giving them a shot if you are looking for an event management extension. Its worth every cent.

I give 5 stars to this component...
Congratulations EventsNova Team!
Reviews: 1
Hi Guys,
from outside you did a splendid job. but when someone will look deeply the coding you have done. it is extremely poor component. you must be kidding me to fetching all events, and then comparing date difference for recent events. no server side validation for event adding from front end. Yes, you provided too much flexibility. but the component is vulnerable. i can show you where it is. but thanks again for the flexibility.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your feedback. But you are wrong in your comments. We have used timestamp for fetching events as well as date difference. Yes we havent put server side validation but we have strong Jquery front side validation with no confliction to any of other Jqueries. Now for your third comment about Vulnerable Extension, if its Vulnerable extension then our extension will display on below Link.

If you faced any problem with extension then you should have to contact on our live chat as well as on our support forum. Your each and every questions must be answered in next 24 hours.

Reviews: 1
Looked around and tried other components to handle events and found this one to be the most flexible and versatile.Simple to get up and running and the support was immediate and very helpful.Whole bunch of extra plugins available from great worth every cent!
Reviews: 2
I was a bit intimidated by the idea of putting an event management piece onto my simple website and I put it off for far too long. I am so happy that I ended up picking Eventsnova. Out of the box there is a lot of functionality and everything just overall looks nice and is easy to manage on the backend. The support people were exceptionally helpful in helping me past an issue I was having (which was entirely my fault due to inexperience!) and couldn't have been nicer about it. No one had any issues at all registering for our first event and I can't tell you how happy I am right now. If you are looking to try out an extension like this I highly recommend giving this a shot.
Reviews: 1
I just got started working with Joomla last week so I am VERY new to the community. After struggling to learn the core package I realized I needed to extend it. I was afraid it was going to be too difficult but I was wrong. Eventsnova was super easy to install and the basic configuration only took a few minutes. There are many ways to customize the addon but they are simple and straightforward to tweak. When I had a question, my email was answered fully, and in just a few hours. A fantastic product, supported by a fantastic support staff. Thanks guys!!!
Reviews: 1
We all know that every extension needs a little bit of shoe-horning into your site, so it fits your site and your expectations of what you wanted. The support I received to help me do this was exemplary, and proved the extension was extremely flexible
Reviews: 2
The component is well developed, with a lot of modules and plugins.
It works fine, with two available basis templates. Support is fast.

Today, if you have an english website, this component is a very good tool to manage events and more.

As already told to the support team, some plugins that are advertised as included should be there when someone buys it (sh404sef and xmap). Language packs are not professionally translated, so the component is multilanguage, but translation are not ready for a commercial website.

Other than that: nice work!
Reviews: 3
I just want to stop and say how pleased I am with the event nova extension. I have a very specific set of requirements for my site and I had purchased a couple other event management tools but never implemented them because I simply couldn't configure them to fit my needs. The eventsnova people not only helped me to get the functionality working on my site, but they also ended up working the code into an update so the functionality would be there for other people.

For me , specifically the ability to have a certain number of several categories of attendees and set limits based on those numbers was critical. For all other extensions I found if I wished to have equal number of guys and girls I would have to set up 2 separate events which was very confusing to the attendees. This functionality would also work for people who have premium seating, adults/children's tickets, or many other areas.

I cannot say enough about the support. Every question I have asked has been answered in a very timely fashion and the extension has been able to be put in place in a very short period of time for me. I highly recommend giving them a shot if you are looking for an event management extension.
Reviews: 2
I spent days testing and reviewing Event management extensions and other php stand alone scripts. This one shone through and after taking the time to set it up for my personal needs has proved to be just what we needed. We are professional event managers with a wide range of complicated events to manage.

During our set up we recieved top calss support and attention until we were off and running in the right direction. Thanks guys for a great extension. Look forward to a long relationship and to many more features.
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