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Editor's Note
redEVENT is a CCK Style Joomla 1.5 / 2.5 native MVC event component. Build over the popular but yet limited event component eventlist, the redEVENT fork along with its 100% integration to redFORM has taken the ease and flexibility of creating and managing events and to a whole new level.

Super dynamical with the simple yet powerfull and customizable input forms from redFORM, you can make small simple signup forms or you can go all the way and do full registration formulars for the attendees to your events.

Along with the new options of newsletter integration and dynamical waitinglists along with the ability to manually alter and cuztomize the frontend list of attendees on each event, there never has been more flexibility in Event handling in Joomla then now!

redEVENT is developed upon the basis of Eventlist 1.0b however due to the extensive changes made in the component it will not be possible to update the event component along the paths of Eventlist in the future and instead redEVENT will take its own path and live in the wonderfull world of Joomla Extensions. redEVENT is released and is in a stable state.

The list of abilities in redEVENT that makes it unique compared to its predecessor Eventlist, is included in the following:
* Unlimited amount of events
* Allow registration with or without Joomla User creation
* Allow registration and cancelation using Joomla User creation * Waitinglist on individual events - Set waitinglist per event! * Individual confirmation- and registrationemails
* Confirmation trough email confirmation link
* Unlimited amount of Forms, Fields and Inputs by integration to redFORM
* Dynamical options for input type (Radio, Checkbox, Textfield, Textarea, Email, Username, Fullname)
* Dynamical frontend attendee lists using the fields you made in the form (you made in redFORM) used by the event
* Admin notification and option to send on formular data to the admin
* Integration with the open source mailinglist project PHPlist and the Joomla 1.7 native component ccNewsletter
* Add custom styles to input fields trough backend and style in template css
* English and Danish languages (looking for more - contact me if you are interested in translating to your native l

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Reviews: 3
The extension is very usable but a bit complicated for average users. Once up and running it is a nice piece of work.

A problem for us is that the recent changelogs are not up to date, so it is not clear what has been changed since version 2.5.b.5.3, although the latest version now is 2.5.b.5.7.3.
The Wiki is not up to date and if you want to go to the forum on their website, it turns out it does not exist anymore.
When I noticed a bug in this extension it was impossible to report it as a 'bug' to the support team, as I need a payed subscription first to request any kind of support.
The translation files (Dutch) show a status of 100% translated, but this is mostly for the frontend. The backend is still mostly in English and we can´t get it to work in the language as we would or could expect from a translation file.

Although we really do like this extension, it seems that the developers are too busy with other extensions instead of making this piece a real piece of art.

I do hope they will do their best to improve their support and documentation as for now we are looking for alternatives...
A payed subscription is not an option at the moment, as we expect a good working product before we buy a support plan.
Reviews: 5
Overall extension is really good. It's kind a hard to get used to how things are working, but after you understand principal you can do a lot of things with it. I tried several other extensions but this one is the best one.
Reviews: 1
I have been using RedEvent on and off for many years. The component has consistently gotten better. This is evidenced by continual updates, improvements and added features. I recently upgraded one of my clients from a fairly old beta to the most recent version (upgrade went off without a hitch!)

I manage several high profile Joomla based websites that demand a high quality event management system. One of these sites was recently featured by Groupon.

Is there a lot to configure before using RedEvent? Yes. Probably more than most components. BUT, you don't get to have all these features AND complain that you have to do a little work to get things looking the way you like.

I suspect that those that have complained about the "bugs" don't really know what they are talking about. Just because something doesn't work exactly as you would like it to, doesn't mean there is a bug!

I have had to interact with the developers on several occasions. I have found them to be professional, competent and responsive.

Thank you team for creating such a great Event Management System - Bravo!!!
Reviews: 3
I was looking for a long time for improvements of Eventlist. I'm glad I found RedEvent. Thanks to the developpers!
Eventlist is usable out of the box, for REDevent, you should spend some time to make it work, but that's basically because it's so customable, which I think is a great advantage. For me, it's perfect!

I'll have to build a new, complex site in a few months. I would like to step over to Joomla! 1.6. But will there be a REDevent version for 1.6? I hope so!
Thanks for this great component!
Reviews: 1
Recently purchased asfter trying Eventlist. Does everything I need. Thankyou!
Reviews: 3
Sorry I have to say but most of the reviews are true. The software is full of bug.

Not ready to work with.

A lot of the bugs are big bugs. With every update new bugs raising up--Thats poor! If someone has brought this paid but buggy component to work- congratulations!! U got great coding skills to fix the bugs and pay money for doing bugfixing by yourself!

I don´t think that there will be a stable version by time. Statements like: "Oh sorry, I forgott to put in some code, you will find an update within the next weeks" are a bit awfull for a paid component- You got updates for updates and have to fix some bugs manually. Take a look at the forum- A lot of problems all around!

Nevertheless, if you got this component already to work- never do an update- This will destroy a lot- Maybe the devs should think about why there are so many negative reviews. Shouldn´t they?!

Sorry I have to say, but I just want to make sure that others don´t waste its money. Maybe in a few years the component is ready for selling, but within this beta-phase for such a buggy software it´s hard to pay money. Small bugs are ok. But the same problems since a few months, and a very very poor and oldversioned documentation (Look at the screenshots of the documentation)are a big problem. I tried it for months to bring it to work, but it is kinda fulltime job to fix bugs and configure the very hard to understandable backend. Try and error. Thats what you have to do!

One more thing: I´m an experienced joomla (Mambo) user since several years now, but this is hard to give it a try and pay money for this
Owner's reply

There is a few bugs here and there when you make new features - sure thats how it works for all.

But there is absolutely not the level of bugs or problems you refer to its simply not true and if you are experienced with Joomla there is no way you could spent months and not get it working we teach new customers how to work with redEVENT on cooperate level in a few hours - so to use months on not getting it to work would be quite unrealistic.

We have redEVENT running sites for some of the largest cooperations in our country and some global companies too that use it for customer extranets etc. with the integration to redMEMBER.

We have redEVENT running on sites like which is a joint portal for 40 education institutions that cover more than 50.000 students per year - we have it running that runs more then 3000 attendees per year through it too etc. etc. our examples are many and not a single of these sites have issues, problems or bugs.

Yes the manual may be a bit behind because we make so many new features but that doesnt change the fact that your review is completely unrealistic and i would imagine you never really tried redEVENT for real - or else you would simply not be making this kind of review.

redEVENT is one of the most flexible and dynamic featurerich event systems for Joomla ever and it integrations to redMEMBER, Jomsocial and through redFORM and redMEMBER to redCOMPETITION, redLIST etc. you can create dynamic fields and completely redo how you want it to work and why.

Reviews: 3
Extension definitly not ready for showtime.

Potentielly more powerfull than EventList for the gurus among us, if they feel like surfing the forums, modify the code etc. But for the average user like me, it is buggy, pretty much 'work in progress', very often counter-intuitive. The documentation is almost non-existing, and the one that exists is hugely outdated.

I have spent several hours trying to make it work. I have finally given up. Lack of willingness to help in the forums, lack of documentation...

Be aware also that some features of EventList have been removed (no more 'no venue' option, you have to create a blank venue yourself, which has a lot of backdraws), etc.

There is a demo site indeed, not published on their website. No username/password given so half the menu items do not work.
Owner's reply

Its 100% ready to use and its used on sites thats 1000 times bigger than yours with no problems at all.

I think the main problem was you werent willing to listen - we told you that this is _not_ eventlist alot of things are completely reworked and you can alter all of the outputs in redEVENT by using simple tags to decide who you want the views to look.

You sent 7 emails and made 3 forum support questions in 2-3 hours - we answered everything and 2 different people tried to help you myself included.

If you think that other places respond quicker than us i think you got something completely wrong.

But just to clarify - redEVENT works wonders and are used by educational institutions, globalt course and event companies etc. and they are absolutely thrilled with it.

So basically its your loss you werent willing to listen or understand that this is not eventlist but something much much more.

Reviews: 2
This for me is a much improved version of Eventlist. The way it uses tags and optional fields make this component completely flexible. And it works seamlessly with RedFORM so my users can now easily book events and pay online using Paypal.

The support is great. Respond within a day, and although Im still waiting for a few features and minor fixes in the next release, I am very pleased with my subscription to RedComponents.
Reviews: 5
I can only review this submission to the extensions and not the software itself. I'd love to see this in action before purchasing to ensure it's right for me but I can't find a demo anywhere. Screenshots seem to only be of the administration and nothing from the frontend. I give the submission a 3 since most others seem to think it's pretty good, but also only a 3 because the extensions page says there is a module but I don't see it anywhere at the developer's site (I only see VM Mass Cart and News Tab) and no product demo. Maybe this component is amazing. I don't know. But I can't buy it without seeing it first.
Owner's reply

You could have registered and downloaded the 1.x series for free and testet both redEVENT and redFORM on your own site.

The demo URL is written tons of times on the forums - but else the url for our general frontend demo is

Beyond that there is user showcases on the forum (rather new - but its there).

But we are actually in the process of doing individual demo sites in general for all of our extensions on redCOMPONENT - a good example of that is where we do a frontend demo just for redLIST.

So perhaps a shame you didnt spent a minute or 2 on the forums or the search feature you would have found it :)

Reviews: 2
This WILL be a good component in the future, but has to be developed further. Nothing for someone who hast not realy programming knowlegde (changing fields in the form). Documentation very poor, support between not available to "read the documentation".
Owner's reply

Developed futher???

We are _the_ event component for Joomla that offers the absolute most features at all - and the freedom and flexibility to change everything around to look like you want it to.

Using tags to create your own way of showing things, creating custom fields etc. is _not_ programming knowledge - you dont need to know a single line of php to completely customize your own event system / event portal page.

As for support - go visit the forums - i havent seen anyone answering forum threads in the same speed we do.

I give the review 1 out of 5 stars - because it fails to see that redEVENT is allready, by far, beyond what others offer - because redEVENT does not require programming skills - because we answer support threads on forum expetionally quickly.

The 1 star is for the documentation comment - yes the documentation is a tad behind as we implemented soo many new features - but after the next release which finishes the last step of redEVENT v2.x series features we will update it.

Reviews: 1
The component is buggy, documentation is poor, and the structure is very counter intuitive. Some things that are changed from Eventlist are actually a step back.
Maybe I'm just not very patient these days, but I can't spend hours and hours trying to fix a paid component that should work out of the box.
And if you visit their forums you will see that I'm not alone.
Maybe when the component mature a bit more I'll come back to check it again. Until then I'll continue my search for a decent calendar of events for Joomla...(Meaning, that in all fairness, they all suck. Look at Trumba and you'll see a good solution...)
Owner's reply

I would doubt you actually had redEVENT v2.x series running anywhere for long.

We got it running on educational portals with 100.000 students using it as a joint course registration system for 50 different educational institutions across the country.

Trust me - there is no bigger bugs or nothing like that - but yes it still is in beta as the version number 2.0b75 (currently) also clearly shows.

So there is absolutely no reason what so ever to fix anything - you need to set it up correctly and yes we have perhaps the event system that offers the absolutely most freedom and possibilities of any of the event systems for Joomla as ours contains a CCK style system where you can create dynamic fields for events og the indivual days on different venues where you have the events.

You can completely rebuild and alter almost every visible view in the frontend through the extensive tagging system - there is a built in textlibrary system to optimize the processes of putting in standard content - you can do completely invidualized sign up forms, or 4 different ways of signing up etc.

And lets finally make a point clear - you will never pay for redEVENT - you get complete access to redCOMPONENT when you sign up for a subscription giving you around 20 different extensions + addons for as little as 29 euro - which makes it absolutely affordable by everyone.

Some of the customer was have made sites for with redEVENT had gotten offers from closed source systems on more then 100.000 Euro to attain the same funcationality as redEVENT offers to all.

The only part of you review that could contain a little to it would be the documentation - as we just added in a massive new update some of the newest features still hasnt gone into the documentation, but then again with us having released more then 50 new updates over the last year things are moving quite quickly and we'd rather spend time brining quality features quicker then updating the documentation constantly.

Ps. redEVENT is not a calendar system - its a complete event handling cck powered dynamic system that just happens to contain calendar views and modules as well.

Reviews: 1
get a subscription to this one you lot it is the best events component you can get and support is spot on !!!!
Reviews: 3
RedEvent is a great solution for event management, but the new version of RedEVENT (v2 - subscription required) is so much more powerful again.
With its venue categories and map integration, it will be the right solution for a lot more than just events. I've found it to be the answer to my needs that require a unique mix of events, a directory and mapping; and RedFORM means I can personalise it even more.
The developers are very active on the forum and are churning out releases that meet the users' feature requests. Definitely worth the time to look at and subscribe to if it meets your needs.
Reviews: 2
Dont understand why there is such a negative amount of post on this ?

Why not spend your time improving your own software instead of writing negative things about redEVENT ?

Im a happy Customer at RedHost and I know the abilities of the company ;)

Thumbs up and keep the good products comming :D
Reviews: 2
excellent service, rapid replies.

haven't met any other page that comes close to this so far.

:two thumbs up:
Reviews: 1
Absolutely fantastic - best event handling extension there is.
Reviews: 1
I have to say.. Awesome this is by far one of the best programs i've used for events so far.. I can only say.. good job and keep up the good work
Reviews: 1
redEVENT and redFORM are great extensions that make event and form handling on my website so easy.

i have tryed a few other extensions but have found this to be the best by far.
Reviews: 1
Excellent component, even better than EventList and the customer service is brilliant, any query i have had has been answered within the same day.

I'm not sure who ihadmeavision is, but it sounds as if they are just wanting to mark down this component as they are a competitor.
Reviews: 1
Just so others don't waste their time, this thing will not be able to have registration without RedForm which you have to buy. So let me see, you take out half the program that was Eventlist, so things like Registration do not work. Then ask people to pay a subscription so that they can get RedForm in order to make the registration work? How does that improve on Eventlist then? I'm sticking with the Eventlist and they just updated it a month ago unlike what it says on this site.
Owner's reply

Reading the first line on the website is really a huge step towards understanding what your downloading:

"redEVENT is a brand new Joomla 1.5 native MVC event component. Build over the popular but yet limited event component eventlist, the redEVENT fork along with its 100% integration to redFORM has taken the ease and flexibility of creating and managing events and bookings to a whole new level."

Beyond that redEVENT and redFORM is light years away from what eventlist offers and as such the flexibility and dynamics of redEVENT integrated with redFORM can not be compared nor paralleled with what tventlist has to offer - but ofcause if you dont need anything more then eventlist can offer its not to hard to figure out you should get that ;)

Also with updates up to 3-4 times a week and a roadmap for constant integrations to 3rd party components and a continues development of redEVENT, redFORM and redCOMPETITION we offer a completely different kind of extension service then a freetime rarely updated extension does.

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