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Editor's Note
redEVENT is a CCK Style Joomla 1.5 / 2.5 native MVC event component. Build over the popular but yet limited event component eventlist, the redEVENT fork along with its 100% integration to redFORM has taken the ease and flexibility of creating and managing events and to a whole new level.

Super dynamical with the simple yet powerfull and customizable input forms from redFORM, you can make small simple signup forms or you can go all the way and do full registration formulars for the attendees to your events.

Along with the new options of newsletter integration and dynamical waitinglists along with the ability to manually alter and cuztomize the frontend list of attendees on each event, there never has been more flexibility in Event handling in Joomla then now!

redEVENT is developed upon the basis of Eventlist 1.0b however due to the extensive changes made in the component it will not be possible to update the event component along the paths of Eventlist in the future and instead redEVENT will take its own path and live in the wonderfull world of Joomla Extensions. redEVENT is released and is in a stable state.

The list of abilities in redEVENT that makes it unique compared to its predecessor Eventlist, is included in the following:
* Unlimited amount of events
* Allow registration with or without Joomla User creation
* Allow registration and cancelation using Joomla User creation * Waitinglist on individual events - Set waitinglist per event! * Individual confirmation- and registrationemails
* Confirmation trough email confirmation link
* Unlimited amount of Forms, Fields and Inputs by integration to redFORM
* Dynamical options for input type (Radio, Checkbox, Textfield, Textarea, Email, Username, Fullname)
* Dynamical frontend attendee lists using the fields you made in the form (you made in redFORM) used by the event
* Admin notification and option to send on formular data to the admin
* Integration with the open source mailinglist project PHPlist and the Joomla 1.7 native component ccNewsletter
* Add custom styles to input fields trough backend and style in template css
* English and Danish languages (looking for more - contact me if you are interested in translating to your native l

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Reviews: 1
Just so others don't waste their time, this thing will not be able to have registration without RedForm which you have to buy. So let me see, you take out half the program that was Eventlist, so things like Registration do not work. Then ask people to pay a subscription so that they can get RedForm in order to make the registration work? How does that improve on Eventlist then? I'm sticking with the Eventlist and they just updated it a month ago unlike what it says on this site.
Owner's reply

Reading the first line on the website is really a huge step towards understanding what your downloading:

"redEVENT is a brand new Joomla 1.5 native MVC event component. Build over the popular but yet limited event component eventlist, the redEVENT fork along with its 100% integration to redFORM has taken the ease and flexibility of creating and managing events and bookings to a whole new level."

Beyond that redEVENT and redFORM is light years away from what eventlist offers and as such the flexibility and dynamics of redEVENT integrated with redFORM can not be compared nor paralleled with what tventlist has to offer - but ofcause if you dont need anything more then eventlist can offer its not to hard to figure out you should get that ;)

Also with updates up to 3-4 times a week and a roadmap for constant integrations to 3rd party components and a continues development of redEVENT, redFORM and redCOMPETITION we offer a completely different kind of extension service then a freetime rarely updated extension does.

Reviews: 3
This component is a must have for websites who have a agenda. Totally free use of unlimited fields, CSS based screens, etc etc etc

So far the most complete agenda component for Joomla...

Support is great, within a day always responce!

Keep up the great work!
Reviews: 2
This was one of very few that installed and worked, right from the start. If you are a ticketmaster affiliate, this is perfect, as you can set up your links to venues, or links to tickets for a particular event. This is a great component for websites wanting to advertise events!! AND the best part is that it is FREE!!
Reviews: 3
I love it! After reading through the many entries on the forum on but not seeing a newer version with the requested features - this component does it all!! Well done - keep up the good work. :-)
Reviews: 3
I came from eventList but needed the possibility to add custom subscription forms and public registration. This component did the job (Combined with RedForm).
Reviews: 1
Deserves to be highlighted on the site ... It is the same as Eventlist but better. Fantastic!
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