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RSEvents!Pro ComponentModulePlugin

RSEvents!Pro takes Joomla! event management a step further and comes with built-in solution for all related aspects such as visibility, social sharing and communication, registration, SEO and of course, payment.

» Compatible with Joomla! 2.5 & 3.x

» Locations - Google Maps integration, AJAX auto-completion, get directions, URL, HTML descriptions, photo gallery.
» Recurring events at the click of a button - choose repetition cycle (days, weeks, months, years), end date, repetition days and more.
» Attach files to your event - your visitors can easily download them (eg. flyers, presentations, archives etc).
» Allow users to add their own events in the frontend.
» Increase your website's traffic - SEO semantic events, tags & multiple categories.
» Social sharing - allow people to rate the event, like it on Facebook, share it on Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.
» Groups - fine tune the permissions of your visitors by using the Groups option.
» Event Subscription / Registration - configure the start and end dates of registration, allow unsubscription up to a certain date, overbooking, owner notifications, discounts
» Seating Chart - show a visual representation of the seats available through the configurable Seating Charts option.
» 12-hour date format as well as 24-hour format support!
» Several emails available - Registration, Activation, Unsubscribe, Subscription has been denied, Invite, Reminder, Post Reminder, Event Moderation, Tag Moderation, Report, New event subscription
» Auto-archive old events!

» RSForm! Pro - Create your custom event subscription / registration form with our popular form builder.
» RSMail! - Show events inside your newsletter with the click of a button.
» RSMediaGallery! - Use the friendly interface of our gallery management extension to manage your event's gallery.
» RSComments! - Allow comments on event pages using our own commenting system
» Other comments - Facebook, JComments, JomComment
» Avatars - Gravatar, Community Builder, JomSocial, Kunena, K2
» Content - Show your event in an article by using the Content Plugin.
» Payment Plugins - Offline Payment available by default. Others are purchased separately (2Checkout, ANZ eGate,, eWAY, iDEAL, MyGate, PayPal, Virtual Merchant).
» PDF Plugin - Create PDF files (with barcodes) that your subscribers can print!

» From your Google Calendar
» From your Facebook account
» Directly from your own CSV file
» JEvents v2.0.10
» JCalPro v2.2.13
» Ohanah v2.0.4

» Create Event
» Single Event
» Events
» Categories
» Locations
» Calendar
» Map
» My Subscriptions

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Reviews: 1
After installing the component, everything seems straight forward, but all of the functionality is not there. The event registration form locks, and one cannot register mulitiple people. No real form seems to be present to register other than name and email address. The documentation is basic at best. I have yet to hear back from support, and my support tickets still show as unassigned. Even though I purchased this product, I will have to move to another product because of the need to get an event extension running.
Reviews: 2
I bought this product along with RSForms Pro! for end -to-end Event Management functionality with custom registration forms.
I am extremely impressed with the product and support. RS Event Pro! has almost everything which is required for a event management module.
I faced issues while using Calendar component and raised ticket for the issue. Support team was very quick to respond and they figured out the issue and fixed it as well.Extremely competent and responsive team.
Reviews: 2
I am working on a community events calendar site project which requires several features including 1)the ability for the public to register and submit events (and edit only their own events), 2)event export for use in other publications and 3)ability to handle complex recurring events. I "interviewed" several of the popular event calendar components (JEvents, JCalPro and Ohanah) and RSEventsPro was the only component that had all of those features(and more) and was easily customizable with CSS and template overrides.

The customer service is awesome(courteous, prompt, honest)! I had several items that needed to be addressed as I configured the component. Every support ticket was responded to within 24 hours (or earlier), and all of my issues were resolved.

Easy to install the component and modules. Easy to configure.

Experience level: 5+ years building Joomla sites
Reviews: 1
We publish a magazine in a tourist destination that offers a lot of information about what's going on, so we needed an events extension that could offer us event lists, a calendar, a map with location markers, etc... We also needed to be able to change the layout/appearance easily since most of us are designers instead of coders, so the support was as important as the extension itself. After installation we had a few issues with layout and settings in some of the modules and the component itself. The support works great since you open a ticket and the ticket gets assigned to a staff member who answers just after a few hours and keeps replying and helping you until you are satisfied with the result. We were able to close all our tickets in just a few days. Great extension and great support.
Reviews: 1
As a relative newbie I was nervous moving away from our old Events component to RSEvents!Pro. I have to say I got the base functionality up and running very quickly and the accompanying PlugIns complement that nicely.
My own challenge was in adjusting the CSS templates so that it matches my underlying site template. I made three support requests and all were dealt with quickly and efficiently. Our site went live earlier this week and the users all admire the new Event and Calendar capabilities. I think the component has pleanty of headroom and more advanced features that we can also start using in the future. No regrets :)
Reviews: 2
I have contacted support as I needed some customisation in the calendar view to meet my project requirements. Their response was fast and accurate. Thanks to Andrei I have my calendar view as I wanted to be.
Reviews: 8
I rarely leave feedback but I had to make an exception for this fantastic product and after care.

As a 'newbie' it is always daunting when I make a purchase with no experience or knowledge of website building. I need not have worried, from the minute I contacted Andrei with my concerns about configuration he spent the next few days, via the admin panel, going on my site and configuring my component, module and all relevant plug ins to the exact way I wanted it without any complaints and the patience of a saint!

I found the team swift, diligent and professional. Without their outstanding support a 'newbie' like me, could never have achieved the final, beyond brilliant outcome, in a matter of hours.

As a 'newbie' it is important to have this unexpected but incredible level of support, well worth the money and highly recommended.

A big 'Thank You' to Andrei and the team, I wish you all the success your excellent products & customer services deserve.
Reviews: 2
We had a problem a jquery issue affecting one of the functions in RSEvents!PRO. Bogdan quickly dug in and determined the specific cause of the problem. He was fast and courteous and got the job done.
Reviews: 10
There is so much potential available to this extension, but it just doesn't get it done and when you combine that with the outrageously high price they charge, it is just highway robbery.

As others have stated, the template designs are really poor. That being said, they are better then most - because the others are horrendous. That is probably why the RSJoomla team hasn't improved them, which is sad.

No ability to create tags to sort events, they allow multiple categories, but won't let you sort of them once you do. They calendar won't display the color codes correctly if you use multiple categories.

No ability to use smarty code to fix the horrible php coding they use.

No integration with sh404SEF or any other SEF. End up with terrible URL's

The potential here is tantalizing, but at the end of the day, I wouldn't recommend it.
Owner's reply

The review talks about RSEvents!, not about RSEvents!Pro, but unfortunately we cannot remove it due to JED regulations.

Reviews: 2
The only module I could find being able to list events in the manner I want, also very easy to use.
Reviews: 9
I would like to echo several of the reviews here and say that the support for RSEVents is superb.

I submitted a minor bug report at 10pm and received a polite note that the component was fixed and updated in the morning.

The only reason I'm not giving a 5 star review, is that the component is a bit confusing to learn. Its not quite as polished as RSForms, their marquee product.

Part of the reason it is hard to learn is simply that there are too many options... fine grain control over an app, always comes at the expense of simplicity.

Nonetheless, I would strongly recommend this product. The support alone is worth the asking price.
Reviews: 1
Very good product and service assistance is fast and accurate.
Thank you
Reviews: 2
RS Joomla extensions are easy to configure and support is fabulous
Reviews: 4
Easily adding, editing and deleting events from the frontend is what I wanted and this extension certainly delivers. Very easy for your website owner to put up events on their website!
Added to that, an easy to customise template that can carry a lot of info when required.
Haven't tried the event management features, but nice to know they are their when required.
Brilliant support as well. Very prompt and knowledgeable.
All up, very professional and well worth it. Needless to say, recommended!!
Reviews: 3
After using another events component for many years, I was always on the watch for something better. I have tried out several non-commercial and commercial components.

When I found the latest version of RSEvents, I decided to give it a try and it turns out it is one of the best decisions I could have made. There are far more features than I have need for at present, but it gives me more options and choices to add in the future. It is also very adaptable and flexible.

Best of all has been the great support I have been getting from RSJoomla. By far, the best support with prompt and helpful responses. A couple of times they went above the call in helping me make a couple of customizations I wanted. this alone has been worth the cost.

Overall, I am very happy it RSEvents!
Reviews: 3
This extension is ok but the not providing any ical format, so it is not possible to connect the calendar with google or iCal.
Owner's reply

You should ask the support before writing a review.

All you have to do is to click on Export to calendar and you'll get a .ics file that IS compatible with google calendar..

Reviews: 69
I highly recommend RSEvents. I've been using it for event registration, and the new PDF ticket feature is ideal; once a payment has been processed, the customer receives a PDF file via email that can be completely customized. I ran into a few small problems, and the support was excellent... My only complaint is that the registration form can't be customized with additional fields without also buying RSForms Pro. However, that doesn't add much to the cost so I still consider RSEvents a "5 star" extension.
Reviews: 4
Functionality wise I find it hard to fault it. There's a few simple things I think it's missing (such as the ability to link to an external icon, adding a photo gallery to an event without using Flickr, for example), but on the whole it pretty much does what you'd expect.

Where I found it disappointing was in the front end layout. It uses layout-breaking tables for front end submission, with a huge number of poorly organised fields that to a non-technical end user looks very daunting.

Thankfully, it supports template overrides, so I was able to customise both the front end display and front end submission forms to use CSS based layouts and generally look a lot more user-friendly, without core hacks, in no time at all. It makes me wonder why this wasn't included in the first place?

For me this wasn't a huge issue, however without any technical knowledge I would have found the component useless because of these simple layout issues.

On a free component, this would be fine. On one that costs ~£40, I don't think it quite cuts it when there are other components in this price bracket that offer a much better experience on the whole.

Overall, still a good component, but let down by the simple stuff.
Reviews: 1
I would like to thank RS JOOMLA for making great Modules and Components. Their customer support is Excellent! Thank you Alexandru for you patience and guidance!

I would recommend their products to anyone. They exceeded my expectations in both products and service.

Very simple to set up, customize and user friendly!

Keep them coming!
Reviews: 1
Hi, i start using RSEvents and other software from RSJoomla. Works very nice and support is quick. They realy do their best to help out.

Thanks Guys.
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