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RSEvents!Pro takes Joomla! event management a step further and comes with built-in solution for all related aspects such as visibility, social sharing and communication, registration, SEO and of course, payment.

» Compatible with Joomla! 2.5 & 3.x

» Locations - Google Maps integration, AJAX auto-completion, get directions, URL, HTML descriptions, photo gallery.
» Recurring events at the click of a button - choose repetition cycle (days, weeks, months, years), end date, repetition days and more.
» Attach files to your event - your visitors can easily download them (eg. flyers, presentations, archives etc).
» Allow users to add their own events in the frontend.
» Increase your website's traffic - SEO semantic events, tags & multiple categories.
» Social sharing - allow people to rate the event, like it on Facebook, share it on Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.
» Groups - fine tune the permissions of your visitors by using the Groups option.
» Event Subscription / Registration - configure the start and end dates of registration, allow unsubscription up to a certain date, overbooking, owner notifications, discounts
» Seating Chart - show a visual representation of the seats available through the configurable Seating Charts option.
» 12-hour date format as well as 24-hour format support!
» Several emails available - Registration, Activation, Unsubscribe, Subscription has been denied, Invite, Reminder, Post Reminder, Event Moderation, Tag Moderation, Report, New event subscription
» Auto-archive old events!

» RSForm! Pro - Create your custom event subscription / registration form with our popular form builder.
» RSMail! - Show events inside your newsletter with the click of a button.
» RSMediaGallery! - Use the friendly interface of our gallery management extension to manage your event's gallery.
» RSComments! - Allow comments on event pages using our own commenting system
» Other comments - Facebook, JComments, JomComment
» Avatars - Gravatar, Community Builder, JomSocial, Kunena, K2
» Content - Show your event in an article by using the Content Plugin.
» Payment Plugins - Offline Payment available by default. Others are purchased separately (2Checkout, ANZ eGate,, eWAY, iDEAL, MyGate, PayPal, Virtual Merchant).
» PDF Plugin - Create PDF files (with barcodes) that your subscribers can print!

» From your Google Calendar
» From your Facebook account
» Directly from your own CSV file
» JEvents v2.0.10
» JCalPro v2.2.13
» Ohanah v2.0.4

» Create Event
» Single Event
» Events
» Categories
» Locations
» Calendar
» Map
» My Subscriptions

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Reviews: 1
Hi, i start using RSEvents and other software from RSJoomla. Works very nice and support is quick. They realy do their best to help out.

Thanks Guys.
Reviews: 4
It´s great. I like so much. I needed change the module and the support time help me in time.

Sorry my english, people.
Reviews: 7
Good Event and Calendar management with a number of modules for displaying your events in different forms. Integrates with RSForm Pro. A bit tricky to get working and customize to your own templates. Having said that support desk is quick to respond to your queries.
Well worth the money.
Reviews: 1
I tried several commercial and non-commercial events calendars/managers before settling on RS!Events. I have a complex set of categories - type of event - host of event - location of event.

Setup was quite simple, and any issues I had were easily solved with some research.

Support has been fantastic. I had one problem, I still don't know what I did wrong, but support logged in to my back-end (I created a login just for them), and fixed it.

Then, I had a need to customize a page - that required core changes. Rather than charge me (which they easily could have done) for a small, simple change, they gave me some code, and the page to put it in, and even fixed it when there was a typo. Fast, courteous, friendly - everything I could want from support.

I still have some research to do (on allowing my users to search for things), but this component has been super!

Thanks, RS!Joomla, for a great product!
Reviews: 2
I spent some time researching calendars for the site before selecting RSEvents. I have not been disappointed.

After using it for 3-4 months, I am extremely pleased with the extension. Not only does it display multiple events nicely, but it has excellent search capabilities allowing users to locate what they need quickly.

Entering new items is a little clumsy, but after a little while it becomes easier.

There have been a couple times where I contacted RSJoomla for support. Every time I received a satisfactory reply quickly (usually in less than 24 hours).

I have not used more advanced features like registration or ticketing but I intend to in the future. It's nice to know that they are they when I need them and I won't have to find a different extension to do what I want.

I highly recommend this product to everyone with moderately complex event needs.
Reviews: 1
Easy to use, well developed, follows Joomla upgrades (1.5, 1.6, 1.7 compatible), but our reason for giving these props is that we needed to extend RSEvent for a custom development project and we received concise well communicated support to develop/extend the component to our needs.

Thank you guys keep up the great work!
Reviews: 9
As always, the RSJoomla team comes shining through.

After trying several Event components, I've settled on this one mostly due to its great features, but also mainly for their fantastic support.

Support is always very quick and they always go the extra mile to help you out.

Worth every penny. And then some.
Reviews: 11
I must say these guys rock! They are awsome and really help me a lot. You won'T regret doing business with them! By the way the component is excellent and they work hard to make it even better. They frequently come up with new releases serving their customers. A big thumbs up for the RSJoomla team!
Reviews: 2
I looked at all the calendars and RSEvents seemed to be the best for what I needed. I have severeal issues trying to get it looking just right with my template.
However, all I had to do was submit a ticket with their support and the question was answered within 1 day. If the problem was within the RSEvents, they would respin the code and post on their website for download. If the problem was uniquie to what I wanted to change, they told me how to change either the php files or style sheets.
Their tech support is very knowledgable. They know their product inside and out.
I highly recommend.
Reviews: 3
I wanted a Calender Module for our new site. I tried some the non-commercial versions but this module gave us everything we required.
Took a bit to get the head around the many functions and features it offered.
Worth the payment
Thank You to the developers
Reviews: 1
By far the best calendaring and events module I have used - there was a slight bug with modules setting the time to UTC (Joomla 1.6 bug) but a quick call to support had the problem solved within a couple of hours in a very friendly, courteous and businesslike manner.

The component itself is superb to work with, very customisable and handles recurring event without any problems whatsoever.
Reviews: 1
1A Component - easy to use and nice layout.
I had some troubles with the Upcoming Event module with Joomla 1.6 and the support solved it within one day. Superb service.
Reviews: 9
I have worked with many calendars and I have to say this is my favorite to date. (:D) It's extremely flexible, with many views and ways to customize views. Styling was a breeze- important to a designer!

To make an event recurring the system creates multiple instances of the event- rather than simply repeating itself- which then can be selectively deleted which is great if you have performances that run Mon-Sat for three weeks.

Lastly, a rave to the developers who were enormously prompt and helpful when I wanted to customize a couple of things.
Reviews: 1
Works like a charm!
Had a problem with installing the language, but the support was fast, good and solved the issue.
Wish all support was like this.
Reviews: 1
The latest upgrade on this product has added some really nice features. It is much easier to select the fields you want to display and a much better template designs.
Reviews: 3
I use this component and is great, I found a little problem but the team is very fast to solve.
The support is really amazing!!!
Reviews: 2
Having reviewed all event management systems for Joomla, RSEvents! stood out for its ease of use, configuration options and flexibility. We rarely write reviews but the outstanding support compelled me to do so. We requested a new feature and RSEvents! added it within 24 hours. Brilliant!!
Reviews: 3
Got an issue with the calendar tooltip. This was solved within one day, thanks to the fast and efficient support. Being french, I pointed out some lack in the french language file that was easy to fix by myself.
I think it's a great component and I like the ability to customize nearly everything.
So I highly recommend it.
Reviews: 1
Go for RSEvents, it'll be worth it. Support is extremely helpful, the component is a breeze to install and use, it gives you plenty of flexibility and the only thing i'd wish for is more designs from which to choose from. Otherwise A++!
Reviews: 1
We have deployed this extension for the website of our outdoor recreation club to promote multiple activities each week for the last 12 months - and we have been impressed with the features it offers. Club members and the public can view, explore and interact with events - leaders can generate new activities and administrators are auto notified for moderation. Support from the RSJoomla team has been excellent and best of all you can suggest features you would like to see in future versions.
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