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RSEvents!Pro ComponentModulePlugin

RSEvents!Pro takes Joomla! event management a step further and comes with built-in solution for all related aspects such as visibility, social sharing and communication, registration, SEO and of course, payment.

» Compatible with Joomla! 2.5 & 3.x

» Locations - Google Maps integration, AJAX auto-completion, get directions, URL, HTML descriptions, photo gallery.
» Recurring events at the click of a button - choose repetition cycle (days, weeks, months, years), end date, repetition days and more.
» Attach files to your event - your visitors can easily download them (eg. flyers, presentations, archives etc).
» Allow users to add their own events in the frontend.
» Increase your website's traffic - SEO semantic events, tags & multiple categories.
» Social sharing - allow people to rate the event, like it on Facebook, share it on Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.
» Groups - fine tune the permissions of your visitors by using the Groups option.
» Event Subscription / Registration - configure the start and end dates of registration, allow unsubscription up to a certain date, overbooking, owner notifications, discounts
» Seating Chart - show a visual representation of the seats available through the configurable Seating Charts option.
» 12-hour date format as well as 24-hour format support!
» Several emails available - Registration, Activation, Unsubscribe, Subscription has been denied, Invite, Reminder, Post Reminder, Event Moderation, Tag Moderation, Report, New event subscription
» Auto-archive old events!

» RSForm! Pro - Create your custom event subscription / registration form with our popular form builder.
» RSMail! - Show events inside your newsletter with the click of a button.
» RSMediaGallery! - Use the friendly interface of our gallery management extension to manage your event's gallery.
» RSComments! - Allow comments on event pages using our own commenting system
» Other comments - Facebook, JComments, JomComment
» Avatars - Gravatar, Community Builder, JomSocial, Kunena, K2
» Content - Show your event in an article by using the Content Plugin.
» Payment Plugins - Offline Payment available by default. Others are purchased separately (2Checkout, ANZ eGate,, eWAY, iDEAL, MyGate, PayPal, Virtual Merchant).
» PDF Plugin - Create PDF files (with barcodes) that your subscribers can print!

» From your Google Calendar
» From your Facebook account
» Directly from your own CSV file
» JEvents v2.0.10
» JCalPro v2.2.13
» Ohanah v2.0.4

» Create Event
» Single Event
» Events
» Categories
» Locations
» Calendar
» Map
» My Subscriptions

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Reviews: 12
This app is wonderful from the perspective of back end configuration presentation and installation. Features are fantastic. Templates are junk... even the ones that you can download as extra from their site are unusable/inappropriate for professional applications. Also Nota bene that if you're getting this for integration with Jomsocial... Jevents offers a lot more in that regard. After purchasing RSEvents, I had to discard it and hope to use it on a future website and move to another package. Again -- the programming and power of the app is great but the presentation is deal breaker. Possible that a CSS guru could doctor it up to look good but for the price, I expected to be able to turnkey. For half the money, this would be a fair deal.
Reviews: 7
I had to ask for a refund because there was a misunderstanding about certain functionality in the component, the service I got was excellent and quick.

The component would be awesome if you could add custom forms/fields when adding events and if you could disable the registering for events. Some people just want to show the events and not allow people to register for them.

So for me it's 5 stars for service and 3 stars for the component.
Reviews: 1
The combination of RSForms Pro and RSEvenst is strong. You can make any subscribeform as needed. Also quick response with helping us out with a scriptingproblem.
Reviews: 1
I quite appreciate this extension. Meets my expectation (I have suggested some other features that could make it more useful) and the support is quite fast and friendly.

I recommend it to anyone.
Reviews: 3
Definitly recommend this, the online help could do with some development but the support team MORE than make up for this. A very useful component indeed!
Reviews: 2
RSEvents has helped our company big time to get what we needed to do, the right way. What was important to use was to get a component that worked and that supplied excellent features: this one does! Also, we are satisfied with the customer service and technical support. It could be a bit faster, but it deserves at least 4 stars! In overall we are satisfied and would recommend it to our clients. Heck, we already do!
Reviews: 1
This is very simple and userfriendly
Reviews: 1
I usually do not take the effort to rate at JED but this time i had to take the time to warn others from this product.

If you read the feature list from rsevents you might get amazed, the problem is the implementation is very poor and alogic, most of the features have lot of bugs.

rsjoomla focus on developing new products and rsEvents is Very Very outdated. They have no progress. The last update was only "proforma" and is a joke with no evolution or progress in the extension itself.

i have to say dont use this (years ago good) extension if you want an evolving extension. you will get here an outdated product with lot of bugs and difficult customization.

Even if the support is good (acts within 2 days), what is that worth if the product itself is so poor? Better decide yourself for an extension which has a future and is actively worked on.

There are lot of alternatives at JED which are in the present an endless better solution. I depreciated the 39Euro as a lesson-learned. Hope to help someone to avoid a wrong decision.
Owner's reply

First of all, we could not find any information on you, so we're not sure if you're a real customer. The changelog is here and you can see that there has been development on RSEvents!:

The last update, for example, added 4 new heavy features - so I'm not sure what you consider "proforma".
I'm not sure what bugs are you talking about. You don't mention anything here but very vague information that any outsider could have seen from the changelog

Reviews: 2
After realizing this component was underdeveloped and not what I need I decided to delete the component. When I did so I get an error message on every single page of my site.

I wrote tech support about it and they told me it wasn't their problem. Even though the error messages have paths that point to RSEvents.

If you like wasting time, money and having a broken website this is the component for you, everyone else stay away from this bogus component.
Owner's reply

As we have explained but you did not understand, the errors you received were not related to RSEvents!. The files that PHP was trying to load were never in the original RSEvents! package - either you or your developer has made changes.

Unfortunately, instead of giving us access to your website so that we could help you (even though it was not our fault) you chose to leave this review and never reply again on your support ticket.

Reviews: 9
It's one thing to have an amazing component - it's another thing to have an amazing component and back it with the fastest, friendliest, and knowledgeable support staff out there.

Amazing job, they have some great new features in the pipeline that will make RSEvents! even better!

Just as with their other extension, this rocks!
Reviews: 2
I would like to give this 5-star rating to their pre-sales support. It is incredible, quick response, detailed and kind!! Event I didn't purchase this products they are still very kind to answer my questions.

I asked many questions as I wanna make sure what I am going to purchase is what I really need. I gave up going for DTRegister as I need front-end operation and a single program for easy maintenance.

Looking forward to have more advance feature in a short feature and I am waiting for their final reply to me before I hit the pay button. Just few ours passed ^.^
Reviews: 11
Extension is not evolving since long time. There are a lot of flaws that make this extension not usable in live environment.

Some features are good but nearly all of them are implemented very poorly. Here 2 examples:

if someone wants to submit an event from frontend he has to undertake inappropriate confuse steps (hit apply in middle of the form) to be able to sell tickets.

Google map will not recognize the written address from the user and he has to additionally point the marker on the map. I had to spent 2 hours reading the google maps API only to include autogecode by myself.

The developers do not invest time in this extension. So if you want an evolving and intuitive extension you should better chose another extension than rsevents.
Reviews: 1
I've recently purchased RSEvents for a client website as it had all the features that my client needed. Support was incredible, fast and efficient. Support had also personally entered my admin backend to help rectify integration issues, I'm really surprise and happy for the extra mile they put in for me. Special thanks to Bogdan for all the help. I truly recommend their products nd services.
Reviews: 1
Like the previous review I chose this product based upon its favourable reviews. From there we differ greatly. I purchased the component and plugin. It installed ok but was far from stable. I had a great deal of frustration configuring it. But, worse was the deplorable customer service. On several occasions I would make changes to an event's html in tiny mce and it would simply crash. I would be unable to update. I tried numerous times to get support, but my tickets went unanswered for days. By the time they did respond I had alresdy uninstalled and purchased DT Register which is running beautifully on my website now.
Reviews: 15
It's definitely not what I expected for 39 euros. The component works as it is stock.....and that's it, you really can't personalize it at all for the exception of the single event event display template. And by that i mean just the colors not the arrangement. Once you have more than a dozen or so events It becomes extremely clustered and impossible to navigate. The same with the venues, if you have more than a handful of locations they just get put into a "sometimes alphabetical" order making your page a long single line list with no sorting or any useful filter options. It has all the functions of Eventlist but for whatever reason they have all been made more user unfriendly. You have a whole bunch of options on the front end that you might...or might not want to use however it's impossible to give them default values or disable them.

Event will be: Private Public
Enable registration: no yes
Allow overbooking: no yes
Show guests that registered: no yes
Automatically approve users: no yes
Allow users to comment:
I don't need any of these, they just clump the page and make it more complicated for a user to add the event AND the comment option is always disabled by default...really annoying as I have to go check all the events on daily basis and manually switch it on, since users don't pay attention to endless, useless radio check boxes. On top of that repeating events are only accessible from the back end, once again another daily task for me to check if there event is repeating or not so i can set it right. If you don't use an editor by default when you add a description for an event the text goes over the side menu of the event and makes an eye sore, the same with an image if it's original size is too big it will cover the entire page including all the event options like "edit event" So you have to go in the back end use whatever editor you have to place it in a table so it fits the template. It wouldn't be so bad if there was actually support available. Those should be fairly easy fixes but the forum they have set up is useless, all you get is an automated message that the forum is not monitored and to use their support system. Ok so they probably want to answer the same question over and over again instead of just making it public for everyone to see on the forum. If that's the case then do it, I've been waiting for 3 days to get a reply on the issue of images and text overlapping the event menu. Finally received an answer to put it all in a table....yes I KNOW that...I told you in my question that this is my solution. Another thing....when adding an event you HAVE to select a location...from a drop down filtered by whatever you type in a little search box. No sorting option or the ability to just enter an address, That is just stupid, considering you don't even have a good option of displaying all the venues. Users are creating multiple entries for the same venue over and over with the same name and information just spamming the database even more with repeating venues. The latest events module has only one option...latest event added to the database, so you can't have it show latest events by date, WHICH I think would be the most useful. If you need an event component for more than a handful of events RSEvents will make your head hurt with a clustered interface. If you only need something for a couple of events then you should save your self the 39 euros and use something else.
Owner's reply

The only thing that you do here is to express your frustration because we didn't give you a refund. And we cannot give you a refund since the extension works as it is stock.

Further more, we offered to help you make customizations, but it seems like that too is not enough!

You really think you own everything once you are a customer? That is not correct! We treated you with respect and offered our help, but if you are too lazy even to accept that, then you should go somewhere else.

Reviews: 7
I bought this component based ont he large amount of great reviews it received and true the support is really swift which is refreshing. The component itself installs no problem, themes are a doddle to format and alter with simple CSS and no weird hard coding going on which is also nice. I needed the paypal plugin which without a doubt is where it seriously falters. the paypal plugin is really only half baked at this point and has a lon way to go before being thought of as a must have Joomla extension.
Good Points:

Installation is a breeze
Component is really solid and not buggy
Support is really top notch
Looks good front-end
Very easy to change the look of the templates

Bad Points:

You have little or no control over how events are displayed
You can't set recurring payments
You can't buy tickets to multiple events - you have to go through the paypal process for each individual ticket
Ticket management is not very user friendly and bit Goinky to be honest

Overall it's ok, it's not amazing, it needs a lot of work and is definitely the poorest of the RSJoomla products i've tried.
Reviews: 46
Extremely good component.
Fast to setup, easy to use.
I wanted UK address system and not US, sent a support ticket, 10 minutes later i had the solution and that was on a Saturday !!!
Support is the best
Highly recommend this.
RS Joomla are AweSome !!!
Well done guys :)
Reviews: 1
I am a software reviewer as well as a web site designer. This Joomla component is over heels the best events component available. I am not sure if I am happiest with the component, or the support - both are outstanding. I first tried a competitor component (which I am probably not allowed to mention, so I won't), because the reviews were good and for the price, you would expect it to be good. That component did not even to the most basic task of displaying events by category, and THEY wanted $250 MORE to add that function. AT RsJoomla I asked a question about customization and within 24 hours the team there supplied me answers, and helped me to achieve my goals and create a happy customer. and at HALF THE PRICE. Don't let price fool you. These guys are top notch, and their product shows it. Highly recommended. 5 stars. They have my loyalty and respect.
Reviews: 4
I had this component installed at my site it didn't work because I am not computer guy.
Then, Alexandru offered 10-Star Support Service to me, just asked for (user hname/password) and got everything fixed to me; Thanks!
Reviews: 2
I like this component. It is very useful to create events and display, then sign people up for them.

I have used it for a month, developing a site, but found an issue with the data design that causes a limit. You cannot search for events based on geographic locations. You can search for events based on the name of the venue or date or category of event. This leads me to think the developers intended its use for a smaller scale, local environment. As is, if you get a 1000 events with distinct locations over the course of time, you will have a 1000 location drop down box to choose from when setting up new events. (Locations of events are global and put in a separate table, not tied to the event in the same table.)

When this issue is addressed, the component will be very valuable. You can integrate (somewhat, not all aspects of) RSForms Pro to get more data when people sign up. This is nice.

The component allows you to sell "tickets" to events (via paypal or 'wire transfer' - no one uses that in the USA) but the integration doesn't allow subscriptions or recurring payments.

This is a very affordable add-in if your site wants to have event listings and an events calendar. I recommend it. I think the improvements it needs will come over the course of time.
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