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Events Booking is a RESPONSIVE Event Registration extension for Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 and 3.x . It allows you to create events (both free and paid), allows registrants to register for these events(Individual or Group registration) and process payment via over 30 online payment gateways such as: Paypal Standard, Paypal Pro,, Eway, WorldPay, 2Checkout, Google Checkout,iDEAL Mollie, First Data, Moneybooker, Offline Payment gateway... Please note some of these payment plugins come with the extension by default, other payments plugins are released as separate payment plugins.
For a list of features and screenshots, see the product description at .
Features :
1. Nested categories: Event Booking allows you to organize your events cross infinite categories and subcategories.
2. Events management: Event Booking allows you to create and manage events from back-end of your site. You can create both free event and paid events. Users will be able to browse for events and register themselves for this event from front-end.
3. Collect registrants information : Event Booking allows you to collect information of registrants (both individual and group registration ) when they register for your events. You can collect basic information (first name, last name,…..) and any information you want using custom fields.
4. Group and Individual Registration support: Users can register for an event by individual or for an group . For group registration, users will be able enter necessary information of all members in the group. Furthermore, with group rate setting for each event, you will be able to give discount for group registration .
5. Free and Paid event support: You can create free or paid events. For paid events, registrants can pay for it via Online Payment gateway : Paypay,, Eway….
6. Multilingual support: Events Booking support Joomla core Multilingual feature. So if you are building a multilgual site, you can create events, categories, locations, custom fields... in different languages. You don't have to rely on Joomfish, Falang.. anymore.
6. Registrants management : Event Booking allows you to manage all the registrants from back-end of your site. You can view, edit, or delete registrant . You can also export registrants into CSV format and view it is MS Office program .
7. Powerful custom fields feature.
8. Front-end events submission .
9. Support sh404 (the extension has sh404 plugin to generate SEF Urls).
10. Manage registrants from front-end.
11. Tax support
12.Waiting list feature
13. Captcha integration
14. Available in 7 different languages packages for front-end : en-GB, de-DE, es-ES, fr-FR, nl-NL, pt-PT, sv-SE.

And much more....

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Reviews: 1
We bought this extension as a quick ‘get-us-out-of-a-hole’ solution to a one-off event for our college.

The roll-out went so well that it is now have it as a permanent part of our web-site, streamlining our event management processes.

We use the event manager on Joomla 1.7.

Installation was simple– with several .zip files inside the initial download containing the main component and additional optional plugins (e.g. Joomsocial and Acymailing). The download came with a ‘readme’ file explaining the description of each plugin.

Once installed - the back-end component menu was well organised and easy to follow, with many customisable settings.

Setting-up events was quick and easy – with events being able to be fit into categories and sub-categories. We liked the ability to display lists and calendar-views of events in the web-site, and change displayed date/time formats.

Our biggest gain came from the ‘automatic email’ functionality that sends confirmations to registrants and internal admin. This saves a lot of time when processing. The feature to export data to a CSV files allows us to integrate with our other systems.

We have not explored the ‘pay by paypal/’ payment options.

The feature that really impressed us was the support – questions are logged on the developer’s web-site so you can see all outstanding tickets (nothing gets lost), and turn-around time has been impressive, sometimes within 5 minutes of raising a ticket.

The developers even took time to log-into our site’s back-end to investigate a potential conflict other with 3rd party components (we had issues when editing events in HTML using CKEditor)– a support service above their remit. Not only did they identify the issue, but also re-populated lost data.
Reviews: 1
We recently upgraded our module to the latest version & are pretty happy with the features & even the support has been very prompt. In fact the support went out of the way to help us out when we are facing a issue. Truly hooked onto this for a long term.
Reviews: 1
As an extension I would recommend this extension highly, but my experions with the services, has so far been poor. No answers at the forum, no answers from the developers team despite my contact through email and skype! So sadly my rating cannot be anything else than "Average".
Owner's reply

Hi Visk

I don't know who you are and don't know the reason I received this not good rating and review from you (I believe I give very good support for customers - you can see from other ratings and reviews for this product and my other products) :

1. You said that I didn't response for forum questions, please check my forum at No un-answered questions and I usually reply to questions in less than 24 hours .

2. You said that you contacted me via Skype. I am online on Skype everyday from 8:30am until 11pm everyday (my timezone is GMT+07), so I don't know why you didn't receive my response. I talk with customers everyday and there are no reasons I don't reply to customers.

3. You said you sent emails to me, did you send it to correct email ? I check and reply to customers email everyday, so I am almost cannot miss your emails.

So if you are a "real" customer, please contact me ASAP to get support and you will get support FOR SURE. Please do contact me to get answers for your questions.



Reviews: 3
Thank you to Tuan and his team for developing this great extension! I have used several commercial event registration extensions, some which cost much more than Event Booking, but this one is by far the best of the bunch! The extension was easy to install and configure. I did require assistance from the developer, and he quickly responded and fixed my issue quickly and correctly. Overall, I am very happy with the level of support. My only recommendation for improvement would be for the developer to add a clear way to determine when new versions/updates are released, as I prefer to maintain the most recent updates on my sites. Even with this one concern, I recommend this extension to anyone who needs a simple and clean way of allowing site visitors to register and pay for events online!
Reviews: 2
Very easy to use. Covers the whole range of functionality needed for event registration.

Very good that one could define own registration-forms for every event.

Only the template isn't full consistent (the same table of details is in one view realized as a HTML-definitionlist in the other view as a table, so I couldn't use the same CSS).

The support is excellent and very fast, both in the forum and with support tickets.
So it's a joy to work with this extension.
Reviews: 1
This extension is perfect.... Nothing else to add, it works smoothly out of the box.

I had a few problems with lightboxes, and their support team guided me to the solution through Skype... Can you have better than that ??

Stop looking for your solution, this is worth a lot more than the asked price...
Reviews: 1
Component is well made and functional, with many useful features. I'm experienced as a web developer and found it pretty straightforward to use. It is missing a few features that would make it perfect, but the developer is working on them (such as private events). By default it isn't the prettiest component, but with a little CSS you can skin any component. Good value, and recommended
Reviews: 1
It is exactly the component I needed for my site, and the support is just awesome.
Reviews: 1
Great extension. Did exactly what I needed. Awesome support from the developer. You will not regret buying this module, or any other from this company for that matter.
Reviews: 1
The product works extremely well and the few times I had an issue, their support resolved my problem quickly! They also added a feature I requested pretty quickly as well.

Reviews: 1
Was slow to get back to me, but was around the holidays. Once I finally got with them and their scheduled allowed them to focus more on my issues they were great! They also fix additional issues not related to the Extension for a small fee.

Could learn to be more patient and no so rude at times.

Had problem with the custom fields, they did help but mainly had to do the dirty work of allot of reading before additional support, even when I followed the info & images excellently still had issues, they would fix after but didn't like the fact I couldn't do it on my own.

When all said and done, ALLOT of patience, and calm when rude they did a great job. :)
Reviews: 4
I spent weeks looking for the extension that I needed. I tried and evaluated many reservations and booking extensions. This is BY FAR the best. It does exactly what it says it does and it does it extremely well. I was able to install and configure it in minutes. The support is first class and quite honestly, I would have been happy to pay much more. I had a deadline and was only able to meet it because the excellent quality of the extension and the super fast response from the developers. If I could give it ten stars, I would. Great job guys.
Reviews: 3
I am new to joomla. I have been developing a site for 5 months. I was creating an event site where hundreds of events in a dozen categories will be posted. I decided to use Event Booking (EB)initially because of the following features:
1. Price (you get what you pay for)
2. Automated Reminder emails
3. Automated confirmation emails
4. Overall layout and design
5. integration with paypal
and many others!

From the surface it seemed to offer everything the we needed. And for the most part it kind of does. Their feature list is very impressive, but when it came to actually making it work - that's another issue (lots of patches were necessary). I found that the program is not well thought out; many small things added up to huge problems. Many of the most important features really don't work, at least for our needs; if you have a very basic event site this should work for you. In the end i went with Registration Pro (RP) by Joomla Showroom. I wish I had done that from the beginning - it would have saved me about 3 months work.

So what are the pros and cons? here's the comparison:

EB - if you have anything slightly complicated you can expect to wait days for a response or not at all. just look through their sight and you will see what i'm talking about.
RP - generally within 12 hours, occasionally 24 hours (but lacks a user forum)

Reminder Email:
EB- Although you can create a custom reminder email, it lacks the ability to dynamically add many fields (like the location!!). So it doesn't really work. In other words if i need to send a reminder that tells the user where their event is I can't. Also how does reminder emails work?? you have to install a patch to your server - which doesn't work! Something called a chron job. So reminder emails? for me and others, doesn't work!
RP- Reminder email is highly configurable because it has many many dynamic fields you can add to the email. For instance we do not use the short description field on the site but in the back ground we have added a special equipments list for each event which reads "for this event you will need a shovel". In the email we just add the tag "{short desc}" where ever we want to add this message and voila! You can also specify when you want a reminder to be sent for EACH event. NO PATCHES. IT JUST WORKS out of the box.

Email Confirmation:
EB - although you can create a "custom" email confirmation where you can pull information from various fields in dynamically, there are not enough field tags available to make this particularly useful. The program will present an html email to the user with all the events an registration information; the specific event details are presented as a link from the event title in the email. This is problematic because if the user is using a text only email system they will only get code. You can not send text only emails. If you are trying to add information that is specific to the event but is not public on the site you can but can't do it. 1. Not enough fields are available to make it useful. if the user registers for more than one event the confirmation will only display information for the first event, if you are adding custom information. Among the many many missing tags? a location tag! I know this is a bit hard to explain but, when you get into the system it will easier to see the failure point.
RP - can send fully html OR text only emails; you can use html code or not. Most fields in the events page (if not all) can be added dynamically to the confirmation email. This didn't seem important in the beginning but has proven to be a huge time saver in the end.

Calendar Sold out Events:
EB - In order to show events as "sold out" you have to install a patch but it seems to be breaking people's sites.
RP- Out of the box. You can tell the calendar to mark events as available or sold out on the calendar.

Coupon Code:
EB - can specify only one event or all events that is all.
RP- can specify multiple events for any one coupon.

Calendar links:
EB - calendar has no way to point to a category of events only specific events. (but code was easily modified)
RP - same problem. (code was not easily modified and had to pay for customization)

Cart -
EB - has a cart module
RP - does not, but you can easily add this to a menu item.

Paypal Pro
EB - I did not get far enough to test whether or not this really worked.
RP - will need to pay for a third party plug-in ($25)

Design & CSS
EB - easily changed; overall fit my aesthetics better than RP.
RP - also easily changed but some were much more difficult to find (but they were very good about telling me where to look)

Tiered Price structure:
EB - a little bit more easily dealt than in RP. i can just put in a price for if they buy 1, 2, 3, tickets etc.
RP - can't seem to put in prices but can put in a percentage. This is not ideal.

Adding Attachments to Emails
EB- you can add an attachment to you confirmation email but not the reminder (but then again reminder didn't really work). and if user is purchasing multiple events only the first attachment will go.
RP - not available at all.

Registering for multiple events:
EB - Users can register for multiple events with just one form.
RP - users has to fill out a form for each event and check out all at once. Had to pay for customization so that the user only had to fill out just one form for all events.
Note: Although the EB system is better for the user, I believe this is why their confirmation emails have so many problems - so in the end it's a problem for the site owner.

Registration information:
EB- from what I remember and it has been more than 3 weeks since I was in the program, you can not get a list of attendees for JUST one event. THere is a list of all attendees for all events that are organizable by event - how often do you need that?
RP - NO problem with the above. You can get information per event.

User Support Forum:
EB - has one (but many slightly complex questions go unanswered)
RP - does not.

HTML descriptions
EB - you have to add a patch if you want to use html for an event or category description
RP - for events works out of the box. No category description out of the box.

The longer I used EB the more problems i found and the more people i found with other problems! I think if you have a few events, taking place in one location without any specific information you will need them to have later AND don't think that your customers will be signing up for multiple events. Then this program will work. Otherwise SERIOUSLY fork over the extra $50 and get Registration Pro. Fewer headaches. Although the features list is similar, RP's actually work the way you would expect them to work.

Honestly? I don't just want my money back, I want my time back! I kept on holding out hope that this thing would work and it never really did. I got suckered into very quick responses to questions in the first week. And then more and more time lagged in between questions. So my impression is if you can't get up and running the way you want quickly you're going to be out of luck for support. :(

Judging from when questions got answered and the developer's time zone (Vietnam) he clearly has a day job and does this on his off time.

I can not recommend it.
Reviews: 1

The OSSolution team have thought of everything you could possibly want and more. There are oodles of advanced functionality, loads of Modules and smooth integrations. The translation functionality is excellent which lets you change all titles etc without touching a line of code. But if you do want to the PHP and style sheets are easy to modify to make it just perfect.

I spec'ed out a pretty large site for a customer that needed some very specific event booking requirements (training courses) and this extension had 95% of the functionality I required! The rest was a breeze to add with the help of the OSSolution team. Saved me months of development. They are not only super responsive but very very talented developers indeed. I'm starting to think there is nothing they can't do.

I completely recommend this extension and these guys. 5 Stars!!
Reviews: 3
This extension was easily installed and looks so great in the frontend that minimal styling if any is required for it to look great on your site. It is one of the most comprehensive, extensive components I have bought and well worth every cent. It is great value and has great support. The forum has had many questions posted and I found that when I looked properly most questions I had were already answered. Hats off to the developers. Just waiting for the Reminder emails to work as they should but this is a minor point which I'm sure will be solved very soon.
Reviews: 3
they really thought of everything with this module, thank you!
Reviews: 5
I have settled down with this component for my clients websites, after trying (and paying) many others.
It simply works well and is clear to use.
Support is more than excellent, and there are a lot of payment options too.
Glad we got some real pro companies making great components.
Reviews: 3
Amazing extension and as usual very helpful people. very good support. This is my third extension from this company and never had any problem. Always reply to e mails immediately and provide excellent support.
Reviews: 3
If you're looking for the best event booking extension for Joomla you can stop looking.

Great product with many configuration possibilities.
Nothing to worry about, easy to configure and very fast.

The support is outstanding!

//A very happy customer
Reviews: 5
Very easy to use component for your events. It does all the necessary things I was looking for.
But if you like to make sure the component and modules fit into your design, you have to understand quite a lot of css and html codes. The Ossolution team is very helpful and a big THANK YOU for that. But still, a few extra´s in the configuration wouldn´t be a bad idea for a following update.
Owner's reply

Thanks for taking time to leave my extension your rating and review (a nice review :)). I just want to correct one thing in your review :

You said "But if you like to make sure the component and modules fit into your design, you have to understand quite a lot of css and html codes".

I believe the extension by default can work on any templates without any modification. For some special templates, you might have to modify css alitle and in this case, if you need help, our template/css developers are available to help you with these small modification .


Ossolution Team

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