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Events Booking is a RESPONSIVE Event Registration extension for Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 and 3.x . It allows you to create events (both free and paid), allows registrants to register for these events(Individual or Group registration) and process payment via over 30 online payment gateways such as: Paypal Standard, Paypal Pro,, Eway, WorldPay, 2Checkout, Google Checkout,iDEAL Mollie, First Data, Moneybooker, Offline Payment gateway... Please note some of these payment plugins come with the extension by default, other payments plugins are released as separate payment plugins.
For a list of features and screenshots, see the product description at .
Features :
1. Nested categories: Event Booking allows you to organize your events cross infinite categories and subcategories.
2. Events management: Event Booking allows you to create and manage events from back-end of your site. You can create both free event and paid events. Users will be able to browse for events and register themselves for this event from front-end.
3. Collect registrants information : Event Booking allows you to collect information of registrants (both individual and group registration ) when they register for your events. You can collect basic information (first name, last name,…..) and any information you want using custom fields.
4. Group and Individual Registration support: Users can register for an event by individual or for an group . For group registration, users will be able enter necessary information of all members in the group. Furthermore, with group rate setting for each event, you will be able to give discount for group registration .
5. Free and Paid event support: You can create free or paid events. For paid events, registrants can pay for it via Online Payment gateway : Paypay,, Eway….
6. Multilingual support: Events Booking support Joomla core Multilingual feature. So if you are building a multilgual site, you can create events, categories, locations, custom fields... in different languages. You don't have to rely on Joomfish, Falang.. anymore.
6. Registrants management : Event Booking allows you to manage all the registrants from back-end of your site. You can view, edit, or delete registrant . You can also export registrants into CSV format and view it is MS Office program .
7. Powerful custom fields feature.
8. Front-end events submission .
9. Support sh404 (the extension has sh404 plugin to generate SEF Urls).
10. Manage registrants from front-end.
11. Tax support
12.Waiting list feature
13. Captcha integration
14. Available in 7 different languages packages for front-end : en-GB, de-DE, es-ES, fr-FR, nl-NL, pt-PT, sv-SE.

And much more....

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Reviews: 2
I'm an experienced programmer and am implementing a large joomla site for a client. This extension has worked flawlessly and when I had questions, the support was timely and helpful.
Reviews: 1
Event Booking allows me to run my conferences and events all in one space, effortlessly. The NAB Transact Payment Plug-In allows me to receive payments for events directly to my own bank account.
I received super service from Tuan, over Skype, who was able to help me a lot and fix any problems, as I am not a web developer and needed to tweak some aspects but had no idea how to. Tuan gave Punctual professional service. I recommend Event Booking for your next event!
Reviews: 1
This extension is exactly what I was looking for. The customer service is fantastic! Anytime I have a question, I receive a prompt response with a solution to my question or problem. Always very helpful. Love that!
Reviews: 2
This is a very flexible and easy to use product. I've tried a couple other event products and although I really liked them, they weren't quite as easy to use and not quite as flexible as this one. I had a couple of questions and needed one item changed and the response was prompt and professional. I'm very happy with the product.
Reviews: 1
many functions, works well, and the support was very fast and good! thank you!
Reviews: 2
This is by far the best Joomla events booking component I have encountered and believe me I have tried many before finding this one!

The power and flexibility of this extension are second to none , and the first class, prompt support from Tuan and his team puts others in the shade.

My corporate client had a really complicated set of requirements for the online booking of an annual conference (custom fields specifically for that event only, members discount, 'early-bird' discount, full payment or deposit and much more). The software handled it all with ease, so my client is very happy, and of course so am I!
Reviews: 2
I have purchased 2 components for these devs and they have both been great value and worked exactly as described. This component did everything I needed it to do. I wanted to customise it slightly and got very quick support to help me.
NO complaints at all.

Reviews: 7
Great event management component. It's flexible and easy to customize. I especially like being able to set up a list of registrants on a page in the front end.

It takes a minute to go over the auto generated messages (e.g. what is sent to registrants via email, the event coordinator, etc.) and tailor them just right, but you'd want to do that anyway no matter what.

Support is fast as well. There have been a couple times I needed some assistance and the developer was quick to help me out.
Reviews: 1
both frontend and- backend management.
Eight additional European languages included
EXCELLENT support, forum & mail, very polite and quick
Highly customizable

If any: the backend UI is a bit cramped because of the loads of options
Reviews: 1
Very good and fast and polite service... Very efficient pluggin.
Reviews: 14
I can't say much more than what has been said.


I've tried all the event systems for Joomla and this one is by far my favourite!!
Reviews: 2
Thanks to Event Booking I can let my customers to sign up for my clinic and not spending my time at the phone. It saves me a lot of time.
Reviews: 5
I tried many components in this category before to opt for that one ! Complete, stable, customizable with its custom fields : really powerfull ! Support is not outcast : I asked for more than a simple technical support due to the component features, but for a customization service : Tuan was always available and implied until the solution and my satisfaction ! Thanx for your great job
Reviews: 3
very good support,,stable components!
no bugs no problems..
that what i looked for..
thank for developer
Reviews: 1
We purchased and installed the Events Booking software for a client that books an average of 150 company training classes per month. After testing the software thoroughly we then released the software to our client. Our client put the software through months of testing and then launched it company wide and have been very very pleased. We found the software to be EXCELLENT!!!!!, and most importantly our customer loves it!

Once our test period was complete, our customer desired custom additions. I contacted the great guys with the OSsolution team, told them what I needed, agreed on the pricng, and they executed the new custom additions perfectly!!!

Tuan and his team were prompt, accurate, thorough and did exactly what the customer desired.

Thanks Again for the awesome work and extension Tuan, and give my thanks to your team.

I highly recommend the product and the people behind the product.

Extremely Satisfied Customer
Reviews: 1
I've developed websites for many years, have purchased many products both good and bad but my experience with Event Booking has been superior. After a simple installation, I needed a few minor adjustments in the configuration to make if work and my requests for help were answered promptly and followed through on. 5 stars for product and service!
Reviews: 1
I have been using this extensions several years now. It has all the features I need for event registration plus usefull components. Easy to use and support responses fast and is very helpfull.
Reviews: 1
The Extension was exactly what we needed. A compleet bookingsystem for a festival website.

We also needed the support sometimes because we just needed something that was just a little different then implemented. Well the support was taking it up in no-time! So support of this extension is excellent! even as the extension is...

for me: High recommended!!

best regards,
a satisfied user
Reviews: 2
I had yesterday an issue about the event booking extension(and this happened because I didn't set something right, it was my fault). So I asked for help and in a few hours the team helped me and everything is going wondeful now!!!

This was great, because I didn't know what to do. They saved me!
And this compoment and plugin works extremely well.

Thank you very much, Tuan!
Reviews: 2
I have been looking for something like this for quite a long time. Exactly what I needed. Easy to configure. Great keep up the great work.
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