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JomLand Ticket Center ComponentModule

JLTicketCenter is a Joomla extension that manages events and sells events tickets online.

JLTicketCenter is scale able from international tickets agency that sold various kinds of tickets for every event type to single event promotion.

You can create performers and assign them to categories. Events management and display can be by category, performer, venue, city, state and county.

JLTicketCenter has a Smart Tickets Availability Management (STAM) that checking the current tickets availability and doesn't let user to buy more tickets then available.

• Events – manage and view events in various formats include display events by: category, performer, venue, city, state, country.
• Venues – manage and view venues in various formats include display venues by city, state, country.

• Performers – create and manage performers, assign performers to categories and create event to performers.

• Cart - timer cart, delivery methods and payment integration

• Tickets - tickets vouchers, smart tickets availability management.
• Order – order control and information.


09.10.2013 - 1.8.20 - improvments
03.04.2013 - 1.8.19 - language update
22.03.2013 - 1.8.18 - eSelect Payment method and bug and language fixes.
15.11.2012 - 1.8.14 - Minor bugs fix
09.09.2012 - 1.8.12 - Single Event menu,Venue image
31.08.2012 - 1.8.11 - Event meta title, description and keywords
11.07.2012 - 1.8.10 - fix category update+currency symbol display
29.06.2012 - 1.8.9 - Zipcode added; Russain language support.
30.05.2012 - 1.8.7 - "Cash" payment method added
08.05.2012 - 1.8.03 - SEF url bug fix
02.05.2012 - 1.8.02 - Dash Board added.
21.04.2012 - 1.8.0 - Event End date
16.04.2012 - v1.7.12- Bugs fix. Display event images on list; Ability to Hide Soldout; Ability to display stock;

10.04.2012 - v1.7.11- Italain Translation for front.
04.04.2012 - v1.7.11- French Translation for front.
display available stocks. Options to hide sold out.

01.04.2012 - v1.7.10- Spanish Translation for front end+ display venue address
18.03.2012 - v1.7.9 - Add auto updater
15.03.2012 - v1.7.8 - Print Guests list per event
13.03.2012 - V1.7.7 - Feature event and Popular event modules.
05.03.2012 - V1.7.6 - Unique Tickets numbers.
03.03.2012 - v1.7.4 - Tax ability add. Displays and time fixed.

28.12.2011- v1.1.07 - Add PayPal Notification. Fix bug. Create FREE community version.

06.11.2011- v1.1.05 - Change Order State and Country field from drop-down to input fields. Fix ticket email voucher.

21.08.2011- v1.1 - Add PayPal Pro payment method (let you to accept credit cards via PayPal Pro

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Reviews: 6
We use the free version of this extension for our blues festival, in France, and it works perfectly.
A question to Jomland had an answer in the day. We are thinking of the pro version for our new Joomla 3 website, for more ticket templating possibilities.
Reviews: 4
I used this component to manage ticketing for a free community event.
Easy to setup and work with.
What will make this an even better component will be some extra features such as customised email management, option to cc emails and resend tickets as well as improved reporting. Don't take this as criticism but suggestions to make it an amazing component.
Reviews: 12
Excellent, easy to use component and module. I use it to sell concert tickets for a chamber ensemble, and it was very easy to set up with just a couple of small quibbles:

1) The documentation isn't really clear about what functions are only in the paid version- I had to discover this by installing the free version and seeing what wasn't in the various options. I didn't hesitate to upgrade to the paid version, though, as it works very well and is reasonably priced.

2) The module language is hard coded, so I had to edit the source to correct a typo ("Detials" instead of "Details.")

3) No way to choose the "from" address for outgoing emails- it uses the global mail "from" setting.
Reviews: 1
Excellent feature and great support. A fantastic asset to me website.
Reviews: 1
I do website for music school and this is just what we where were looking for, simple and easy to use and operate.

Email support has been great.

I give my recommendation to this extension.
Reviews: 1
I purchased this extension for a client website and it is working great! I had problems with the installation because of some issues with the hosting database but Barny (from support) helped a lot and at the end everything worked just fine.
Great extension!
Reviews: 1
I got the Community version going really well, but wanted to change some of the field names for local use: Barney in support told me exactly what to do, and even helped me out on some CSS, so I'm really chuffed. I bought the PRO version to get pre-sales discounts and few other features - it looks great: (when it's up live ;-). btw I use MijoSQL for CSVs - as long as you know SQL it's a simple but powerful partner.
Reviews: 5
Not only is the core of this software superb, but the support is even better. I contacted the developer to request some minor additions and some major additions to the software, his prices were reasonable and he was able to meet timelines as per request.

All said and done this is a fantastic product, combine it with a private payment gateway and you've got in your hands a product that rivals very heavily developed ticket sales websites.
Reviews: 1
I bought the Pro version and it is looking very nice. Support is realy fast and good.
One idea I'm missing and hoping it will by introduced in a future version, is te possibility to easyly add an extra field when registering for a ticket. By exemple, if you are organsining a tennis tournament, I would like to have the customers choose their level (Novice, medium, pro)
Hopefully I can do this in the future without any code changing.
Reviews: 1
Thanx barney for the support..

your component rock's..


Reviews: 1
Good extension, easy to install, easy to manage, very good product.

Thanks for your time Barny, very good support.
Reviews: 4
This extension is a great solution for anyone that needs to sell tickets. It's easy to setup and configure and has a lot of features. In addition to comprehensive documentation, support has been incredibly fast, responsive and accurate. We highly recommend the Pro Version.
Reviews: 1
I am very happy with this component, I bought the Pro-version and easily implemented it on my website. There were some issues, but I got really fast and good support. I highly recommend this component to everyone who needs a ticketing system, it's good value for money.
Reviews: 1
Stay Away!!!

I have just wasted several hours of good time trying to get this software to function with paypal Pro to no avail.

Along with those issues- which the developer finally fixed on the 3rd go-around - the embarrassment of English language misspellings is ubiquitous!

I tried to edit some of this in the .ini file which unfortunately took the site down crashing.

When I asked the developer for further help on this issue- his response was an apology for the poor English along with in perfect English I might add: "Pay me to help you."

The lack of proper text editing functions and lack of ability to set the site to read in 12-hour time format as well as US standard date order of Month/Day/year was further frustrating.
Again- when i asked how this could be changed, the response from the developer was "pay me."

PS: I am using the PAID version- not asking for help on the Community version.

All around: A professional embarrassment.
I will be asking for a refund.

How can so many reviews miss these crucial software misjudgments???
Owner's reply

Dear Wendy,
First, I apologize for your disappointment from the extension.

On other hand, I have to note that I’m also very disappointed.

You have contacted me over the weekend, and asked for URGENT help from the first mail you just sent.

I gave you the support the next day and fixed the bug that have been found (less than 24 hours from the moment you have complained there was a bug).
Later on you started complaining again and again that you made some code changes yourself and broke the extension.
As I told you by mail, I can’t take responsibility for any changes done by other people…

For the quick and fast support I gave you (over the weekend!) I got this bad review in response…

IMHO, your reaction was too harsh and does not match the support you have received.

Reviews: 2
I was testing the community version of this component for a client of mine. It had a small CSS issue with the site template. Even though it was not the commercial version, the support was great, and a fix emailed to me. Well done!
Reviews: 1
I selected show event by category , test with event by peformer , etc . but its don't show on website.
i hope you can help me
Reviews: 4
Love this component for it's "easy to use" administration and seamless payment integration.

And like all the Jomland extension, some really great support.
Reviews: 1
this component is not to be used. the support is horrible. no German language pack though so offered. the requesting confirmation email can not be edited. after installation incurred orders with total amount of 0 and 0 are performed. useful for hobby organizers, not for professional use. the money is thrown out the window
Owner's reply

We use to give a great support, however, it was some holydays.
In addition you can ask for your money back we have fall Satisfaction Guaranteed.
98% of our clients are very happy with the extension and support.
and for last, the German pack is part of installation, please check, it just should be there.

Reviews: 1
Very nice compnent, does just what it says in the description.
Helpdesk from Barny, is great aswell!
Reviews: 1
From last few months, I have been looking for a good joomla ticketing component. I tried several components, but out of all I find this is the BEST ... very good user interactive.

Finally, the support is awesome.
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