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JomLand Ticket Center ComponentModule

JLTicketCenter is a Joomla extension that manages events and sells events tickets online.

JLTicketCenter is scale able from international tickets agency that sold various kinds of tickets for every event type to single event promotion.

You can create performers and assign them to categories. Events management and display can be by category, performer, venue, city, state and county.

JLTicketCenter has a Smart Tickets Availability Management (STAM) that checking the current tickets availability and doesn't let user to buy more tickets then available.

• Events – manage and view events in various formats include display events by: category, performer, venue, city, state, country.
• Venues – manage and view venues in various formats include display venues by city, state, country.

• Performers – create and manage performers, assign performers to categories and create event to performers.

• Cart - timer cart, delivery methods and payment integration

• Tickets - tickets vouchers, smart tickets availability management.
• Order – order control and information.


09.10.2013 - 1.8.20 - improvments
03.04.2013 - 1.8.19 - language update
22.03.2013 - 1.8.18 - eSelect Payment method and bug and language fixes.
15.11.2012 - 1.8.14 - Minor bugs fix
09.09.2012 - 1.8.12 - Single Event menu,Venue image
31.08.2012 - 1.8.11 - Event meta title, description and keywords
11.07.2012 - 1.8.10 - fix category update+currency symbol display
29.06.2012 - 1.8.9 - Zipcode added; Russain language support.
30.05.2012 - 1.8.7 - "Cash" payment method added
08.05.2012 - 1.8.03 - SEF url bug fix
02.05.2012 - 1.8.02 - Dash Board added.
21.04.2012 - 1.8.0 - Event End date
16.04.2012 - v1.7.12- Bugs fix. Display event images on list; Ability to Hide Soldout; Ability to display stock;

10.04.2012 - v1.7.11- Italain Translation for front.
04.04.2012 - v1.7.11- French Translation for front.
display available stocks. Options to hide sold out.

01.04.2012 - v1.7.10- Spanish Translation for front end+ display venue address
18.03.2012 - v1.7.9 - Add auto updater
15.03.2012 - v1.7.8 - Print Guests list per event
13.03.2012 - V1.7.7 - Feature event and Popular event modules.
05.03.2012 - V1.7.6 - Unique Tickets numbers.
03.03.2012 - v1.7.4 - Tax ability add. Displays and time fixed.

28.12.2011- v1.1.07 - Add PayPal Notification. Fix bug. Create FREE community version.

06.11.2011- v1.1.05 - Change Order State and Country field from drop-down to input fields. Fix ticket email voucher.

21.08.2011- v1.1 - Add PayPal Pro payment method (let you to accept credit cards via PayPal Pro

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Reviews: 1
I have just purchased the Jomland and had a problem with the install (my fault). The support was instant and so was the fix. Can't wait to start exploring this. Great Start.
Reviews: 1
Good component, but the best part; Barny's helpdesk. Excellent!
Reviews: 3
What a product, only superseded by the support offered by Barny. I had a few installation problems and he was lightning fast fixing the issues. I rate him and this product exceptional
Reviews: 4
I'm very pleased with the JL TicketCenter Pro. It has everything I'm after to handle ticket information for local events. I highly recommend this component to anyone needing to sell tickets online.
Reviews: 1
Great package easy to well. A couple of minor fixes were needed but rectified quickly. The support is amazing! Well beyond the call of duty. Thank for all your help Barny.
Reviews: 3
As a professional web designer I need good Joomla components to offer to my customers. But even more important is to have a fast and good support in case I have any issues with the components. Waiting for support means that my customers need to wait double. And thats no good.
This cimponent works really well. Its flexible and keeps constantly being improed and updated. But the best is the support it offers. Fast and effective.
Barny (the author) even skyped with me and fixed any issues in real time. Thats what I need in a component !
They also offer customisation, what is really important in many cases.
I dont understand how someone could give a bad review in this case, as teh component and support are both FASNTASTIC. I really recommend it. Excellent work.
Reviews: 52
After purchasing and installing this component for a client site, I can honestly say that I probably won't use it again.

To start, when tickets are ordered, there is no setting to have the system administrator receive a copy of the ticket order.

Once tickets are purchased, you can not export the purchases to a CSV, just in case you need to pull it into Excel or something else.

Also, when adding an event, there is a broken field on the current version with no label as to what it does. When you re-edit an event, be careful not to input more seats. There's not many instructions on how to use this area of the component.

The list goes on.. In hindsight, we should have purchased another product.
Owner's reply

I'm always wonder why people are complaining about features that DOESN'T, when the extension DOESN'T HAVE THIS FEATURE AT ALL.
-- the component doesn't have export to excel at the moment, so why to complain about it? You can send a mail and to add it as a request and maybe it would be added in future versions.

Every order is store at administrator side, we would add ability to send a mail.

IF you can, Pleased send a mail and I would do my best to assist and help with anything.

Reviews: 1
Awesome extension, simple to install and easy to configure. I did have a problem using paypal standard payments and payment verification and also sending tickets via email. I didn't see a designated support area on the vendor's website, I did submit an email...waiting to hear back.
Owner's reply

Thanks for review, we use to replay very quickly (most of time... but there are holydays sometimes).
Please resend your mail and we would be glad to help.

Reviews: 1
TicketCenter is very easy to use. Your own ticketshop will be finished within a few minutes.
The support is awesome!
Reviews: 1
Very good support. Even in the weekend, my problem with a translation was solved in no time. The program is simple to use and works great for my site.
Reviews: 15
Works great, no doubt about that.
i am way more happy with the support though.

i wanted to add a payment gateway and got all the info i needed to do this.
thanks for that!
i hope you add this gateway when it fully works in upcoming editions.

keep up that support, thats just awesome :)
Reviews: 12
I bought the commercial version as I had a number of ideas for further development and wanted to encourage that.

Barny (the developer) has been very helpful in smoothing out a few things - like adding FREE events and Pay at the Door events - and he has also been responsive to ever growing my wish list. ;-)

At this stage in my business, I don't need the ticket purchase part, but I like the way the component presents the performer profiles with the gig list below and this was my main reason for purchasing.

I am sure that this product will grow to be a very useful extension for bands and promoters, as well as venue owners.

Thanks again Barny
Reviews: 4
First of all, the support of the developer is excellent. Answered really in no minutes time, anytime I asked something.

The extension works nice and is easy to administer and set up and offers paypal pro integration which is something extra compared to other similar extensions.

I tried the community edition and is great for a simple and flexible ticket selling solution. It misses a calendar though, but if you do not need it it should suit you.
Reviews: 5
First of all let me start by saying the support at Jomland is second to none. They have literally made modifying this component to my liking a simple and enjoyable experience.
The component itself is a very handy bit of software if you take bookings or registrations.

The beauty for me is its simplicity and the ability to customize it to your needs (with a little help from Jomland in my case). Overall a great component and looking forward to trying out some of their other extensions.
Reviews: 2
Really chuffed with the product. Simple. Easy to use and customer friendly. Had a few configuration problems (due to me, not the product!) and the support was second to none. Happy customer here. Thanks again :)
Reviews: 5
It's uncomplicated and easy to set up. Everything is working great and I'm finally able to sell event tickets from my site.
Tech support is great and the response time is short.
Reviews: 2
Excellent product for creating a website that produce $$$. i love the improved JS and CSS. very customizeable and working great with many templates.

i also tried the support once, it was fast and accurate !! bravo :)
Reviews: 2
I bought this hoping it would solve a problem selling tickets, but it just created problems.

There is almost no formatting in the views.

The cart is buggy, the first version didn't even work. It's supposed to work with paypal standard and pro. I eventually got pro working, but standard has no payment verification.

It's full of misspellings.

It's supposed to send tickets via email but that doesn't work.

The credit card form that takes the address, provides state and country options based on the database listing of state and country options for venues. So you have to had enter every US state into the database for them to all show up in the address portion of the credit card form.

There is a foundation for a decent component to fill a simple niche, but this effort doesn't even register as alpha yet. I feel totally ripped off after spending $40 for a component that doesn't work.
Owner's reply

I'm sorry that it's your impression about the component.
If you just try to access our support, you would get quickly replay like the package problem you faced and that have been fixed quickly.

You still welcome to contact us and we would do our best to help.

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