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DT Register is the Joomla Event Registration component that gives you functionality beyond what any other event booking solution can offer!

- Joomla 1.5 / 1.6 / 1.7 / 2.5 / 3.x support
-, PayPal, PayPal Pro, WorldPay, Quickbooks (QBMS), Sage, eWay, Saferpay, PSiGate, PayFast, USA ePay, TransFirst, Korta, iDeal, Moneris, ePDQ,DPS PxPay, SagePay & offline payment options
- Paid and Free events
- Community Builder integration w/ plugin for showing registration history
- JomSocial Integration w/ plugins for showing registration history and activity
- Auto Joomla user creation options
- Built-in Calendar with OPTIONAL Jevents sync
- Frontend Management with extensive permissions structure
- Multiple Event Registration with one payment and cart feature
- Repeating event support
- Auto Email Reminders & Follow ups run via cron job
- Event image option for listing and calendar
- Multi-language support with JoomFish or Falang
- Frontend User Panel where users can view registration history, edit records, make payments, and cancel registrations
- UNLIMITED Fields giving more capability by far than anything else including fee changes
- Conditional custom fields - display dynamically based on other user field choices and configurable by event
- Auto-generated Confirmation Number with Barcode support
- Prerequisite Events - limit registration based on other events
- Attendance Check
- 4 Status options for each record: Active, Pending, Cancelled, Waiting
- Partial Payment/Deposit support with fixed amounts or minimums
- Archive Management
- Overlapping Date/Time Check to prevent users from double-booking themselves
- Timezone display options
- Private/Public events
- Discount/Coupon Codes
- Auto Tax calculation options
- Associate Joomla articles to an event for more details
- Location Manager w/ Google Maps
- Attach files to user confirmation emails
- Two-level Category structure
- Event Copy Function
- Event capacity w/ Waiting List
- Early Bird Discounts & Late Fees
- ability to allow users to upload files
- 8 Color packages of buttons
- Member Discounts ($ amount or %)
- Ability for setting up multiple pay options based on user selection of custom form elements
- Individual and/or Group Registration
- WYSIWYG editor for all customizable messages & emails
- Registration Cut-off / Open Dates
- Flexible discount code configurations with defaults for members and limits for events
- Multi-category support for events (3.x)
- Support for more than 1 event moderator
- Prioritize event moderators
- Terms & Conditions
- Custom Emails to registrants using tags to pull in data (global or event-specific)
- Manual Registration support for offline registrations
- CAPTCHA support
- Module for listing Upcoming Events
- Plugin for embedding registration links in articles
- Customizable CSV export of records by event(s)
- Translations provided for: Arabic, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German,

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Reviews: 2
DT Register offers a wide range of features and successfully meets our needs for a registration component that supports calendars, paid and free events, categories and integration with social networking. It could use more options for customization of registration form and other user-facing aspects.
Reviews: 4
I have been using this extension on a website I developed for several years and it has been wonderful! It meets all of my client's needs.

I recently was upgrading the site from Joomla v2.5 to Joomla v3.3 and needed support for migrating the data from my old version of DT Register to the most current version. I asked a question about the upgrade on a Friday night and got an enthusiastic and professional answer back almost immediately! I don't expect to get an answer on the weekend but it is obvious that the folks supporting/developing DT Register are extremely passionate about their extensions and about supporting them. My problem was solved within 5 minutes and now I'm and running.

Thanks, Nathan! Keep up the excellent work!!
Reviews: 7
DT Register is a good service, has everything you need. But for Dutch users, please check if your Ideal paying system does connect with DT Register. The one I used didn't and making it work was possible, but would costs me more. And for all users: friendly support, good system.
Reviews: 1
We have used the program on a training website for 4 years or so. Support is quick and the program is very very easy to understand. We are happy with DTRegister.
Reviews: 8
We've been quite pleased with both the extension and the support. No other event registration even comes close to the robust features of DTRegister. The product is always being improved with new features. We especially love the ability to create Joomla registered (or other) users during the registration process. And that discounts can be given to members with differing ACL. Great Job!
Reviews: 1
Nice work on this upgrade guys, installed perfectly, retained all my registrations and support all required payment services. Very cool!
Reviews: 2
Have been using DT Register for many years. I like the feature of conditional fields which I have to have for many of events. It was a stressful having to think about migrating 1.5 DT Register to 3.X but the support was terrific and with detailed step by step instructions the task was accomplished without a hitch. I have never in the many years I've been using DT Register had any issues with support getting problems solved in a timely and professional manner.
Reviews: 1
I have run DT Register for two years on my website. We use it for our PTA, and several other PTA's in our school district are now using DT Register. There's a's a really good product - robust and flexible. We have users online every day signing up for volunteer events, so it's important that we have a stable product.

I am writing this review because last night I had a problem with the product, categories went crazy. I contacted the company, and within an hour Nathan had already responded to me. What a huge relief! Thank you Nathan! It turns out there was a bug, which they were aware of and had already fixed...all I needed to do was to update. Everything works perfectly and I did not lose any of the registrant records!

With every update, they continue to improve the product. I'm currently on J2.5, and from what I've read on the forums, am looking forward to J3! DT has even more enhancements on it!

Reviews: 1
Most of my work is conducted in the medium to larger enterprise field and I was very surprised at how this extension stacked up to enterprise class offerings.
Of course, my first investigation for a Joomla based Events System took me down the path of looking at the non-commercial offerings. My advice is dont waste your time looking at anything that is non-commercial in the area of Events Management. If you want a good toolset, then pay for it. DT Register is well woth the money and you'll save yourself alot of time and heartache.
I was using a nice mobile friendly Joomla template and on my first demo to stakeholders I had 4 different mobile and tablet devices at the table. Everyone was suitably impressed with professional look and feel.
For this particular project we had already mapped all of the business processes that need to be fulfilled before I went looking at components. DT Register met around 90% of the business process with simple configuration settings. Could'nt really expect that there would be enterprise data record matching features, if the architects really wanted it, we resolved to build data bridges at a later stage.
There were only 2 areas that took a bit of deeper consideration on how we handled them. We had up to 200 events happening on the same day accross 30 different sites, but after some tweeking of the search function plugin we had the user journey working the way we wanted. The other was the configuration and setup of all of the reminder emails but again some tweeking helped us get that sorted.
My only advice here is if you have this volume of events to setup, make sure you get the naming convention sorted out before setting up all of the events, otherwise in some config settings it is hard to determine which event your setting a config parameter against.
I'd also like to add that although we did'nt request support I did have some interaction with the Management at DTH Development. The communication was highly professional, courteous and very helpful. I highly recommend dealing with these guys and the component is easy and straight forward for anyone with Joomla experience.
Reviews: 1
I have been using DT register already a few years; started from version 2. Version 3 is really very extended with numerous options I don't use (I'm simply using registrations without options for online payment etc.) But it is very configurable and has many options. You can adapt it to your website completely.

Support is also great: I sent an e-mail on Sunday evening (about a certain setting) and got a reply before I was in the office on monday morning! Great.

Documentation could be a bit clearer; therefore 4 stars instead of 5...
Reviews: 1
We have been using this extension for a while and it mostly works as advertised. After moving to a new hosting provider we experienced showstopper problems which rendered the entire process inoperable (registrations not working at all). So we bought the latest version again (which you are required to receive support!) and started our first support request which was responded with request for log files. We provided that immediately. After this no response for 9 days. Finally after following up twice a response with request for further details. After that up until today zero response. We are left alone with a crucial part of our business process that we trusted to DTH not working at all. So all in all I can only warn anyone to use this in mission critical process. The support is non-existent and atrocious.
Owner's reply

While we did drop the ball on this user's ticket, this is not the normal experience with our support. We DID completely resolve this user's issue however, and it ended up NOT being a problem with DT Register. It was a configuration issue within Joomla itself that was crippling the session from being started for a registration. Hopefully this user will amend their review.

Reviews: 3
Our church has been using DT Register for quite a while now and it has been a great addition to our website. We use it to allow church members to easily sign up for classes, small groups, volunteering or special events. We can have each event or class notify appropriate people of the signups and take payments if needed. So far, we haven't come across anything that we CAN'T do with DT Register! Support has always been readily available too which is just icing on the cake. Thanks!
Reviews: 2
Downloaded this 2 weeks ago. Worked on it for a while and finally got it set up the way I wanted but found a couple problems. I contacted DT Support and within a hour, they were right on it working to fix the problem. Fast and friendly support. I gave some feedback on improvements and they were all ears. I DEFINITELY recommend this extension for event registration. It meets my needs and more.
Reviews: 1
We initially reviewed DT Register a couple of years back and it was lacking the features that were common in all the other registration components available. A couple of years on and DT Register has come a long way with their software not only matching all of our requirements but taking on feedback from the community and creating a fully featured registration system.

We initially had a few hiccups with the installation but this was QUICKLY rectified with support within 24 hours. Overall this program not only meets our expectations but exceeds it with flying colours and we will definitely be recommending it to all of our clients.
Reviews: 1
I just recently ran into an upgrade problem with my website after using this service for over a year. I had to update my Joommla version and many other extentions. After updating my DT Register extention, I ran into some problems with the software not registering Groups. The DT register team responded quickly and had me up and running again in a faster time than I had expected with little to no involvement by myself. They took care of everything and I was amazed at how fast they did it and most importantly how much they know about the joomla software and how it integrates with their software. Outstanding job!
Reviews: 2
I've run DT Register on a Joomla 1.5 site for several years for the management of our company's User Conferences and been extremely satisfied with its features. It's not cheap but what is provided is a full-featured event registration package - along with excellent support. Setup was not without issues but these were dealt with promptly and effectively. I had no hesitation in installing DT Register on the company's upgraded Joomla 3 site - again I did encounter an issue with the setup, and again this issue was solved by DT Reg Support within 24 hours (FTR - the issue was with my configuration of Joomla 3 and not a problem with the component itself).
Highly recommended.
Reviews: 4
My company has used DT Register on live systems since early 2011. After reading the other reviews I decided I should give my two cents worth - I must remind everyone what a big hurdle Joomla 3 has been and I appreciate DT Register for offering this component so early on for Joomla 3! There have been some growing pains, but I don't know of a component that hasn't when going to 3.

Over my 3 years using DT Register on live systems I have always gotten support through the ticket system and they are always improving the system. Since 2011 I can't tell you how many new features they have implemented.

I thought to write a review today because I put a ticket in yesterday and it was answered and fixed within a few hours!!! Nathan was very knowledgeable and helpful.

DT Register has been around for a long time and them making DT Register Joomla 3 compatible is huge! Take all the reviews with a grain of salt - we're sticking with them and we've tried many different registration systems over the years. Even after trying different components we always go live with DT Register - the other systems just can't cut it and don't have all the functionality that DT Register provides.
Reviews: 8
The built in payment gateways is very nice and the custom forms are pretty flexible although other registration systems allow for specific forms to be created for each event. This product allows you to create all of the fields you might ever need, but then you have to disable the ones you don't need for each event.

The support is lacking since we originally deployed this product years ago. Several days or in one case weeks before a response was received.

They will offer to install the product for you when they have problems, but I recommend checking the community forums for faster assistance.
Reviews: 2
It´s true that this extension has A LOT of features and settings:BUT what use are all that if the extension doen´t DELIVER what it promises. There are so many BUGS in 2.5 The company is very insensitive to its clients/customers needs, Suport doen´t exist or is almost dead. Sad for me cause I paid dearly to get this extension - just a wasted money!! I lost most customers of mine because the support failed me. I wrote many mails and nobody seemed to care.
If you need not DISAPOINT YOUR CLIENT OR USERSplease keep off from this extension
Reviews: 7
I am using this extension on a client's website since 1 year. I have to admit that it offers many features, that hardly can be found all together in another extension.
But here they start the issues. Too many features and many new are being added with each release, but each new release comes with many bugs (new introduced or older are not been resolved).
The worst is that the support has become unresponsive with Tickets or Forums posts stay unanswered for weeks, and for bugs that are affecting the basic functionality of the extension.

I find this to be very annoying and unacceptable for a product for which someones pays to get support - and this isn't the cheapest of the extensions.
I was patiently waiting for the support and the development team to come with a solution, but there is almost a month now and there is no solution neither responses.

My client is angry with this and I think I am going to loose him because his business is based on this extension and all they get are issues. They do not accept to pay me extra money to try to fix something that they already have paid for and expect to work.

As said, great product, great features with potential but stay away if you need an extension that will work with no issues out of the box or if you are expecting a responsive support when you need it.
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