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DT Register is the Joomla Event Registration component that gives you functionality beyond what any other event booking solution can offer!

- Joomla 1.5 / 1.6 / 1.7 / 2.5 / 3.x support
-, PayPal, PayPal Pro, WorldPay, Quickbooks (QBMS), Sage, eWay, Saferpay, PSiGate, PayFast, USA ePay, TransFirst, Korta, iDeal, Moneris, ePDQ,DPS PxPay, SagePay & offline payment options
- Paid and Free events
- Community Builder integration w/ plugin for showing registration history
- JomSocial Integration w/ plugins for showing registration history and activity
- Auto Joomla user creation options
- Built-in Calendar with OPTIONAL Jevents sync
- Frontend Management with extensive permissions structure
- Multiple Event Registration with one payment and cart feature
- Repeating event support
- Auto Email Reminders & Follow ups run via cron job
- Event image option for listing and calendar
- Multi-language support with JoomFish or Falang
- Frontend User Panel where users can view registration history, edit records, make payments, and cancel registrations
- UNLIMITED Fields giving more capability by far than anything else including fee changes
- Conditional custom fields - display dynamically based on other user field choices and configurable by event
- Auto-generated Confirmation Number with Barcode support
- Prerequisite Events - limit registration based on other events
- Attendance Check
- 4 Status options for each record: Active, Pending, Cancelled, Waiting
- Partial Payment/Deposit support with fixed amounts or minimums
- Archive Management
- Overlapping Date/Time Check to prevent users from double-booking themselves
- Timezone display options
- Private/Public events
- Discount/Coupon Codes
- Auto Tax calculation options
- Associate Joomla articles to an event for more details
- Location Manager w/ Google Maps
- Attach files to user confirmation emails
- Two-level Category structure
- Event Copy Function
- Event capacity w/ Waiting List
- Early Bird Discounts & Late Fees
- ability to allow users to upload files
- 8 Color packages of buttons
- Member Discounts ($ amount or %)
- Ability for setting up multiple pay options based on user selection of custom form elements
- Individual and/or Group Registration
- WYSIWYG editor for all customizable messages & emails
- Registration Cut-off / Open Dates
- Flexible discount code configurations with defaults for members and limits for events
- Multi-category support for events (3.x)
- Support for more than 1 event moderator
- Prioritize event moderators
- Terms & Conditions
- Custom Emails to registrants using tags to pull in data (global or event-specific)
- Manual Registration support for offline registrations
- CAPTCHA support
- Module for listing Upcoming Events
- Plugin for embedding registration links in articles
- Customizable CSV export of records by event(s)
- Translations provided for: Arabic, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German,

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Reviews: 7
I am using this extension on a client's website since 1 year. I have to admit that it offers many features, that hardly can be found all together in another extension.
But here they start the issues. Too many features and many new are being added with each release, but each new release comes with many bugs (new introduced or older are not been resolved).
The worst is that the support has become unresponsive with Tickets or Forums posts stay unanswered for weeks, and for bugs that are affecting the basic functionality of the extension.

I find this to be very annoying and unacceptable for a product for which someones pays to get support - and this isn't the cheapest of the extensions.
I was patiently waiting for the support and the development team to come with a solution, but there is almost a month now and there is no solution neither responses.

My client is angry with this and I think I am going to loose him because his business is based on this extension and all they get are issues. They do not accept to pay me extra money to try to fix something that they already have paid for and expect to work.

As said, great product, great features with potential but stay away if you need an extension that will work with no issues out of the box or if you are expecting a responsive support when you need it.
Reviews: 17
This extension has A LOT of features and settings. I have installed it on a website and the amount of settings is great.
It truly has a lot of potential.

That said i found a bug that stoops me from using it as i can't select events.
It has been reported but the support is not existing. No answers at all.

I am dissapppointed as it isn't the cheapest extension. Not recomended if you want to use it right now.
Reviews: 1
I've been using DT Register for awhile now. We use it in a pretty simple way, nothing too fancy.

We started having issues with setting up events a few weeks ago, and while support started with a quick answer of "we need to have a senior developer look at it" there's been nothing since then. 2 weeks of no answer is not acceptable for a commercial product.

I work in the software industry and if we did this to our customers they would no longer be our customers. While I understand that a new company bought the product and are doing their best to move it forward, the lack of support is something that needs to be addressed first.

I am now having to look at alternatives because we are 2 weeks behind on offering registrations to our customers. For a small business like ours this is a disaster!

The product itself is really good once you get it going. It's the support when you don't have it running that's the issue... Hopefully they can clear this up and I'll be happy to append my review!
Owner's reply

The customer was migrating from 1.5 and didn't follow the instructions that are in the readme file. They were supposed to upgrade to the latest 1.5 version before installing the 2.5 version. We repaired their database to add in the missing fields and they are running now. We also have modified our install on 2.5/3.0 to take into account situations where someone doesn't follow the upgrade instructions.

Reviews: 1
While I initially had some complications, they were due mainly to me having jquery installed on my site. After some helpful feedback from the staff (namely Rich), I was able to get this program running smoothly and correctly on my website. There are some things I need to learn about DTH Register in order to get it to do everything I want, but so far I find this to be the best online registration program available on the market. I hope DTH keeps moving forward in their work and keep developing. They are well on their way to great success.
Reviews: 4
I've used DT Register 3 times now and have never had it work perfectly. Given the issues were small, but the problem is support tickets can take a month or more to get resolved.

I would not use this on a tight deadline.
Owner's reply

He has been a good client and I am disappointed in this review. He reported an issue with a 3rd party product called IE Tester. This product is supposed to emulate different versions of Internet Explorer. We tested his issues on actual different versions of Internet Explorer and couldn't replicate the problem and I told him that IE Tester has a bug.

His response was: "I hunted down an older machine and the error didn't show in that browser. I guess it is an issue with IE Tester."

This review was based on a bug in a 3rd party product and not on an issue with our software.

Reviews: 1
This is a phenomenonally good extension for events in Joomla, actually the
best; very sexy! and very adaptable. Hats off to the original owner/developer Nathan and to the new ownership crew.

We purchased this extension after much research; The local community centre
association was looking for a way to offer online registration as a supplement to its in-house registration. We came very close to taking a
wrong first step, and almost picked a competing commercial plugin called Event_Registration_Pro. I did more homework, emaled both developers of both products,and we concluded DT_Register was better and more powerful, hands
down, and we haven't been dissapointed with the purchase, at a very reasonable cost I must say.

One of the reasons was because DT_Register has support for nested categories while ERP did not. And you can filter the event listing based on a nested category. Another was because of DT_Register's way of being able to use a
standard Joomla article, with all of the power behind a Joomla article, as
the details-description of an event. And for front-end editing of an event
DT_Register offers much more fine-grained control over permissions above and beyond. Also, DT_Register has the fabulous waiting list feature. The manual is clear and conise and the back-end very intuitive.

And Nathan was very good in getting back to us with answers as we attempt to
mould the plugin to our needs. He even offered to program the code to connect our payment gateway, (a Canadian payment gateway called Elavon) which is not supported out of the box, for a reasonable fee. However, the DT_Register plugin code is very clean, object oriented and extensible and doing it on our own was a snap! And there is DT_Register's very efficient ticketing system.

Just to clarify, we adpated an "event" in DT_Register to be the equivalent of a community centre program offering.

A few minor hiccups experienced along the way:

- Administrator backend - in the event management listings,
records list and CSV export utility there are some filters but no convient and user friendly way to drill down to events based on the event categories.

- it seems the admin email address for confirmation of event registration cannot be modified at a global level...obviously if you have 100s of events it can become laborious to change all of them unless you are adept with making changes with the db directly

I would say I think the speculation on the forums and on here is correct, it looks like there is a new owner in charge. As for ownership issues, I think we should give it some time and I'm sure Richard will turn out to be amazing for support just like Nathan was.

Major need: The -repeating events- feature seems inadequate for our needs, and limited. We really require the ability to be able to "re-cycle" an event. That is instead of archiving it we want to use the same event again but just clear/reset the registrations to 0 again, so we can re-use it again for the next seaon of programs which typically are the same from season to season but with different registrants. This is to eliminate the need for re-programming and re-entery of 100s of events every season, and reliance on an IT person. I think there may be a way that this can be done currently in DT_Register, as I believe Richard once alluded. if anyone knows please do not hesitate to inform me.
Reviews: 2
This could be a good and powerful component but the Support doesn't exist. I spent a lot of time learning and configuring the component and now I have errors that stop me from using it. Support is non-responsive after 19 days and counting. If the errors were fixed and support responded in a timely manner I would give this component a very good review. Now they have my money and I an stuck looking for another component that works.
Owner's reply

This customer hasn't configured Google Checkout properly which is the source of his frustration. I demonstrated that event registrations work on their system with a different payment method and their only error they are getting is caused by not having SSL enabled on their server. We will get him running and he did a really nice job of setting up his events. We could have been more helpful in correcting his set up. I'd like to keep him as a happy client as he is using some sophisticated features and has become proficient with DT Register.

Reviews: 2
I recently bought DT Register for event that needed single and group registrations, multiple events management, conditionnal fields, customizable registration form, fluid registration process, verification page prior to payment. It does exactly what I was looking for.

I needed a custom payment gateway for canadian processor Moneris. The development process with Richard was awesome: fast reply to requests, availability, great collaboration for bug tracking. At the end, the customized extension does exactly what I want, and more.

I strongly recommend DT Register for your next event web site!
Owner's reply

Thank you for that feedback. The Moneris gateway is very important to Canadian clients and your collaboration with us has made our extension even more valuable.

Reviews: 1
really excited about this software, to be honest, i think I would have paid more for it now that I know how awesome it is.

Reminder emails to registrants ! Ive been wanting this for years.

The software is very easy to configure a decent basic setup, and has very complex options available for more advanced users to really leverage the product.

Very well done.

Owner's reply

Thank you for the positive feedback and comments about DT Register's flexibility.

Reviews: 2
Let me first say that I would have given this product 4-stars had it not been for one major flaw - non-existent support as of late.

The product itself is pretty good. It has a lot of great features. It is not something that is easily setup though, but with everything it can do, I wouldn't expect it to be easy. There are a few bugs & quirks here and there in it.

What drags this down to a one star is that the support appears to have dropped off the face of the earth in the last month. If you read the DTH forums on their website, you'll see others echoing that as well. It may be that they are having an internal company problem right now and they'll be providing great support soon - I hope so. However, those of us who need support are not getting any right now.

Bottom line is that I can't recommend anyone buying this.
Owner's reply

This customer was upset because he wanted DT Register to have tight integration with K2. For example he wanted to be able to display K2 articles as event descriptions. Long term we will get there.

Reviews: 3
Used the product for a recent event with over 1,300 registrants - many of them groups. Things were fine until members of some groups said they didn't receive their confirmation email (which included the bar-code needed for entry to the event). We quickly discovered that you can re-send the confirmation to a single registrant, but NOT to a single member of a group. You can only re-send the message to the ENTIRE GROUP.
Can you imagine the confusion that causes when 20 people all receive a second confirmation when only one or two requested it? DT Register's response was "sorry, we'll try to get to that in a future release but in the meantime we have no idea how you can work around it."

Ended up having to manually re-register those attendees (generated a different bar-code) which screwed up our reporting.

As if that wasn't bad enough, the day before the event, when registration activity was at its peak, we stumbled upon the fact that many registrations were being processed by Paypal but NOT SHOWING UP AT ALL IN DT REGISTER. Not even as "Pending." So, even though people had entered their information into DT Register BEFORE being connected to Paypal, there was no record of the transaction in DT Register. Even worse was that my support ticket with DT Register that ended with the phrase PLEASE HELP!!! is still unanswered after more than 2 days.

This is a great product, but these flaws are simply unacceptable.
Owner's reply

This customer had 2 tickets opened at the same time. One for his email issue and the other for the registration issue. We were working with him on the email issue and he didn't like the answer that it hadn't been an issue for other customers. The other ticket was being worked on and we did respond after we found the issue. We will be adding the email selection of members of a group down the road but he was the first to ask for this. Perhaps he may want to look at why some members didn't get emails. Commonly, email providers will filter emails going to certain domains and therefore whitelist rules need to be added. It would most likely have ensured all registrants received their confirmation emails in the first place.

Reviews: 6
I am using DT Register for half a year.

Product itself still greatly exceeds my continuously growing needs.

Developer's support via ticketing system is very professional and, I must say, the reaction speed with an advice "what and how" is almost unbelievable.

I am really very happy user of DT Register.
Reviews: 2
Friendly customer service, easy installation. There is a learning curve, but this is to be expected given the depth and breadth of what it does. Don't expect to get it running perfectly without reading instructions and watching the videos. It's very flexible but that means you need to do your homework to understand how to best set it up to meet your needs.
Reviews: 3
Dth Event Component is one of the best and i must say only this component is worthful and blindly trust on this component. Because what it says done more then that.

There support is amazing and quick responder and also ability to resolve any kind of issues in timely manner.

I have no other words to say Just Perfect and 100 out of 100.

God Bless u DTH Team!
Reviews: 1
Very good extension, very simple and very complete.
The support is very fast and efficient.
Many languages ​​are available including French.
I highly recommend this extension.
Reviews: 3
The extension is pretty good. It has a lot of features, but is a bit overwhelming for inexperienced (frontend) users. There are some drawbacks you have to know, if you want to use this extension:
- Although it is possible to strip down the frontend editing forms, you have to pay attention which tabs you are going to remove as some tabs are absolutely necessary for the use of DTRegister. And this then needs a lot of training for inexperienced clients (speak users).
- The major blow is, that this extension is ABSOLUTELY not multilanguage capable. Although you can use it in any single language environment you can think of, you will never be able to use it on a multilanguage site. (I am only speaking for the proper J2.5 multilanguage setting, as there is no need for joomfish anymore in J2.5). So be warned if you are going to use this extension in a multilanguage setting!

If the above points do not concern you, then it is absolutely the right choice: very nice, and feature-rich registration extension, easily configurable, and template overrides available for every single view!
Owner's reply

1) You can modify layout of any page, you just can't remove vital sections of code :)

2) Multi-language support is now included in DT Register with Falang integration!

Reviews: 2
I've been working in event registration since the early 90s ... from everything on paper through custom databases up through 7 different types of online registration programs. That includes a couple of the big-name subscription systems. DT REGISTER takes care of everything those would do and more. The groups I work with (some commercial but mostly non-profit) have ever-increasing demands for data gathering and reporting. DT REGISTER is the only system I've found that handles all of this well.

My favorite features:
- multiple and configurable display options
- connect register now button to articles or JEvent entries
- takes advantage of Joomla permissions to allow multiple users to manage selected aspects (like csv exports only)
- FRONT END management
- paid AND unpaid events, making DT REGISTER the only calendar you need
- video tutorials
- live webinars
- ongoing development

DT REGISTER is a snap to install and get running. I'm an experienced Joomla builder but no coder. When I was considering some coding for customization, support pointed out where I could change settings to get the display I wanted.

DT REGISTER is so powerful and complex, I highly recommend reading the documentation, which is excellent. I've also viewed several of their video tutorials and participated in a webinar. That was the most helpful - Nathan was able to answer specific questions.

Simple events are easy to set up; complex events require more time, thought and study, but turn out to be a smooth experience for the end-user.

The only things DT REGISTER doesn't do are print the nametags, and walk the dog.

Well worth the very reasonable price!
Reviews: 1
Hi all,

I purchased DT Register 2 weeks ago for our new website of a non-profit making association. The installation was trouble-free, but I needed a lot of time to understand the complexity of this component and to understand how to configure my events properly. So, DT Register is nothing for amateurs. The price is outstanding and you get all the options you need to manage your events. And DT Register gives your website a professional looking design. This component simply works. The support is also superb.

But there are also some minor issues which cost's this component the medal of honor:

1. It's currently not possible for our publishers to manage the bookings for an event from the frontend. Hope that better frontend management for DT Register comes in future versions... What is definitively missing, is a printable list of the bookings for a specific event from the frontend. Or did I oversee something here?

2. More styling options for the fontsize/fontstyle or colors for the frontend output of the module/component would be appreciated for the future versions.

3. Our association has a very complex table of cancelation charges (storno) for canceling events for groups/single persons which depends on the week/day when the cancellation is submitted to us. I can only setup a single date for cancellation fees.

4. And lastly, if I could buy a mini calendar module for the component, I would be on the top of the moon.

Nevertheless, DT Register is the best event registration component for Joomla! I found on the net and worth the money you pay for it.

Owner's reply

Stefan, thanks for the thorough review! I wanted to point out a couple things though...

1) Full frontend records management will be in the 2.8 version, to be released this week!!

2) You can already access customizable CSV exports via the frontend of records, which you can of course load and print from any spreadsheet program (Excel, Numbers, etc).

3. The styling of fonts, colors, etc can all be easily modified via the main CSS file of the component. Just ask if you need help with specific items or elements and we'll point you to what and where to modify.

Reviews: 2
We have been a strong supporter of DT Register and have overall been very satisfied with the product.
However, the way that DT Register ties user field values to registrants prevents the successful execution of edits to live fields (notably drop down menus) and thus skews all existing registrant data. DT Register offered no support on this issue and instead told us that we would have to manually fix all existing records.
If you need to edit fields throughout the live registration process, this is not the software for you. Otherwise, it works.
Owner's reply

We offered this user support for this issue by fully explaining the way things work, what they had done, and two routes to correct it. Unfortunately, the results of the changes they made were not something we could fix... it wasn't a bug or anything like that... just data that they had gotten mixed around.

To make this clear for others... DT Register DOES allow you to make changes to your fields and registration forms during a live registration process. The potential issue is when you do anything to modify the ORDERING of values in a selection field. You can ADD values during live registration, just don't re-order existing ones and it's a non-issue.

This has been discussed in detail in a few threads on our forum, so it's not anything new. The existing structure, as with anything, has pros and cons. This is not a con that would even be an issue for the vast majority of sites. Out of the many thousands of DT Register users, this has come up so infrequently that we could count the instances on one hand over many years. This is just a matter of gaining understanding of a structure and working within it. :)

If this is something you have a concern for, please discuss it with us as you look at setting up your event. Most likely there is a better way to structure your form where you could get around this potential issue. Our fields are multiple times more flexible and powerful than any other solution... so there is always more than one solution to any event setup!

Reviews: 3
We use this to manage volunteers for our school's PTA and this extension is really perfect for it. It's got way more than we need for our uses, but it's highly customizable and it gets better and better with each updated version. The developers truly listen to feedback.

The support team is really great and for $75, it's truly a steal. We tried other free event registration extensions before going paid and they couldn't do a fraction of what DT Register can.
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