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DT Register is the Joomla Event Registration component that gives you functionality beyond what any other event booking solution can offer!

- Joomla 1.5 / 1.6 / 1.7 / 2.5 / 3.x support
-, PayPal, PayPal Pro, WorldPay, Quickbooks (QBMS), Sage, eWay, Saferpay, PSiGate, PayFast, USA ePay, TransFirst, Korta, iDeal, Moneris, ePDQ,DPS PxPay, SagePay & offline payment options
- Paid and Free events
- Community Builder integration w/ plugin for showing registration history
- JomSocial Integration w/ plugins for showing registration history and activity
- Auto Joomla user creation options
- Built-in Calendar with OPTIONAL Jevents sync
- Frontend Management with extensive permissions structure
- Multiple Event Registration with one payment and cart feature
- Repeating event support
- Auto Email Reminders & Follow ups run via cron job
- Event image option for listing and calendar
- Multi-language support with JoomFish or Falang
- Frontend User Panel where users can view registration history, edit records, make payments, and cancel registrations
- UNLIMITED Fields giving more capability by far than anything else including fee changes
- Conditional custom fields - display dynamically based on other user field choices and configurable by event
- Auto-generated Confirmation Number with Barcode support
- Prerequisite Events - limit registration based on other events
- Attendance Check
- 4 Status options for each record: Active, Pending, Cancelled, Waiting
- Partial Payment/Deposit support with fixed amounts or minimums
- Archive Management
- Overlapping Date/Time Check to prevent users from double-booking themselves
- Timezone display options
- Private/Public events
- Discount/Coupon Codes
- Auto Tax calculation options
- Associate Joomla articles to an event for more details
- Location Manager w/ Google Maps
- Attach files to user confirmation emails
- Two-level Category structure
- Event Copy Function
- Event capacity w/ Waiting List
- Early Bird Discounts & Late Fees
- ability to allow users to upload files
- 8 Color packages of buttons
- Member Discounts ($ amount or %)
- Ability for setting up multiple pay options based on user selection of custom form elements
- Individual and/or Group Registration
- WYSIWYG editor for all customizable messages & emails
- Registration Cut-off / Open Dates
- Flexible discount code configurations with defaults for members and limits for events
- Multi-category support for events (3.x)
- Support for more than 1 event moderator
- Prioritize event moderators
- Terms & Conditions
- Custom Emails to registrants using tags to pull in data (global or event-specific)
- Manual Registration support for offline registrations
- CAPTCHA support
- Module for listing Upcoming Events
- Plugin for embedding registration links in articles
- Customizable CSV export of records by event(s)
- Translations provided for: Arabic, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German,

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Reviews: 3
For a while I've been trying to pound the round event registration peg into the square virtuemart hole. It sort of worked but not really -- the front end wasn't flexible enough to support our sliding fee scale, mulitiple registrations, etc.

Then along came a high-profile, must-get-it-right, have-a-strong-admin-back-end event. I saw my career prospects dimming. I read good reviews of DT Register, did a lot of due diligence, bought the extension on Friday afternoon.

I had a test event mostly working by Tuesday morning. I hit a snag that led me to post on the forum. Nathan's quick response turned into a trouble ticket, turned into resolution by Tuesday afternoon.

We're still in test mode but so far both front end and back end are performing beyond expectations.
Reviews: 16
I'm setting up a site for a client who needed event registration as an important part. DT Register has met all my expectations and far more! I could think of things to write in a wish list for most extensions but with DT Register instead I'm just amazed at the possibilities that I wouldn't even have dreamed of. As if this wasn't enough I'm walked through every step in the excellent video tutorials at + I get top notch support via the forum and ticketing system!

This extension is fantastic! Thank you guys :-)
Reviews: 4
Just installed and set up DT Register on a site for a client with a very complex pricing structure for an event.

From what I could tell, it was looking like I was going to have to look for another solution for online registration, but I shared my client's complex pricing structure with the support at DT Register, and Nathan spent a good amount of time giving me an in-depth response telling me multiple options I could choose to set up DT Register to work for this complicated pricing structure.

And in a few more minutes, I got everything set up and the client is very happy.

I highly recommend DT Register if you need to provide online event registration through your site.

Awesome software with top-notch support. It doesn't get much better.

~Forest Linden
Reviews: 3
I have had DT Register for almost 5 months and everytime I ask for support on the forum...I receive it very quickly. This last time...I needed help really bad and they came to my rescue. From the time I placed the fix ticket, it only took 3 hours before they had the problem fixed...on top of that they are always assisting on their forum. I would highly recommend DT Register to anyone.
Reviews: 1
This is a great extension. Its very simple to implement and to understand. The support is also very good. The video tutorials offer that extra level of help and make learning about features really easy. All in all this extension will not disappoint. One very happy customer. Thank you Nathan. Very greatful.
Reviews: 1
Great extension! Thank you! It took my about a day to learn how to use and implement it exactly how I wanted it. The videos he has on his website really helped.
I did have one thing I couldn't figure out and I had to email him and he got back to me right away with the solution.
I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to list their events.
Reviews: 1
I purchased this component for a client needing to provide online event registration. Their events have really complex price structures with 36 possible prices for each event based on special criteria the end user selects. It's amazing that I can set something up this complex as I'm not a programmer. It also works well for simple, free registrations too.

THIS COMPONENT JUST ROCKS! As complex as my client's events are, I only had a couple minor questions. Both times, support received was fast and good from the community of users and the developers. Definitely the best registration component for Joomla.
Reviews: 1
I am always one for FREE software. SO it took some effort to actually pay for an extension :)
Before I started I fired off numerous emails to the developer. Every one was answered with patience and clear responses extrememly quickly.
After a while I bit the bullet and paid for the extension.
I must say it is an excellently written extension with a number of add-ons to make it work just how I needed.
All questions emailed directly or even raised in the forum have been answered with impressive speed.
I am impressed with how the software integrates and some of the nice touches that simply do what you want them to.
DT Register is extrememly flexible and has many features I don't need yet but my customer has seen them and can see they will be useful for us in the future.
There is integration to Acajoom Newsletter and Community Builder.
NOTE : a helpful hint - install and set up Community Builder BEFORE DT Register to get the best installation route.
With Acajoom and the optional extra plugin ($15) every person registering for an event with automatically be added to the Acajoom newsletter list.
With Community Builder, every logged in user, when registering will have their details from Community Builder automatically filled in on the events registration form.

I am very impressed with the software and the support provided. Fantastic work.
Reviews: 1
DT Register was the first extension I bought for my Joomla site and I couldn't be happier with the product and support.

Yes, there are some features that could be added (but will have to wait on the wish list) but overall, the product is pretty easy to use once you get acquainted to it. There are video tutorials so that helped out a lot and got me started right away.

And, the support is amazing! I've had my questions answered within the hour and all responses were super detailed.

I've done my research on the other event registration modules, and feature-for-feature comparisons, they're relatively the same...however, the technical support provided to clarify some of my site issues before I even bought the extension impressed me enough to buy. I definitely don't regret my decision.

Thanks Nathan for your support and providing me with a simple and effective solution.
Reviews: 1
DT Register has worked great for everything we wanted to do. Their support is fantastic. They have answered all my questions and gone above and beyond what I would have expected.
Reviews: 8
this product really delivers. in about 15 mins from Download, I have full on registration capability on the site for various events. I looked at others but choose this one as I use JEvents. This is really a great product. thanks for the hard work on this!
Reviews: 3
We needed a prodct that would allow us to register students for courses. We have used DTRegister to list over 200 courses at once. Customers from around the world use DTRegister to sign up for our classes. What is very nice is that you can collect all the info in a nice back end database and export it to csv format for use elsewhere.

While this component does work in conjunction with JEvents, it really doesn't take alot of extra work. Basically you set the names and dates in JEvents and you can move over to DTRegister.

We just migrated our installation to a new site, and ran into a problem. I sent an email before I left work. By this evening their support had fixed the problem. You can't ask for more.

Get this component. Use it. It is alive and well.
Reviews: 1
I just created my first site with Joomla!, and needed an event/registration component. I have only created a few sites; a couple from scratch using straight html, a few using FrontPage or Expressions Web, so I am truly a beginner. With the help of the video tutorials on DTH Development’s site, I was able to successfully install JEvents and DT Register, the first time, without any issues at all. I appreciate the functionality and the ability to customize. The feedback I’m receiving already from front-end users (an organization that hosts many events each month, both paid and free) is that they appreciate how easy the front end is to use, the ability to see attendees, and the fact that a flyer can be linked to an event through an Event Details Article.

I spent quite some time reading reviews from the many choices in event/registration extensions. I appreciate the detailed comments which helped me decide on DT Register.
Reviews: 1
This is the best registration module available. I had some initial issues after installing on a client site. Nathan spent a considerable amount of time debugging only to discover that it was not DT Reg that was at fault, rather another component which was stepping on it. Nathan's effort is greatly appreciated, as is this module.
Reviews: 9
I have now used several releases of this product and I am continuosly impressed by the features and functionality. A short time in a tutorial or on the forum has enabled me to resolve all issues encountered. We now run many not-for-profit events using this product with no detremental effects.

One apparent shortcoming may appear to be a lack of reporting but a quick look in the forum and the installation of SQL 2 Excel provided all the reports we require and in a very presentable format.

I strongly recommend this product and am looking forward to the 2.6 release. Thank you for your good work.
Reviews: 4
So far the product has been Awesome. Does everything my client needed. very granular control of the event registration and fields we required.

What is best of all. The support. They don't answer with one word responses. They answer with detailed instructions or detailed questions to help resolve any issue we have had, most of which are not the developers problems, but configuration on our end.

Keep it up, I heard 2.6.0 will be out soon, can't wait.
Reviews: 1
I have had the pleasure of testing DT Register on a clients website just yesterday. Installation was simple; configuration was daunting because of all the options, but with the video tutorials I was able to get everything working.

I ran into one problem and rushed to submit a support ticket. This is where I feel the developer shines the brightest. They acknowledged my request in under an hour and provided a full resolution in under 24 hours. It's the best support I've received from any other Joomla! extension provider.

DT Register is a "no worry" product. These guys have their act together!

Thanks again, Nathan
Reviews: 1
I have purchased this product several times and can not say enough good things about it. The support is also outstanding with my tickets answered fully and always with additional helpful information added. Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 3
I purchased this component after trying to find something decent to manage company events. I am really impressed with the thought and effort that DT Register have put into this component. It works with JEvents like a charm.

I found one bug with the earlier version I had so raised a support ticket. I had a solution within 24 hours and the intructions were perfectly clear and easy to follow. The end result was an upgrade so I got a whole bunch of new features as well. I recommend this component - well worth the price.
Reviews: 6
Excellent component. Easy install, easy config. I like that there are explanations on the admin pages that actually gives the user directions on how to do - and explains the workflow. Very good practice for others to follow. I only wish the acajoom integration was part of the product. Looking forward to see what future updates will bring.
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