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DT Register is the Joomla Event Registration component that gives you functionality beyond what any other event booking solution can offer!

- Joomla 1.5 / 1.6 / 1.7 / 2.5 / 3.x support
-, PayPal, PayPal Pro, WorldPay, Quickbooks (QBMS), Sage, eWay, Saferpay, PSiGate, PayFast, USA ePay, TransFirst, Korta, iDeal, Moneris, ePDQ,DPS PxPay, SagePay & offline payment options
- Paid and Free events
- Community Builder integration w/ plugin for showing registration history
- JomSocial Integration w/ plugins for showing registration history and activity
- Auto Joomla user creation options
- Built-in Calendar with OPTIONAL Jevents sync
- Frontend Management with extensive permissions structure
- Multiple Event Registration with one payment and cart feature
- Repeating event support
- Auto Email Reminders & Follow ups run via cron job
- Event image option for listing and calendar
- Multi-language support with JoomFish or Falang
- Frontend User Panel where users can view registration history, edit records, make payments, and cancel registrations
- UNLIMITED Fields giving more capability by far than anything else including fee changes
- Conditional custom fields - display dynamically based on other user field choices and configurable by event
- Auto-generated Confirmation Number with Barcode support
- Prerequisite Events - limit registration based on other events
- Attendance Check
- 4 Status options for each record: Active, Pending, Cancelled, Waiting
- Partial Payment/Deposit support with fixed amounts or minimums
- Archive Management
- Overlapping Date/Time Check to prevent users from double-booking themselves
- Timezone display options
- Private/Public events
- Discount/Coupon Codes
- Auto Tax calculation options
- Associate Joomla articles to an event for more details
- Location Manager w/ Google Maps
- Attach files to user confirmation emails
- Two-level Category structure
- Event Copy Function
- Event capacity w/ Waiting List
- Early Bird Discounts & Late Fees
- ability to allow users to upload files
- 8 Color packages of buttons
- Member Discounts ($ amount or %)
- Ability for setting up multiple pay options based on user selection of custom form elements
- Individual and/or Group Registration
- WYSIWYG editor for all customizable messages & emails
- Registration Cut-off / Open Dates
- Flexible discount code configurations with defaults for members and limits for events
- Multi-category support for events (3.x)
- Support for more than 1 event moderator
- Prioritize event moderators
- Terms & Conditions
- Custom Emails to registrants using tags to pull in data (global or event-specific)
- Manual Registration support for offline registrations
- CAPTCHA support
- Module for listing Upcoming Events
- Plugin for embedding registration links in articles
- Customizable CSV export of records by event(s)
- Translations provided for: Arabic, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German,

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Reviews: 1
Now every component has its issues. If you are paying less then $100 for one and you are not a real developer then there are always issues. At least for me. Thats where support stepped in. Nathan not only responded quickly to urgent matters, he actual fixed them and still dealt with some other non-critical issues of mine in a timely manner. All the while prepatring for a new release of DT Register. For the price the support is there. You MAY have to wait a few days but they always get back and if not they were always super responsive upon follow up.

My only complaints, and I have to play boths sides, is that the forms are built with tables and the design is not templated so that makes it tough to customize the layout for a less skilled developer such as myself. And I'm not too hot having to use Jevents (Beta for 1.5) and running Joomla in Legacy mode (why does this scare me?). I'm pretty sure all of these will be addressed soon. If your thinking, "I'll just wait" dont, buy the comnponent now, things work as they should once you understand how it all works. They also just set up a bunch of video tutorials for folks such as myself.

The bottom line is this Component has so much functionality its crazy. It turned a potential $10k project into a $60 project and brought some great functionality to a non-profit client trying to enrich a community.

Keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to feature enhancements.
Reviews: 1
I am using DT Register for event registration for a commercial event and so far it's working fantastically. It's pretty easy to set up, even for a newbie, though it does have some complexity due to its impressive array of control and custom features. But every time I had a challenge, I got nearly immediate assistance through the DTH forum or directly from a support ticket. I plan to use DT Register for 2 upcoming non-profit events as well.
Reviews: 8
The component appears to work as suggested, however I am very surprised at the lack of configuration for formatting emails, and choosing WHAT gets emailed back to the admin upon registering.
Reviews: 1
What an outstanding product! I am new to Joomla and not the most tech savvy person, so being able to utilize a great product such as this is awesome.

I submitted a ticket for assistance and was amazed at how quickly I received a response. Not only did I get a quick response, but it fixed my problem. I would like to point out that the problem was me :o) yet Nathan was extremly professional and helpful.

I can't say enough wonderful things about this product or the service. This is the only event registration software I will ever use.
Reviews: 2
I'm new to Joomla but with two decades of support under my belt I know good service when I see it. The guys at DTH development are very professional and their DT Register product is outstanding and surpasses my expectations! I cant wait to impress my customers with this component!

Great work guys!
Reviews: 1
This component is great! I am using Joomla 1.5 in the legacy mode. I had a few problems with bugs when I initially installed DT Register, but the support was fabulous. They logged into my website and fixed the problems without hesitation. I am very new to web development, and there is no way I could have gotten our online registrations up and running without DT Register.

This works very well with JEvents and together, these 2 components have boosted our registrations substantially! Thank you!
Reviews: 1
I'm a nurse and a housewife, and went I hit a little snag (actually not even related to DT register, but Jevents), Nathan actually fixed it for me!

Thanks so much!
Reviews: 1
I debated on buying this product and the only regret I have is that I waited so long to purchase it. The component/module/plugin all work seamlessly together.

If you have events and you need people to be able to register for them, this is the one and only component you'll need.

I came across a issue in the back-end and Nathan was professional enough to stand by his product and fix my problem. Like I said, the component is awesome and the support is the best I've come across.

Thanks a million guys for this have no idea how it saved my @$$! :)

If you buy it, you will not regret it and don't say it doesn't work until you formally request support.
Reviews: 3
I can't recommend this product highly enough! It worked immediately after following a few simple steps that were clearly explained in the on-line tutorial videos. I was very pleasantly surprised by how easily everything went, but I was absolutely blown away by the extraordinary support. They responded almost immediately to every single request for information and even helped me out with some problems on my site that had nothing to do with DT Register!

I was using a shopping cart to collect payments for online registration of events. This is the perfect solution and the support is better than any I have ever experienced with any software vendor on any platform! These guys are exceptional and so is the product!

Thank you for a great job!
Reviews: 1
The only extension that comes close serving this purpose, as far as I know.

App is beta at best. Every patch breaks something. If it weren't for the fact that there was a critical bug in the previous version, i would never upgrade.
Owner's reply

1) Yes, this is the best option for event registration for Joomla
2) We are not a one-man show and are not rude to our users. The interesting fact here is that we do not recognize this user at all. This user is not in our system so I'm doubtful that this is even a legitimate review.
3) Our application works perfectly for almost all users. Occasionally there are of course issues with various systems. When those arise, we deal with them. You can see by the other reviews here that not only does DT Register work, but that we stand behind it.

Reviews: 4
I can't rate this high enough. It did exactly what it stated it does. It was incredibly easy to install and works like a charm. The support is top rate also. I emailed them with a question at 9:30pm EST and they responded with in minutes!

Also note, it comes with a hack to add a "register for this event" link to all your events in JEvent which is a great feature!
Reviews: 4
A client of mine bought this over a week ago to set up registrations for a large conference.. It does not do what it advertises nor is the developer helpful at all.

it does not send out emails when someone registers for an event
it does not record information into the DB
and the custom fields are very limiting..

this is basically beta software being sold for $50
if i were you i wouldnt waste your money. use chronoforms if you need a form to connect to
Owner's reply

Wow... that's all I have to say. Nevermind the 100s of people that use DT Register successfully on their sites. The component is in continuous development, always making improvements. IF someone has a problem, it is usually due to user error. Otherwise, usually due to their server configuration. Regardless, we always help everyone and get any issues resolved. Some people just have no patience in the process. Hopefully as you read this you can see all of the reviews below that show not only that DT Register DOES work as advertised, but that we provide support when needed.

Reviews: 1
I had a real quick project - 1 week production time - where a client wanted a website to sell her tours of San Francisco's Union Square shopping District. I needed a online registration product and DT register was a perfect fit!

The usage of the JEvents calendar and DT Register allows my customer to show all her events and clients can register as a group or as individuals.

The only problem I had was that they wanted to show all events for the next year and a half. Originally I thought I could just use the JEvents repeating event feature, but DT register needs single events so I devised a couple of excel spreadsheets that would calculate all the events, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun and then imported them directly into the MySQL database. Therefore a bulk event upload feature in the component UI might be nice.

All things said it was a perfect fit at a very reasonable price.
Reviews: 1
This is a great addition for Joomla - especially since there doesn't seem to be any other easy way to take payments for registrations! This solved a lot of needs for me - and while the installation was easy what issues I did have with the various installations I've done due to server configuration problems were QUICKLY handled by the support team at! Just to have someone actually support a product so well is worth every penny!!
Reviews: 1
Overall the product is very good. But must say I am more impressed with the support and to honest thats what most often defines the quality of a product. Wish you the best in the future. Keep up the GOOD WORK!!!!
Reviews: 1
I've been waiting a long time for a component that does what this one does. The support is A+++++. The development team was very responsive to all my questions and needs. It's so great to know that they are 100% behind their product. I can't thank them enough. Keep up the great job!
Reviews: 1
I've been searching for something that would allow me to process registrations with payments that would be seamless to my customers. THIS is the product to do that.

Thank you!
Reviews: 1
DT Reg is a great app. It has room for improvement, and it had quite a few bugs, but, the team walked me through how to handle most things. Also, there are needs for customizations, but, these, you must get your own team to do, because DT Reg will most likely not be able to handle them; that is understood, because not every client of theirs will have the same needs. Overall, had a good experience with DT Reg, and I would recommend it to others that have knowledge of and experience with Web development (for people that don't, this is not a good option).
Owner's reply

The bugs this user was dealing with had already been dealt with in a patch we had made available. They had not implemented this patch. We did it for them and the issues were all fixed.

We CAN handle customizations and will take on those projects unless we do not have the time available to do so. We are constantly making improvements and adding new features to DT Register.

DT Register will work out of the box generally and has functionality that no other Joomla component offers. Saying you have to be a web developer to use it is completely ridiculous. Our in depth video tutorials walk you through the whole process of using the component and if you run into a problem, WE will fix it for you! :)

Reviews: 1
The extension is just what i was looking for and from other feedback i had no problem pulling my wallet out for this one.

I made a stupid mistake and couldn't get it to run at first ... dthdevelopment not only offered advice but also directly accessed the component to test it and confirm my first thoughts. I should have watched the video tutorial.

Keep in mind that the drop down menu that appears when clicking on 'registration management' does not contain your events. You need to click 'NEW'before your events will apear.
Reviews: 1
After trying other registration solutions for Joomla and being let down, I came across this one. I was thrilled to find it! Perfect for my client needs and the guys at DTH have been very helpful. Nice job!
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