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PBEvents Plugin

PBEvents allows you to start using your Joomla! web site as a platform for organising group events, seminars, workshops, and training.

Registration forms for events can easily be included in any article you choose using the included plugin. Add the PBEvents tag with the event ID and your form will be rendered and waiting for users to register.

PBEvents supports:

an unlimited number of created events.
either unlimited, or capped, registrations per event.
customisable notifications of event registration success or failure.

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Reviews: 5
I'm not sure how anyone has been able to use this component. When trying to set up a menu to make it useable there were no menu options available so I was unable to view anything related to this component.
Reviews: 5
The descriptive text states "PBEvents allows you to start using your Joomla! web site as a platform for organising group events, seminars, workshops, and training."

NOT AT ALL! This is more like an appointment scheduler for a doctor's office... a task that I'm sure it does very well. But as far as scheduling events and allowing users to register for classes and training...? No I just don't see it. Maybe I didn't look hard enough, but it should not be that hard.
Owner's reply

Hi Intelics,

That sounds surprising as we are using this extension on our clinic web site specifically for registration for attendance at seminars and workshops.

You may have possibly downloaded the wrong product? I also have an extension on my website that does provide online booking / scheduling for doctors offices and other clinics. It has a similar name to PBEvents.

If it was the right product it would be great if you could email me directly ( with where you feel this was weak and I can look at addressing it in a future version so that everyone can benefit?


Reviews: 1
I think could do just what I want.
The first problem is if screen resolution if 1024x768 using Unity is to small + command is ghost but this is simply to resolve enlarging screen.

But the problem is that at menu starting I become error 500 and dont'work.
Sorry ...
Reviews: 5
I wasn't able to make the system report to me an unsuccessful registration. Apart this, configuring it was easy and a pleasant task.

I think that in next versions this extension can be very good.
Reviews: 3
This looks a little bit like an unfinished work. There are some little problems with the component but it provides a perfect base for a "custom" extension (event registration in SobiPro).

If you know php, the code is easy to adapt to any project that requires registration. It works with "custom fields", this means that you can add and remove fields easily to your form to collect all the information you need.
Reviews: 2
It's an excellent extension, but when I add more than one event to register, it will start causing troubles where I get Error 406.

It does not have the ability to delete an event, to delete a field in the registration form field, or to publish/unpublish events.

I hope the developers can make this better.

Thanks a lot for your efforts =)