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Vik Events ComponentModule

Events, courses, parties, seating charts, reservations, tickets.

Manage any kind of event with VikEvents with its powerful ticketing system.

Here are some of the main features:

Events with multiple dates where the users can pick the day with a calendar.
Assign Events to Categories or Sub Categories.
Create events for a limited number of participants.
Design one or more Seating Charts for each event. Draw sections with seats. Add different prices to each seat.
Customize the Seating Charts with Background Images and Colors.
Seating Charts Groups: multiple seating charts can be assigned to a group with an Image MAP with click-able areas. This way it is possible to draw seating maps with thousands of seats.
Multiple Prices for the Tickets (Reduced, Regular, Adult, Kids etc.).
Multiple prices can have an expiring date and a new price will be applied after the date expires.
Prices with the "Early Bird" Feature to adjust price by a schedule.
Multiple sessions that run on the same day
Seats Charges can be different for every ticket type of price.
Locations can have latitude and longitude for generating a google map.
Custom Order Fields for Billing Information and Group Registrations.
CSV exportation of the participants list for each event.
Many layout types: Table, List, Category, Calendar.
Custom Methods of Payment, Bank Transfer, Paypal, Skrill - MoneyBookers and AIM pre-installed.
Extendable payment framework that supports any kind of payment gateway
Pay Entire Amount or Leave a Deposit.
Coupon discount system.
Group Registrations or Individual Registrations.
Each Participant receives a Ticket with a QR Code that links to the Reservation Page of the participant.
All the Tickets can be sent in a PDF file to the client. The administrator can advertise on it.
Tickects are sent to each Participant with a QR Code.
Check-in and Tickets validation by scanning the QR codes.
Pay entire amount or leave a deposit.
All the Tickets can be sent in a PDF file to the client. The administrator can advertise on it.
The template for the tickets sent via eMail and the one for the tickets sent in a PDF file are fully customizable with HTML and CSS.

Responsive layout for mobile devices, smartphones and tablets.

VikEvents has been designed to create events for Concerts, Restaurants, Theaters, Workshops, Courses, Classes, Lessons, LAN Parties, Weddings and many other kinds of events.

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Reviews: 1
I used this extension to create a ticketing site for our professional theatre company. I am using it for just a few events right now with great hopes that it can eventually replace the current ticketing system we use through an outside commercial ticketing agency.

I am an intermediate level Joomla user and I have found Vikevents to be very straight-forward to set up and highly intuitive. The set up documentation is good. It offers great features, and the development team seems to be constantly working to improve the product. What I absolutely must RAVE about, however, is their support. OUTSTANDING! I have sent several messages back and forth and have gotten quick and correct responses (even though I'm in the USA and they are in Europe). Just to clarify - I contacted support primarily for customization matters. Setting up the extension and incorporating it into my site was no problem at all. Well worth the money!
Reviews: 1
I bought this to sell tickets for kayak tours on the river. For my needs this program is very good. I'm not a techie so I appreciate that I can get it set up with my limited skills. Simple to install, simple to set up and works like a well oiled machine.

As others have mentioned the support is quick and efficient. I had a couple of minor problems that got sorted out very quickly.

I tried some of the other programs in this listing and I found them inflexible and overcomplicated.

Would I buy Vik Events again? Sure as hell I would...
Reviews: 2
I have purchased other Ticketing extensions that you will see listed and that promise many features, but turn out to be buggy and unusable. That is not only frustrating, but wastes time and money.
I am so pleased that vikEvents actually works as advertised and I have had better support (ie quick, thorough responses) than other extensions in any category.
Of all the extensions I have found through here, this is the only one I was passionate enough about to signup/login and review.
I support what the others say...skip the others and go straight to this.
Kudos, guys, and thanks.
Reviews: 1
I rarely give reviews, but there i really need to do so as this component is really well done.

I had search since few weeks to fill my needs, i bought two others extensions before i ended buying this one and i do not regreet at all.

Really easy to set up, it gives a really professionalism look to your email tickets with pdf, qrcode, ...

And the must is the support which is really helpfull.

Thank you for this.
Reviews: 3
I needed to design one simple events management website with pdf qrcode attachment feature and after spending a lot of money on some buggy extensions, I finally landed on VIK Events. I'm thrilled to bits about how this extension cover all my needs. The guys have been helpful from start. They've even added a feature to the pdf ticket for me which has made it more secure. I just don't know how to thank them. A job well done. More grace to your shoulders.
Reviews: 1
Very very good and quick support. It is a worth the money extension!
Reviews: 6
This is one of the best Joomla components I've ever purchased. It does everything advertised and I was able to get a concert ticketing system up and running very quickly. I second what all the other reviewers have said -- the support is fantastic, and among the best I've seen. The very few questions I had for the developer were answered within an hour or two!

Highly recommended.
Reviews: 5
The latest version of vikenvents (1.5) has everything I need in an event booking system.
Looks nice, simple for users and functionality is great.
ACL allows for customer management (essential), specific payment accounts per event - i.e seperate bank accounts if you have multiple event managers and locations and lots of versatile functionality. Support is virtually immediate, friendly and accurate.
10 out of 10 for what it does.
Reviews: 5
I bought this extension yesterday, installed it and adapted it to my needs.
Occurring problems where answered by the developer team in no time (even on Sunday).
All my suggestions where considered subjects of coming updates. I only can recommend this extension.
Reviews: 1
Well where do I start, I bought the vikEvents package as it seemed to be the best around for what we required. Its simple, easy to use and most importantly gets the job done. Aswell as this the support I received from developers to modify the component went well and truly beyond their call of duty and emphasizes a dedicated approach to their customers. Would definitely recommend this groups components, including but not limited to Vikevents.
Thanks Guys!
Reviews: 3
This extension is almost perfect and the support staff is also excellent. This one is worth the money!
Reviews: 1
Having tried all the event extensions I could find, and bought them, VikEvents is undoubtedly the best...

The most easily customisable, most thoroughly thought out, simple to use, most adaptable and very fast, efficient and helpful support.

The lastest version raises the bar even higher, and I cant recommend it enough!!

Thanks guys!
Reviews: 1
This is a great component with all the functions i needed for an event ticketing website. Some events can have a seating chart where the users can pick the seat. In my case, not all the events needed the seating choice and with vik events I had that option.
The pricing system is very versatile and the events can have multiple prices for the tickets.

There's no documentation for this extension, but the demo administrator website is open and the component was very easy to set up. I have to say that the support is great, they came back to me in no time to fix a javascript conflict that I had with my template.
I tried other event registration components, but none of them were as good for tickets and vik events is the only one that let me draw the map for the seats.

Keep up the good work! ++++
Reviews: 2
This component has a license check that calls home to generate and download a local license key.

License checking, home calling and code obfuscation, not too cute for a GPL'ed code.

Anh there's no info about this during purchase, only when payment is done :-/
Owner's reply

The support license enables all the functions of Vik Events with no time restriction and you can always change the domain by yourself. We limit the support for domain/installation and with the support license you can access the Answers Area for free. It was only written in the slideshow of the home page but now we put it also in the Vik Events main page. The call home function doesn't stop the installation of Vik Events, it's required to enable the support license for your domain.

Reviews: 1
I am totally satisfied with this component. I use it to sell participations for yoga courses and vikevents does everything I need. Great component, amazing support.
Reviews: 1
The component offers many possibilities to design your events rates, and the ability to include several different prices for each event.

You can create different seating charts for each event,

The customer receives a ticket with the number of reserve QR code all in pdf, the idea is perfect.

Quick reply in case of any issues or questions

It is a very good product, just what I wanted to create an event booking system with choice of seat.
Reviews: 1
Great product with an awesome support. This template is easy to work with and a very simple one to work with for first timers like myself. The support is also there to help you with all your struggles and questions.
I'm very pleased with this template.
Reviews: 1
I was hesitant to purchase this product but I can honestly say it was well worth the money spent!

The seating chart is definitely a positive! I also think having a QR code scan for the ticket is unique.

I had a question about how to enable the Paypal payment method but I visited the answers section on their website and was helped in a reasonable amount of time!
Reviews: 1
I have been searching for a component for tickets that allows you to create your own seating chart, and this seems like the extension that finally does it all in a very attractive way.

I have yet to purchase this extension for a client, as the demo is limited, I cannot save a seating chart to verify it will appear to the public the way I want it to. Hopefully this is something the developer will open up, since there is no trial download, and I'm not willing to throw $60 CDN if it won't work for the client.