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Combrite ComponentPlugin

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  • This extension requires registration to download.
Add the most powerful event registration system to your Joomla site with one click. Publish your Eventbrite events as Joomla article with ticket dispenser to sell tickets and map widget embedded in seconds.

About Eventbrite:

Eventbrite is an online leading service that people everywhere use to create, share, and join any event imaginable. Whether it’s a local photography class, or a sold-out concert in a city stadium, Eventbrite makes it happen. Eventbrite enable event creation, promotion and ticket sales. Make an account for free at Eventbrite here:

Combrite in a nutshell:

- Search Eventbrite right from Joomla! admin
- Make standard Joomla! articles from events with just one click
- Article is based on simple HTML template that is easy to customize
- Map and ticket widget are automatically inserted into article
- Option to choose map size
- Ticket widget can adapt it's size based on number of types of tickets available
- Support by mail
- Opensource and free

Learn more about Combrite:

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Reviews: 2
An outstanding device for producing a events listings for a site. The minor design anomalies pale into comparison to its capacity for producing great content for the least time and effort. Thanks.
Reviews: 1
As others have noted, and what may be unnecessarily confusing, is that the description above is about Eventbrite (the service that allows you to sell tickets online), not Combrite (the Joomla extension that allows you to import the ticket widget, map, and some basic information about your event into Joomla website).

"Everything you need to sell tickets and manage registration on Joomla!" Not quite.
Everything you need to quickly import your Eventbrite-managed events into Joomla? Yes!

Now some notes on usage.

Joomla > Combrite > Settings
Adaptive iframe height for the ticket widget does not scale properly. Tested with three ticket types in Joomla 3.2.3 in FF 30 and IE 11. And the article template requires some basic customization (css/html).

Combrite is very useful and easy to use, but the description should make it clear what it actually does.
Reviews: 2
The description states "everything you need to sell tickets and manage registrations on Joomla!" However, all the extension does is make it easy to add an article that contains information about an Eventbrite listing to Joomla!, with links back to Eventbrite. Everthing else in regards to event management needs to be done through Eventbrite. In regards to adding an article it is straight forward, but doesn't work with private events. Rated low because the description was misleading.
Reviews: 1
Hey guys! I love having Eventbrite in Joomla, so seamlessly integrated. I've used it on several websites and everyone loves it.

P.S. In addition to searching, would it be possible to add an area to just type the Eventbrite link directly?
Owner's reply

Hey Joshua, thanks for insight!
We would love to hear more about your usage of Combrite/Eventbrite on your Joomla site in order to improve it further.

Please write me a quick email to so we can bring this forward.

Looking forward to hear from you.


Reviews: 1
Fantastic EventBrite plugin to Joomla. Quick, simple and incredibly effective.

Also top marks to the developer for outstanding support. I had a minor issue which he responded to and resolved almost instantly.

Top marks, and thanks!
Reviews: 1
I never write reviews, but after doing extensive research, pouring over a number of expensive extensions, I'm incredibly impressed by the ease and simplicity of this extension, as well as its easy integration into social media as well as my joomla site! BRAVO!!!!! The service fee is easily worth the quality of product!
Reviews: 1
Considering this is a free extension, the support is amazing. Bojan was responsive and e-mailed me back the same day.

It plugged in and works brilliantly. If you sell tickets on Eventbrite then look no further than this extension.
Reviews: 10
You guys have done a great job putting this stuff together. It's such an awesome extension that one would not believe it's free. I gave this extension 5 stars even though there's a 'but'. The "but" is the unsolicited emails sent to event attendees by EventBrite apart from the registration confirmation. Many clients don's like this...
Owner's reply

Hi, thanks for your kind words. About "but"... just to make it clear, Combrite don't send any emails. If some email is sent, it's EventBrite, not Combrite.

Reviews: 1
I was doing a site a while ago for a friend of mines and I had an issue getting this extension to work. It was no fault to combrite it was someting I needed to change with my hosting provider that should have been on. Combrite support work with me tirelessly late at night until we got it going. I was just going to give up but they had plenty of ideas and I got it working and I absolutly love the ease of use for both me as the admin and the guests of the site. Thanks Combrite!!! I will definitly be using it and eventbrite again!
Reviews: 3
This is good stuff, really easy to use and handle. Makes my work much much easier. Thanks
Reviews: 6
Fabulous developers! Explain things in layman terms and respond very very quickly! a first for any developer I have been in contact with!
Reviews: 4
Really awesome extension for Joomla Eventbrite integration. Extension lives up to it's description. Ohanah's great too but sometimes our clients just want Evenbrite integration. Combrite's perfect for the job.
Reviews: 7
It litterally takes two clicks to do the job that before required 20 minutes! Widget ticket and map are great bonus, no more messing with editor stripping iframe code.
Reviews: 1
I have two sites where I promote events from Eventbrite and that used to be tedious and boring job, but with this... it's super simple! I love it! Great job!
Also, that backend is really really nice, never seen such before.

P.S. Please make that config and help icons bigger, pixel hunting is not my favorite sport
Owner's reply

Done :-)

Reviews: 3
I was searching since a while an extension to easily publish my eventbrite events on my joomla website, and combrite does just this with one click!
Thanks, the extension is beautifully designed and thought, couldn't believe it is also free!

I highly recomend this extension for anyone serious about events, who wants the most advanced ticketing and registration functions out there.