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Editor's Note
Event Registration Pro is the Enterprise level Event Management System for Joomla! If you're looking for a professional solution that offers a higher level of event management then you won't be disappointed in Event Registration Pro.

- Responsive design
- Built with Bootstrap CSS
- Conference Sessions Support
- Front End Event Management
- Easy to use and learn
- Create both Free and Paid events
- 100% customizable CSS
- Built-In Calendar View
- Multi Language Support and Joom!Fish Integration
- 30+ Payment Gateway Options To Choose From
- Customizable Email Notifications
- Full Reporting with CSV File Exporting
- Tons of parameters allow for easy customizations
- Upcoming Events Module
- Events Category Module
- Mini Calendar Module
- Google Events Map Module
- Custom Event Registration Form Builder with 11 form field types
- Private / Public events
- Custom Event Category Menu Views and Filters
- Discount / Promo Codes
- JomSocial and Community Builder Integration
- Free Updates
- Free Support
- Front End event management
- Event Meta Data and Keywords
- Free updates
- Individual or Group Registration
- Allow registrants to upload files
- Event Archive Manager
- Repeating events capabilities
- Multiple Event Registration with a single checkout
- Unlimited Form Fields
- Each event can have its own unique registration form
- Spam proof design...No hard to read Capchta images Needed!!!
- Registration Cut-off and Start Dates and Times
- Unique payment methods per event
- Calendar filtering by category

Optional customization services are available.


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Reviews: 1
I have been using joomla for 5 years. I was looking for a replacement for jevents and I came across Event Registration Pro - and I bought it. It installed fine and I was able to add events and all seemed to be working great including the paypal integration - but I discovered it was having an issue with SH404SEF and that is when I asked for support. The developer suggested I revert back to the core sef joomla settings. My experience with this vendor on two different support cases went poorly to say the least. I think it was the worst experience I have ever recevied and I told them that too. For what it is worth - with paid extensions there should be courteous and helpful staff.
Owner's reply

The issue that this customer was having was most definitely related to SH404SEf. We explained to him that our extension was compatible with all popular SEF extensions however SH404SEF was very common to producing issues with a lot of 3rd party extensions, not just ours when it can wrongly cache a URL. The issue this customer was having was not produced or caused by our extension and he was not using the latest version of SH404SEF. We told him to switch to the core SEF setting to prove to him that this was in fact an issue with SH404SEF and that our extension does in fact work fine with SEF settings enabled. We explained that we could not be responsible for a 3rd party SEF extension that was overriding our extension. This customer was very rude and condescending to our support staff right from the beginning and had no just cause to act this way as we were very professional and courteous in our support.

Reviews: 1
Reg Pro seemed like a great solution for our needs so we shelled out the somewhat hefty price for the component. It all worked well and our support requests were promptly responded to. Sadly we had to drop the component because it didn’t support one very basic need we had: to display events by category in a calendar view. We assumed this was possible, but it is not. In Reg Pro you can display events by category in a list view, or events by category in a mini-cal (through a module), but it is impossible to display events by category in a calendar view. The developers confirmed that this is not possible with Reg Pro and quoted 15 hours of custom development to implement the feature, which is far beyond what we could afford to pay for such a basic feature which, in our opinion, should be included by default. So sadly we had to drop Reg Pro and the developers refused to give us a refund, which was very disappointing given then the feature list makes it sound like category views are fully supported. All in all this is a good component unless you need full category view support. Beware, if you need to display events in a calendar by category, this component is unable to perform and the developers will not refund your money once you discover this. In the end Event Booking met our needs and the developer was much more supportive.
Owner's reply

Yes it is true that our extension does not support calendar filtering by category. This is not advertized or implied in our feature list as this review so wrongly accuses. This customer did assume that this existed and when he asked us about it we told him that the feature did not exist. We only quoted the customer for the 15 hrs because he asked us to do so and we complied. As the customer stated this is a good extension and we feel that a low rating is not fair given that this extension is still the most feature rich event registration extension for Joomla.

Reviews: 2
I have been using Registration Pro for over a year now probably closer to 2 years. I have to say I LOVE the upgrades with the .16 version. The advanced global search is one of key components I needed. It now allows the ability to search and even download all of your previous registrations, even when archived. HUGE HUGE bonus for me.
I had NO issues installing the upgrade. It worked flawlessly.
Also now being able to receive an email that shows me exactly who registered and for which level and what class for each registration instead of a simple link saying someone registered is one of the components I have been waiting for. The only thing left I would like to see is the ability to easily move a person from one registration to another. That is not enough to make me switch to any other extension out there. I have used most of the free ones and this one is WELL worth the price.
Reviews: 1
I went to the site and submitted a support ticket for help with an upgrade. While I would have liked the upgrade to have been easier than it was... I was shocked that at 11:30pm local time my request for help received an immediate response. With just a few emails back and forth, the upgrade was fixed, my problem resolved and the tech even stuck with me while I changed some css info.

Great support. Best and fastest I have ever encountered.
Reviews: 2
We switched after another (not here to rip them) registration component overwhelmed us with bugs, lack of support and errors.
Wish we had done that much sooner.

Registration Pro is easy to set up and use. It's obvious a fair amount of thought went into the design.

I usually lean toward free extensions (who doesn't) but feel this one is money very well spent. Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 1
I only had a couple minor issues. One was the installer for 1.5.15 would not complete the install. The other was something I was doing. Both times they were very gracious and helpful to solve these problems.

The only thing is that it is a complex ext and a newbie may have a larger than normal learning curve. But over all an awesome ext.
Reviews: 4
I researched numerous registration and form submital options. This one is the most thorough while being clean and easy for the user. Great service from the company. It's worth getting the install service. They work fast! Thanks.
Reviews: 1
Great application. We needed some customisation and Mike was great and organising this. The support has been great and I would recommend this to anyone wanting a comprehensive booking system.
Reviews: 1
I have to say that from my experiences, this team has the quickest respond time for support. The software design and technical support are excellent.
Reviews: 1
I don't know why they only have three stars...I used this extension on a site for a company that had multiple events and multiple types of events from golf tournaments to committee meetings. It does everything it needs to and more. AND THE SUPPORT! Fantastic! I had a question that evolved into several questions. The questions began at about 2pm with Michael and ended at 7pm that night with Sushil ! I received responses promptly and accurately! I could not believe I could ask a question at 7pm pacific time and have a response that night! I'll use this module on all my clients that need registration for events! Thanks support team!
Reviews: 3
A team of good technical support can help me accomplish many particular changes, and the efficiency of the ERP is also better than expected, However,if I can set the ERP custom fields more flexible, would be more suitable for different needs. In any case both software design, and technical support are excellent.
Reviews: 13
This really is a great piece of software for Joomla. I have now used it on two sites and after the initial learning process it can produce some fantastic reults, i have two very happy customers.

My only issue was that when i bought it i dont believe i was directed to the latest version and i had some issues with auto emails which didnt work. The ticket system is very efficient though and after i had spent too long trying to fix it myself it was pointed out to me that the latest version fixed my issue immediately.

Great service and a great product which i will be using again and again - thanks.
Reviews: 2
I spent a good amount of time reasearching event registration software before purchasing Event Registration Pro Calendar. From the moment I installed the software I knew I made the right purchase. The software is extremely easy to use and configure. The built in features, reports, multiple event registration, rss, discount code, etc blow the competition away. I have also contacted the company for support several times for customization reasons. Mike has always been quick to work on and resolve the questions or issues that I am having. This product has made our event registration proces easier on the frontend and on the administration side.
Reviews: 19
When my client came to me and asked for a registration extension for a Joomla website, I was sure there would be something that could come close to fitting their needs, but that some modifications would need to be done. It would need to be able to tie in with Paypal for payments, display a calendar to show what dates were still available, and offer a coupon/discount system for more than one type of discount. I found this extension, and not only did it have what I needed, it had more than I knew I needed!

The installation was easy, the configuration was very intuitive, and it was installed and running within a few hours. I couldn't sleep so decided to work on the website -- and my client woke up to this portion of the site ready for them to start using.

I highly recommend this extension and Joomla Showroom. I expect it will only keep getting better.
Reviews: 3
I bought this for use on a Non-Profit track and field clubs site. While it can be a bit daunting when setting up the events, this is because it has so many features. Once you aquaint yourself with how to use the product you will find it to be quite useful. I had problems at the beginning with it working with a 1.5 install. Support immediately told me to upgrade to 1.5.15 Joomla, and immediately after doing that it worked great. I had a couple of other problems and support was very responsive and got on my server and made the changes needed to resolve my problems within one day. My experience with this product and their staff has been great. The Track and Field club love it as their registration forms are complicated and this was the only event registration program I found that could accomodate their needs. Thumbs up!
Reviews: 5
We run events for a living, so we're always aware of other services and software for Joomla! and other CMSes too - and this one has them all beat for our needs. Extremely flexible, focused on what we really need, and service is excellent. - John Coonen, CMS Association
Reviews: 4
I've used this on two sites now. This extension has a lot of features. If you are a computer novice, you will probably have to read a little documentation or you might be overwhelmed. I was surprised how easy it was to integrate with PayPal. With a lot of extensions, there is often some trial and error getting PayPal functionality just right. For me, it worked perfectly the first time. Anyway, thanks for a great component.
Owner's reply

Thanks Ken, coming from an actual Joomla Forum Team moderator this review means a lot to us.

Reviews: 1
My client needed to accept event registrations for and wanted to accept both credit card payments and mail in payments. I investigated the options and decided on RegPro because of the fact that it didn't require joomla registrations and I liked the look of it. The install was quite simple - and I am not technical at all. When setting up payment options I ran into a snag (my error) and received a quick response to my support tickets. I have since used RegPro on two additional sites. I've been pleased with the ease of upgrading and the new features added like discounted admissions and the attractive calendar. I highly recommend this product.
Reviews: 2
After using both Reg Pro and DT Register I'm afraid I can't recommend Reg Pro.

The site I was building required a large amount events (nearly 1200 a year) and I tried Registration Pro first since the first few reviews I read indicated it was an effective extension with good support(the lesson here is to read all the reviews!!). Before I could input half the events Registration Pro had crashed the site due to excessive memory requirements. Apparently it is a resource intensive extension.
I contacted support looking for an explanation or help in resolving the issue only to be told (24 hrs later) that the problem "wasn't their component"...and nothing else.

I continued to try and get some effective support for a few days only to receive the same type of replies. They continually blamed the server and not their component and offered little or no help resolving the issue. While it is true that the site is hosted on a shared server with limited resources...the same can be said of over 90% of the sites out there. I have literally dozens of sites using Joomla and a variety of extensions and have never encountered the errors Reg Pro caused.

When it became apparent that Reg Pro would not work for me I contacted them about a refund. Not suprisingly, I received the same reply I had before..."it's not our component"

In the end, I turned to Nathan and the DT Register component. It worked great and the support was immediate and very helpful. The site is up an running. Personally, I've had my last dealings with Joomla Showroom and their products.
Owner's reply

This client had issued because they had modified the database directly and as a result it was causing errors in the component. The only reason that a fresh install was done is to fully repair all of the database errors that were caused by the client. Once the reinstall was done the component worked fine and had no further issues.

Reviews: 2
One fact is true, this is one of the best event event registration components available for Joomla but that is not saying much because there is not much else out there of any quality. I felt like I had to use this component as I had no other choice in selection. Their support was responsive not confrontational and not helpful.

They did look at my system but the issue I had was I was using their configuration tools to manage custom fields and removed first and last name as community builder already had this but they said that since I changed it they would not support the application. I was cut off...

I had to do a full re-install from scratch to get any support.

The multi-user registration as part of a single registration works but barely, in the back end you can't see from each registration who paid and who didn't because of this clunky design.

My client was constantly comparing the registration pro and their paypal to see who paid. It made them very frustrated.

The out of the box reports end up being useless because of the multi-user registration issue.

Bottom line is I have a customer who is not going to use this component again and neither will I.

Please someone out there build a decent registration component!
Owner's reply

All listed complaints from this client we resolved in our very next release. Due to the client making his own improper customizations it cause a lot of the extension to have other issues and that is why the re-installation of the software was required to fix his issues.

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