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Editor's Note
Event Registration Pro is the Enterprise level Event Management System for Joomla! If you're looking for a professional solution that offers a higher level of event management then you won't be disappointed in Event Registration Pro.

- Responsive design
- Built with Bootstrap CSS
- Conference Sessions Support
- Front End Event Management
- Easy to use and learn
- Create both Free and Paid events
- 100% customizable CSS
- Built-In Calendar View
- Multi Language Support and Joom!Fish Integration
- 30+ Payment Gateway Options To Choose From
- Customizable Email Notifications
- Full Reporting with CSV File Exporting
- Tons of parameters allow for easy customizations
- Upcoming Events Module
- Events Category Module
- Mini Calendar Module
- Google Events Map Module
- Custom Event Registration Form Builder with 11 form field types
- Private / Public events
- Custom Event Category Menu Views and Filters
- Discount / Promo Codes
- JomSocial and Community Builder Integration
- Free Updates
- Free Support
- Front End event management
- Event Meta Data and Keywords
- Free updates
- Individual or Group Registration
- Allow registrants to upload files
- Event Archive Manager
- Repeating events capabilities
- Multiple Event Registration with a single checkout
- Unlimited Form Fields
- Each event can have its own unique registration form
- Spam proof design...No hard to read Capchta images Needed!!!
- Registration Cut-off and Start Dates and Times
- Unique payment methods per event
- Calendar filtering by category

Optional customization services are available.


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Reviews: 2
With this extension, you also buy fast and professional support, and a product that is constantly improving.

I had a few issues and some questions, and had an answer on all of them within half a day.

The success of an extension not only lies in the working of it, but also in support. They win on both sides.
Reviews: 4
Look no further for your Event Registration needs!

I'm a developer myself and I assure you I thoroughly researched our options to present 3 options (1) a custom solution, (2) website subscription services and (3) one of the event registration solutions in Joomla! I won the client and they decided to go with Joomla for their member based organization. I selected Event Registration Pro over the others based on its features, ratings, the level of professionalism of the developers, and from what I read in the forums. I now have a really happy client, need I say more?

The support I received from is over and above any expectations I could have had... they will even login to your site to help you out so you don’t need to be a developer or a technical wizard to get this working for you. It’s super easy to install and update. Customizing your setting and events is intuitive and there are helpful tips where you need them, they also have a good user manual on-line here

Definitely worth more than the money I invested in this – these guys deserve their kudos, they more than earned it.
Reviews: 3
I've used DTR and RegPro. In fact, I started with RegPro, but went to DTR because, in my estimation, DTR's presentation is sexier and the registration model was one with which I am wholly familiar. In addition, DTR looks and feels like a traditional registration management program, as opposed to the look RegPro's shopping cart. (I never equated registering for a seminar with tickets and a shopping cart experience....)

However, shopping cart be damnned; I've returned to RegPro and I'm probably staying!

In my experience, DTR and RegPro are both good programs. They both provide registration management for my website. I found the developers of these packages, and their staff, to be professional, helpful, and responsive to my needs. If everything were equal, one would be left to decide between the two programs based on sheer personal preference of registration display, process, and modelling...if everything were equal.

To be sure, DTR is a mega-feature-rich package. RegPro has an abundance of features, as well.

HOWEVER, RegPro has the following features that I have come to appreciate as particularly satisfying:

> Effortless installation,
> Easily configurable native paypal and offline payment options,
> Affordable OSDSC payment plugin that is both an easy installation and quick configuration (with a responsive and instructive support staff),
> Clean, intuitive, and straight-forward database schema,
> Concise, crisp code,
> A complete user's manual,

and most importantly, to me:

Reviews: 15
I am blown away. I was using a far inferior combination of two far inferior components. No more. I can't go back. Thanks for saving me from that nightmare.

I have used DT Register extensively for the past year or so, and it has not been fun...only for lack of other options in a calendar/registration system. I lost almost a whole day when DTR released a bad update, and I was overly trusting.
There are inherent problems with using two fragile components together anyway.

I was just read with care the JCalPro site, regarding their new I'll Be There, and there are only the vaguest plans for the two to be integrated.

JHRSVP seems to be in perpetual beta.

So, I would tend to give RegPro a "very good". But because nobody else, as far as I can tell based on substantial experience, delivers the breadth of functionality with high quality implementation, I have to consider it "Excellent".

Yeah, wouldn't it be great if everything were free? I don't have any problem with the price, because I bought a bunch of licenses when Joomla Showroom was having a sale. I find the Support to be very responsive. I love the couponing, the multiple pricing options, and the add-on options. I am going to be sticking with RegPro. In fact if someone is selling event tickets, and can't afford $100 or so, I am going to take a pass on the RegPro is helping me select better clients. Gotta love it!
Reviews: 1
Clunky front-end interface, extremely limited styling options. Very limited configuration options. A very basic extension that would be an all right purchase if the price was around $20. As it stands, $120 is *ridiculously* overpriced. Only purchased this because a client needed something that would work with PayPal Pro (which this does for an additional $20) and had the ability to use discount coupons. If DT Register had a PayPal Pro plugin, I would have gone with DT Register. As it stands, this extension is not good value for money.
Owner's reply

This review is completely false. Our configuration settings have far more options and features than any other Joomla event registration system on the market.

Reviews: 1
I have a 1.0.15 joomla installation running Event Registration Pro 2,8.3. I asked JoomlaShowroom ticket center a specific question:

"Many of our customers need to register and buy multiple events at one time (checking out many events with one checkout process)."

The answered very briefly with a "yes". So I upgraded to 1.5.10 and bought the new Event Reg Pro for Joom 1.5.

I spent many hours upgrading joomla to 1.5.10 and installed the Event Reg Pro component only to find out that it didn't support multiple event checkout in the same process.

I don't have a problem with the component as far as reliability. It's ok with a few bugs and modifications. I HAVE A BIG PROBLEM WITH THEIR SUPPORT. I guess I'm out the money for the upgrade.

I'll find a different solution for multiple event checkout.
Owner's reply

This is absolutely untrue. We would NEVER have answered this question with a yes. In fact we have looked up all correspondence with this customer and he NEVER asked this question until AFTER he purchased the new version. Assumptions are not our fault.

Reviews: 1
I have been looking for a comprehensive event management system to handle registrations for a conference. I needed event registration that would tie in with paypal, the ability to register more than one person at a time, and some sort of registered user management on the back end.

After an extensive test run at the developer's demo site, I decided this component was worth a shot. I would strongly recommend that anyone considering this component do the same, especially before paying.

I purposefully chose to use this component ONLY for the registration features. I am VERY happy with EventList and simply added a link to the Event RegistrationPro registration form in my EventList details page. So while it might cost some money, I know it will save my client TONS of time when managing their conference.

The customer service has been outstanding. The lack of a forum is disappointing, but they responded to tickets within 24 hrs, most of the time within just a few hours. There are still some bugs (like not compatible with JCE, which they claim is a bug with JCE), but I can only see this component improving.

Based on some of the very low ratings here, I was a little skeptical. But the demo site really helped me figure out how I could use this component. Plus, based on the component's most recent version (as of now, 1.5.3), obviously the developer was listening to some of the feedback. I was especially concerned about being limited to 7 fields on the registration form and not being able to edit/manage users on the back end, but that has been changed, as I quickly found out on the demo site.

There are some limitations that I hope to see changed in the future:

- Better handling of registering more than 1 person. If you register 10 people, and are asking for name, company, address, city, state, zip, email, phone, etc. for all 10, it's a cumbersome form to fill out. The ability to copy fields (like the address field) across all would be nice. There is community builder integration and certain fields can be prepopulated with information from the user's profile.

- The ability to add some custom text for each event above and/or below the registration form to provide some instruction/details for the user.

- The ability to show the registrant's payment method in the exportable excel spreadsheet of registered users on the back end. I'd like to know if they chose PayPal or offline without having to look at each individual transaction detail.

- The ability to add more information to the automatically generated response emails, ie. to let the user know they purchased 2 Premium-level tickets (as opposed to, let's say, Standard-level tickets) with 1 parking ticket and 2 t-shirts. If I have multiple tickets and additional options for one event, I can't include those specific details in the email.

I didn't even consider DT Register because I don't want to run Legacy mode. redEvent seems to have potential and I'll be keeping my eye on it, and if Eventlist comes out with payment integration, wow, that would be great. But for now, Event Registration Pro has been able to do everything I needed it to do and I have been VERY happy with it.
Owner's reply

RE: Better handling of registering more than 1 person...We have a new group access feature that is perfect for this.
RE: limited to 7 fields on the registration form...This was never the case. You can have as many custom fields as you wish.

Reviews: 2
I looked at this product and DT Register for a project I needed an Event registration tool for. Ultimately I'd decided on Registration Pro for a couple of reasons. Long story short, I ended up buying DT Register in addition. Registration Pro has a lack of ability to be customized in appearance, which wouldn't be such a big deal but the product does not look professional. Support is okay, but definitely not worth the money to purchase. Remember, there is no refunds! Study, check, compare to make sure this is the right choice for you.
Owner's reply

This is not true. Our software has CSS files that can be edited easily to accomplish any styles that need to be implemented. As for the statement that it doesn't look professional, what does professional look like? That is a matter of one's personal opinion and preferences.

Reviews: 1
This product lacks some crucial functionality which some of its competitor’s whom provide free software (of course you should donate) provide. Yes, Registration Pro is the most comprehensive registration Joomla software available and does the job fairly well. However, the software lacks in the following areas which keep it from being great. Here are some of my findings;
1. There is no way to add repeating events. If you have events which repeat – say once a week for 8 weeks you must add each event separately.
2. There is absolutely no sorting capability on the grid views. You get nice search features with color coded categories but absolutely no way to sort the data on event, date/time, price or anything. So if you have large amounts of events - the end users will need to comb through that information.
3. Because of the previous 2 points using this system as an “Events” listing is out of the question, at least for me. What I mean is turning off the registration component and only using the registration capability as needed. Though this can be done its wise not to if you have more than 50 events because it will becomes difficult to manage. I was hoping to use this system to manage 600 – 1200 events yearly but only using the registration component for maybe 5 % and most of the events I wanted to use this system for were repeating. Maybe the system was not intended to be used this way?
4. Where’s the Calendar? Need I say more……. I know it’s coming but your competitors have it as a plug-in for free.
5. The documentation lacked troubleshooting information – like what to do when the Search and Reset buttons just don’t appear on the search page? Hmm!
6. How do you change that (YYYY-MM-DD) for the date search – maybe (DD-MM-YY or YYYY)?
7. No forum on the Joomla Show Website – at least I could not find the forum. I found this interesting but only after I purchased the software.
8. It would be nice if there were some solid reporting system that could be used to generate news letters to registered users of a web site. I don’t mean registered users of an event but through Community Builder. I would be nice to send listings of events that can distributed using email.
I did try to contact the folks at Joomla Showroom several times for questions but never got any response about some of these issues – not all of them. I would not give them high marks for customer support and when charging $119.00 for a product I expect much, much more. One of the competing products to Registration Pro is EventList1.0 and with the plug-ins available is a very solid product. Make sure that before you buy Registration Pro you thoroughly do your homework and evaluate several products, especially if you are being asked to spend $$.
I think if the developer enhances this product to include some of these suggestions this product will be well worth the money. By allowing your product to be more easily used like a basic events listing will go along way. And a forum would be nice.
For all the development that has gone into this system – it is on the verge of being unstoppable and though I have heavily criticized this software it meant only to help make the product better.
Owner's reply

Since this post is over a year old I thought I would reply just so that there is clarity that we have added most every item above that has been listed.
1. Added
2. Added
3. N/A
4. Added
5. Updated
6. Added
7. We do not use a forum for support. We have a more personable support ticketing system.
8. This comment was irrelevant. This is an event registration system, not a newsletter component.

Reviews: 5

As I did some research (but not enough) on which Registration component to use I chose this one as it appeared to have the most functionality and the most customization. In the beginning I was not disappointed! There are quite a few features and good customization but when I got to creating an event registration form I ran into problems.

1. No separators, intro text, etc. The forms are limited to 7 fields and if you're not putting in an input field you're not putting in anything. This is a HUGE lack in functional presentation as on some registration forms I would like to separate the fields into sections (i.e. t-shirt, event lodging, event products). Thus we are limited to descriptions on the input fields (at least you've got that) to categorize and present the fields.

2. No if than options for the fields. It would be EXTREMELY helpful if you could have some fields the were dependent on a previous field. For example: Do you want a t-shirt? (radio buttons for yes or no, of course with this component you couldn't use radio buttons because you would have to put "I want a T-shirt" () and then on the next row down "I do not want a T-shirt" () so you would have to use a selection drop down which is very sloppy) then when somebody clicks yes you would have options come up for what size and how many. While this option is not necessary it should be for what is being charged.

My advise is that before you even consider purchasing this product that you go to their excellent demo site, log into the back-end and try to create your form. It may work the way it is for you but for me this was a MAJOR disappointment.
Owner's reply

The form builder has been completely revamped and we now have a lot of additional features available for the above listed items.

Reviews: 4
I needed a component to present courses on a customer's website. I had a deadline to meet and I did not have much time. I browsed the extension library and found Registration Pro and DTRegister. I actually went for DTRegister, because it seemed simple and it seemed it had the features that I needed to meet the customer's requirements. However, after installing and configuring DTRegister a blank webpage was shown, when I accessed the component from a menuitem... :-( I never experienced that before with ANY component...! Really strange... :-( Because I had a deadline to meet I then bought Registion Pro and it just worked right out of the box! :-) I am really satisfied.

Only objection would be that some configuration options in the backend don't seem to have any effect in the frontend, e.g.:

General Layout Settings in the Configuration menu. Here you should be able to:

Show header: (yes/no)
Show intro text on the event listing page: (yes/no)

However, these options have no effect in the frontend...?!? :-(
Reviews: 1
The features I was looking for were automatic acknowledgement of registration and the ability to download a spreadsheet with delegate details. It does both of these but it required support and an upgrade to deal with multi line addresses which were being parsed into separate cells. The styling of the registration form apparently requires register_globals setting to be off, otherwise when you try to edit a previously entered style, it does not appear in the form, although the initial styling is still applied. Changing the register_globals setting isn't an option for me.

All support enquiries include a request for admin access to your site, which is not entirely satisfactory and I had to set up a mirror site for them to play with. Support responses were fast but on one occasion bordering on rude.

This has done the job I needed but for next year's event I'll be looking at DT Register, as the experience of using this rather expensive module was overall unsatisfactory.
Reviews: 1
A great product. Great service via email.

Moved the entire website from Mambo to Joomla only to allow me to use Registration Pro.

Needed CB1.2 integration and Mike came back and sorted out the latest version in a few minutes.

Can do with more features in the upcoming releases like:

1. Mapping firstname/lastname straight from CB rather than having to re-type the names in.

2. Differential pricing for non-members and members. Allowing non-members of the site to register for events and collecting payment for that. For the same event, allowing members to register for free.

3. Automatically informing a registered attendee that they have already registered and do not have to do so again.

And more.

But, the tool is great and management of our events is a breeze.
Reviews: 5
Well i bought the RegistrationPro component a week or so ago and i am disappointed with it.For $119 i would have thought i was getting a slick looking product and interface, but instead it was clunky looking and I have found it to be limited in functionality. And for things i think should be working out of the box (radio buttons, checkboxes, section breaks in forms) they wanted to charge me more money to fix them. I couldnt even create a form that worked. I believe that the information they have on their website is misleading and so you can understand the frustration of spending all this money to find that in my opinion it is far from the description.
Reviews: 1
I bought this extension and love it!

I needed it to allow people to register for classes at my training center. After doing a lot of research I thought this one would work best. Turns out that It did. I looked at DT Register as well. It also seemed pretty good, but the fact that you had to have jevents installed didn't fit my business/website model.

I also found that this extension had a better ADMIN demo than DT Register. Which fit my business better. Although I have to say, even this extension's demo was a little confusing compared to other extension demo's that I have seen. Maybe because it doesn't look like the default joomla template. Not sure.

As far as installing, it worked like a charm. It comes with the offline payment option and paypal extension.

However if you want to use AUTHORIZE.NET you have to purchase it separately for $19.00 from a separate company and it requires ioncube loader to install. Because I utilize godaddy hosting installing ioncube was a bit of a challenge, but once i figured it our the install worked perfect. Just make sure you follow the directions that come with the plugin.

Although I was a little disappointed that there wasn't a forum for questions and such, this extension's support was unmatched by any other extension that I have ever bought and I have been using Joomla for over 2 years. The response time is extremely short. One ticket was answered within 15 minutes of submitting it. Not to mention it was on a weekend.

My only negatives about this extension is that the plugin is a 3rd party plugin from I ran into a few small snags and has still not responded to my ticket. It has been 2 days. I wish that Event Registration pro would produce their own plugin.

The other negative is that even though the manual is quite extensive on configuration, it is a little light on basic usage. Things like payment plugins. "make sure you have your paypal info filled in the plugin or it will not show up on the front end." & "Sorting events on the backend so that you do not get duplicate categories on the front end."

I have never tried it with community builder yet. that is next. I will let everyone know if any problems arise.

Overall this extension is a 9 out of 10, and is totally worth the money. I had been screwing around with some free registration systems before finding this one. None of them work right out of the box. So basically I wasted a lot of time and energy when i could have just bought this one and had it up and running in no time.

Anyway that is my 2 cents. Hope it is helpful.
Reviews: 1
This software integrated well with my Joomla 1.5 site. Most of the features advertised work. However, it is very limited in the ability to make a more robust registration form. I was limited to a simple how many people are going and then it list that many people for a registration. I have difficult time getting any other payment options to works besides PayPal. I am really sorry I purchased this software, because I went and purchased DT Register and it works so much more better than Registration Pro. Really disappointed with this program. Be absolutely sure this is what you want because there is NO REFUND once you purchase it. As far as emails are concerned he does reply quickly to emails, so if you want this software good chance he will respond.
Reviews: 2
We have reviewed just about every Joomla registration component out there because many of our clients have registration systems and Joomla sites. We have found Registration Pro to be the perfect fit for one of our client's needs. It was easy to configure, support via their support system on their website was fast and efficient. Our client found the interface easy to use and configure.
Reviews: 1
There's a bit of a learning curve for this component, but once you're over that, it all works fine. The "manual", such as it is, is not terribly thorough, but it's very important to read what they have and follow every step when you're first getting this set up.

Like all software, once you've fiddled around with it a while, you figure it out. The main thing is that it WORKS, is quite configurable, and does its job fairly elegantly. I tried a couple other components that do approximately the same thing, and this is the best of the bunch.

It's got a ways to go - some of the error capturing is not great (totally blank error messages, in some cases), and there are a handful of missing configuration options that I expect will get built into later versions. (For example, we're using this on a nonprofit website to register for low-cost seminars. I don't really want these folks to have to agree to Terms of Service - we're not in the business of covering our rear ends - but there doesn't seem to be any way to turn this off.)

But after all the heartburn we had getting something operational, I can say this was definitely worth the money.
Reviews: 4
The software is not bad. But unfortunately it isn´t good yet. So it is very difficult to write a review or to give a fair rating. I will write some details, please keep in mind, that there is no other extention that serves this kind of needs, so I am hoping that the developement continues and this Component will be the burner after the next updates.

First of all, the Features, they are great:

- Creating different Events with about all functionality that I could dream about.

- You can set up different "forms" to register, and each event can be connected to one form. But the forms can be used in different Events also. So there is no need to built up a new form for each event, but if one event "differs" to much you can simply create a new form and assign it to the event.

- The "Tickets" are great: Each Event can have different pricing-options, like "executive seating" and "normal seating", or to have "including lunch" or "excluding lunch". The registrant can choose the options while signing in.

- The categorys of events are nice. You can set up differnet categorys and they will be sorted togehter. Nice!

- Non-Users (guests) can sign in for an event. Or not, as you choose. Nice!

- Each event has it´s own confirmation-page. In the confirmation-page you can use the variables from the site before. Nice!

- Same with the eMails, you can sent confirmation-eMails to the registrants, you can freely built up a new one for each event. Nice!

- The module beside it, showing the "newest Events", nice.

There are many more features. I hope you see, my hope is on that component to get the basic stuff done also, because in that part it leaks in the moment. The limits are obvious:

- There is NO way to manage the registrants in the backend. You can´t change the name, the eMail, you can´t add a registrant manually in the backend, you can´t even correct a typo without directly changing it in the database.

- You only get a single Mail with "Firstname, Lastname registered to the Event XX" when somebody registeres. There is not other information in the Admin-eMail. When you go to the backend you can watch the list with all registrants but only the built-in fields (Firstname, Lastname, eMail), you cannot see other fields like "street adress" or "age" or whatever. The onliest way to get this informaition is ... the next point.

- Only the complete-registrants-list shows all data of a registrant. There you can´t change it, it is a simple html-popup with all registrants and theire data inside.

This leads into an absurd registration-process, if you for example like to write an Invoice. Each time a registrant signs in, you get the admin-eMail. Then you print out the complete participants-list (any other list hasn´t all needet data) and take the data from the one new registrant. You can imagine, when you are having an event with 100 participants, that sucks!

- The online-payment (paypal) is nice, but there is no way to let the user choose his way of payment. When you set paypal on, users ONLY can pay with paypal. When you set offline-payment, only offline-payment is possible. The one you choose in the backend will be the one and onliest, for all users, for all events.

- By not being able to insert a participant manualy there is no real way for me to start with that component. Í have some events where participants already registered, so where to switch to registration PRO? Import directly into the mysql-database? Uh ... I don´t feel save in doing that!

- The ticketing is a little weired. You remember the options "including lunch" or "Executive seating"? The weired thing is, that this are all AND-Options. So a user can choose all options togehter.
That would make sense, when this only would be "add-ons", but they aren´t. There is no "Basic-price" for the event, the price is only (!) saved in the tickets.

An Example:
When I put in "Normal Seating" for 100 Dollars and "Executive Seating" for 150 Dollars, then the user can check bouth of the options, the system charges 250 Dollars. But for what? He doesn´t need two seats of different categorys with just one name of the participant.

On the other hand let´s put in "LUnch" and "Dinner" als options. Lunch for 30 Dollars, Dinner for 25 Dollars. Now the user is still forced to choose at least one option and the event has no "basic price". So it doesn´t seem logical for me.

The solution would be simple: Just change the checkboxes to the OR-Option. If the user can Choose:

- Normal seating without Dinner for 100 Dollars
- Executive seating without Dinner for 150 Dollars
- Normal seating with Dinner for 125 Dollars
- Executive seating with Dinner for 175 Dollars

... this would make sense, when the registrant can choose ONLY ONE OPTION! Simple change, but IMHO very necessery!

- The module shows the "newest Events". Well ... for a new user who wants to see the events it makes more sense to have the Events sortet by "upcomming Events".

- The Events-Overwiew shows the maximum occupancy, but it doesn´t show how many free places are left. This is a really, really bad point. It makes much more sense for me to show the information like "Free places: 17 of 80". In fact, in this component it only says "maximum occupancy: 100". No information, if it is "nearly sold out" or "all free" at the moment. Uh ... it doesn´t make sense to me, because it would be so unbelivable easy to change that!

Hopfefully you see, the Component has the potential to get something really great, but there is definitely work needet at the base. Let me simply bring out a little wishlist:

- Changing the ticketing-option to "OR"-Options, so that a registrant can only choose one of the options.

- Putting the complete registration-data into the admin-mail, so whe have one mail for each single participant with all needet data in it.

- The module-option to show "upcomming events" instead of "new events".

- Showing "free places left" instead of "maximum occupancy" in the overview.

- Having some kind of "registrants-management" in the backend.

The first three points of the wishlist are easy and quick. The fourth I guess is a big one. For my opinion that points are definitely needet, in the moment I cannot really use the component in a productive system. However, I hope that the developement continues and will get more and more stable. I also think ... a little to weak for the price. Well, I don´t care too much about the price, but I would like a little more logic in a commercial license.

I contacted the coder also and the reactions where the following:

- Real Bugs where solved in 24 hours! Great! Well ... I did mention the "refund-policy", so there was a need for him to react on the real bugs. ;-)

- Most other things where answered with "We will work on that". No deadline, no more comments on that. Now I am courious what is going to happen in the next weeks.

I will keep you informed about any updates in the software. And I will delete any critical point in this review as soon as it is solved. Possibly this motivates the coder to check on some of them. ;-)

In the meanwhile I saw another Component named DT Register. From the first view it seems to me like not that complex, not that many features, but more stable in the basic-needs, half of the price (35$). I would prefear to have a good woring Registration-PRO, but I will also have a look at DT-Register and let´s see how it continues.

Best wishes, Julian!
Reviews: 1
I really wanted this to work having paid $119 USD (£60+) for it.

1. Contrary to what the Ad says, the CB field mapping is there but as far as I can see it does nothing!

2. They offer 'Event Management' but there's no way to access any information that's been entered in the custom fields at registration!! so if someone requests something special, you'll never know about it!

3. It says 'reporting capability' but there's only one report. Unfortunately, you can't get a simple list of ALL who booked as it shows no detail for those booked as a group.

4. The support is abysmal! I've sent email and submitted tickets. I'm just not getting the answers.

It's a shame because on comparison, this is pretty bug free stuff. I got it talking to Paypal sandbox and live in no time.

Guess I'll have to hack in and MAKE it do what I want!
Owner's reply

Community Builder field population integration is now working since version 2.5

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