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This ticketseller will help you at your events, it's just like a eventlist component.
But customers can buy their tickets right away!

They will be added to the shoppingcart and ready for creation after they have confirmed their tickets or have paid their tickets by using their Paypal account. Then you do the magic click and the tickets will be created in PDF format and are ready to send it to the customer. Currently we have also added a functionality that you even don't have to click Every 15 minutes or 30 minutes (CronJob) the script for creating tickets will execute and create tickets.

After the payment is in and the ticket has been created, it will be send..

- Tickets created are being cretaed in PDF format
- Automatic sending through cronjob or when client pays with PayPal
- Upcoming events sorted by month ascending
- Clients can add remarks during the checkout
- Manual payments can be chosen during checkout.
- Fully configurable automated emails.
- Confirmations to customers will be sent in PDF format
- Has own PDF library onboard
- Writes an unique barcode on every ticket (Code 39 barcode)
- Search options at backend
- Customer overview at the backend.
- Tickets can be resend to customer when something goes wrong
- Full information at customer view (like an article)
- Shopping cart checkout
- PayPal integration with automatic return
- SEF/SEO Urls for better search results in Google
- Lots of configuration settings to amke it easy for you to manage
- Transactions overview with full PayPal Information
- Export of all sold tickets in XLS format
- Manual cleanup and synchronisation possible (also cronjob)
- Multiple types of tickets per event (Adult/Childs/VIP and so on)
- Unlimited categories and tickets
- Multi Language
- MailChimp integration (Joomla 2.5+)
- Captcha in registration (Joomla 2.5+)
- Free and Paid Tickets. (Joomla 2.5+)
- Sending the attachment in the confirmation became configurable.
- CSS Override System (for updates)(2.5.2)
- Minimum and maximum count of tickets per order.(Joomla 2.5+) (2.5.2)
- Automatic Login after registration (2.5.2)
- Automatic User & Password Creation (2.5.3)
- Seating Charts to order specific seats! (PRO Version)
- Coupon System (2.5.5)
- Multi Ticket (One PDF with all barcodes and info)
- Clients may add remarks to their orders.
- Pay later option and resend payment requests.
- Waiting Lists per (child)ticket
- Counters per Ticket so Waiting list can be shown

Now all Dutch banks are supprted with ccIDEAL integration from

Login Information for demo site:
- Demo Site:
- Backend:
- Username: demo
- Password: demo

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Reviews: 2
This is an excellent Event Ticketing and Registration system. Suitable for all types of events, music, theatre, dances, shows etc. The support is first class and nice improvements have moved this product on. I really look forward to the enhancements that are in the pipeline.
Reviews: 2
I have to say, a really great extension! Works perfect, easy to use and really style full! And a HUGE thanx to Robert, what excellent support!! If only all extensions had support like this. Worth every penny and more! If you need to have a ticket function on your site, this is the one!
Reviews: 120
Excellent and looks great, installed first time and even allows you to add your own logo to brand it for yourself which is a nice touch. THANK YOU.

The only let down for me was the download section, when you pay by PAYPAL it sends you to the payment page which is in Dutch. Now most people will know where the buttons are for payment as they probably use paypal everyday, but what about those people who do not? This would put me off if I didn't use paypal all the time. (I'm surprised it's not been raised before.)

I paid for it by paypal got sent an email and could not download the file in winzip or winrar and I found this hugely frustrating!!!! GRRR.....

Robert got back to me straight away on a Saturday night and re-sent them to me in a winzip folder when he should of been down the pub.... So thanks.

Overall a great extension that is perfect in every way.
Reviews: 1
Ticketmaster is an excellent extension, if you need a ticket ordering system. I have used it for a month and I haven't found anything jet that I needed which was not there.

A new Chrome update was released a week ago which coursed some minor errors. I wrote to RD-media and they worked it out :)

A great experience so far :)
Reviews: 1
Great component, works without any problems, very fast support! Thank Your very much for this great work.
Reviews: 1
This component works fantastic!
With a little problems at startup, I send an email to the creator of this component, and within 2 hours support back! Fantastic, and everything works fine!

Thanks RD-Media (Robert Dam).
Reviews: 1
This is an excellent module if you're looking for a system to sell tickets online. I well compared with others Joomla Extension and this is by far the best, the most comprehensive, the most adjustable extension. The (personal) support is very quick en good! I would give this definitely 5 STARS...
Reviews: 1
I recently used Ticketmaster to sell tickets for a ride-in to a motorcycle show. Once the language and ticket pdf files had been altered to suit my event, I really didn't have to worry. I had a small issue after upgrade with payment buttons occasionally failing to appear, but really nothing that caused me any major concern. I am pretty much a newbie to using Joomla and therefore not really familiar with using extensions either, but I made it work right from the start. The file tweaking I mentioned I managed to work out for myself, but I also made sure I researched well in the forum too. A lot of questions are answered there. Robert has done an amazing job and continues to develop the product. It has the potential to rival some of the more expensive offerings, and in some areas it already does so. If you are looking for a neat and simple solution, and are prepared to have a little bit of input yourself to make it work, then go ahead and get Ticketmaster.
Reviews: 5
This extension is great. Robert provided an quick and fast support by email.
He answered all my questions and help figure things out.

Thanks Robert!

I recommend this for everyone looking for reliable ticket selling extension with great perspective for future features.
Reviews: 1
While the English Language file took a little tweaking, the only other mods were to the actual PDF ticket that is generated when an order completes. Everything else is quite easily configurable from within the Component itself, and I must say it is an Amazing Component for Joomla. There may be a learning curve for Joomla newbies, especially newbies who haven't worked with Components developed in other countries/languages.

I know it has room to grow with new Payment Processors (ie. Google Checkout...), but dang if I am not impressed completely with how well this Component solves the issue of selling event tickets on a Joomla-powered site. VirtueMart plugins are only worth it if you need VirtueMart to run other eCommerce functions. Also there are some great Event Listing Components (RedEvent & JEvents are my faves) with payment & reservation options - but for a simple Ticketing solution, those just don't cut it either.

For the particular site I utilize TicketMaster on, I don't care how many people RSVP online, I care about how many people actually buy tickets and then can print and bring those tickets to a show, where I can actually verify that their tickets are valid.

TicketMaster is a Winner!!! Keep up the good work guys.
Reviews: 2
Ticketmaster is an excellent extension to sell tickets online. I was looking for the extension to satisfy two main criteria, besides being customer centered, print a bar-code on the tickets and payment with PayPal.
Ticketmaster has fulfilled all my requirements.
Very importantly, I got amazing support from Robert who responded promptly to my queries.
I can recommend this extension
Reviews: 1
This what I was looking for... Support is quick if you have any problems... Developer will work with you if you need anything changed... At this price for this component you can't go wrong.
Reviews: 1
Great component, works without any problems, very fast support! Thank Your very much for this great work.
Keep going!
Reviews: 2
Everything worked great for me straight outta the box. I 're-worded' a few things to make sure people understood that the 'Paypal' option is a Credit Card option as well as the usual Paypal route. Other than that its doing exactly what I need it to do. Support has been prompt and to the point too. Yes!
Reviews: 4

RD ticketmaster paid - installed, but doesn't work. No answers to my questions on the forum after 10 days. Maybe they are (he is) on holidays.
Owner's reply

All questions has been answered, take a look at the forum. When having questions or need my help, let me know.

Reviews: 4
I purchased this component because it stated you can accept credit cards however it appears its only possible with paypal. This component has allot of potential however it needs to integrate with for those that don't use paypal
Reviews: 1
I was needing a ticketing system and found this RD Ticketmaster.Installed just like any other component first time.The Ticketmaster does what it says on the tin and does it well.

I wanted to alter some of the cosmetics of the component to match my template and contacted the developer who replyed in an instant(very quick response).Nothing i asked seemed too much trouble for the developer.

If you need a ticket system this is the one for you.

A big thank you Rd-Media for not only a great component supporting joomla but for the support


Reviews: 6
This is the component I was looking for. Some very minor tweaking, but it works like a charm. Initially I had some install problems, but Robert was very quick to respond! Very efficient support!
Just one item - easy to fix, but would be great to have available to change in user back-end. Date format is different in EU than in the US - the component is setup with the Eu market in mind. Other than that buy this component - well worth the 19EU!
Owner's reply

Have changed the date formats in V1.0.8, thank you for reporting to me. Didn't mention that. You can now full administer the date and price formats in Ticketmaster.

Reviews: 1
had minor problems initially, however Robert was very good and fixed the issues very promptly indeed.
It now has paypal functionality.
If you are looking for a ticket facility its good and i suspect will improve quite a lot over time.
Reviews: 1
I like what I see so far, but after paying the 19 euros for the package, I don't feel I bought anything useful. The back end is mostly in German, but this I fixed rather easily with google translation service so its a minor issue.

This extension has the potential to be a great Joomla extension for ticket processing and sales once it reaches maturity. I hope that the developers keep working on it and integrate a payment gateway like paypal.

I recommend you don't pay for this extension until it has a viable payment option, because it is not very useful without one. The Seminar extension basically does the same thing as the current iteration of this extension and that extension is free to use.
Owner's reply

PayPal has been adeed :) Backend is completely English and multilanguage. So I guess you have your Joomla! settings wrong. But thanks for your feedback

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