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This ticketseller will help you at your events, it's just like a eventlist component.
But customers can buy their tickets right away!

They will be added to the shoppingcart and ready for creation after they have confirmed their tickets or have paid their tickets by using their Paypal account. Then you do the magic click and the tickets will be created in PDF format and are ready to send it to the customer. Currently we have also added a functionality that you even don't have to click Every 15 minutes or 30 minutes (CronJob) the script for creating tickets will execute and create tickets.

After the payment is in and the ticket has been created, it will be send..

- Tickets created are being cretaed in PDF format
- Automatic sending through cronjob or when client pays with PayPal
- Upcoming events sorted by month ascending
- Clients can add remarks during the checkout
- Manual payments can be chosen during checkout.
- Fully configurable automated emails.
- Confirmations to customers will be sent in PDF format
- Has own PDF library onboard
- Writes an unique barcode on every ticket (Code 39 barcode)
- Search options at backend
- Customer overview at the backend.
- Tickets can be resend to customer when something goes wrong
- Full information at customer view (like an article)
- Shopping cart checkout
- PayPal integration with automatic return
- SEF/SEO Urls for better search results in Google
- Lots of configuration settings to amke it easy for you to manage
- Transactions overview with full PayPal Information
- Export of all sold tickets in XLS format
- Manual cleanup and synchronisation possible (also cronjob)
- Multiple types of tickets per event (Adult/Childs/VIP and so on)
- Unlimited categories and tickets
- Multi Language
- MailChimp integration (Joomla 2.5+)
- Captcha in registration (Joomla 2.5+)
- Free and Paid Tickets. (Joomla 2.5+)
- Sending the attachment in the confirmation became configurable.
- CSS Override System (for updates)(2.5.2)
- Minimum and maximum count of tickets per order.(Joomla 2.5+) (2.5.2)
- Automatic Login after registration (2.5.2)
- Automatic User & Password Creation (2.5.3)
- Seating Charts to order specific seats! (PRO Version)
- Coupon System (2.5.5)
- Multi Ticket (One PDF with all barcodes and info)
- Clients may add remarks to their orders.
- Pay later option and resend payment requests.
- Waiting Lists per (child)ticket
- Counters per Ticket so Waiting list can be shown
- Order history in frontend for users.
- Invoicing build in!

Now all Dutch banks are supprted with ccIDEAL integration from

Login Information for demo site:
- Demo Site:
- Backend:
- Username: demo
- Password: demo

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Reviews: 2
This component works great and the support is also great. Why not perfect? nothing is perfect there are always things to improve. But so far the component does what is must do. it is not completely self explaining but with some help and the FAQ 99% of the issues are resolved, the other 1% are wishes and not issues.

One wish is more flexibility in the form. Now i have to change code. It works but it is tricky with updates..
Owner's reply

HI, thank you for reviewing! I would like to know which form you would like to edit? So I can see if it is possible to make more flexible. Regards Robert

Reviews: 13
This is a great ticketing component with all of the functions you would expect from a ticketing solution. I had a few issues, mostly due to my template, but the developer was very helpful and fast to resolve them all for me.
Reviews: 3
The best extension for coupon ticket system. Excellent and fast developer support. System has a translation of pt-BR. 5 stars
Reviews: 3
To have no user guide of how to instructions for a paid extension is simply lazy. really disappointing for an extension that holds such promise.
Owner's reply

In the download section is a 36 pages counting document with every functionality described. So there is documentation. If you have contacted me, I sent you the link within a few hours.

Reviews: 1
We needed an extension to register reservations, paying with iDEAL and working with e-tickets and a barcode. This to avoid a queue of people at the events cash office. The tickets needed to be scanned with a handscanner.
Of course, there are a lot of companies that can offer this service, but all of them are commercial. They want at least a percentage of the ticket amount, which is not very friendly to our customers and we wanted to use this option for a non-profit event.

So we found the solution by using Ticketmaster in combination with CCiDEAL. Ticketmaster is very payable and you get a lot of options for that.
The support is excellent, you get answers of all your questions - and we asked a lot - in no-time.
We really liked the message center. This makes the extensions very useful because it’s possible to design the different views in your own look&feel very easy.

We worked with a handscanner and it works like a charm. When there’s no internet connection on the location and you work with an offline Joomla website (to be installed with MAMP for instance with a copy of the online database) we advise to use a Mac. On Windows the scanning won’t work correctly. This is not a bug in Ticketmaster but it looks like it’s a bug in Windows itself. (It took us a while to find this solution, hopefully it will save you a lot of time.)

If you look for a reservation system with a lot of options, in combination with Joomla, don’t hesitate, use Ticketmaster!
Reviews: 5
Excellent covers it all. The system is very easy to use, customer friendly at the front-end and back-end. And the support of Robert Dam is top of the bill too. Don't look any further, this is the ticketservice you're looking for.
Reviews: 1
Ticketmaster, a great and powerfull extension if you want to sell tickets on your site.

The tremendous and fast support by the developper Robert Dam are highly valued during some customizations.

Ticketmaster is certainly well worth it's money

Great job Robert !
Reviews: 1
The component did exactly what we need and the configuration was really simple. I have contacted the developer Robert to get some answers and he was very kind and helpful by answering to my emails within few minutes and providing detailed answers. Thank you!
Reviews: 1
This is one of the best extensions I have used and paid for.
It does require some concentration when setting up. But the support via the website is prompt, professional and patient.

Very happy to recommend this product.
Reviews: 1
Very nice support ! Very nice extensions !

I was some problems to install and configure Ticketmaster, i've post some questions and Robert solve it quickly !

One word .... Excellent !!! Thks Thks Thks !

Reviews: 1
Extension looks and works great. Just what I needed! After some startup issues (my bad) I called in the help of the developer. What great and swift support! And with such an enthusiasm. All together, if you want to sell e-tickets, this is absolutely the very best extension to use!
Reviews: 1
Awesome extension and the best one in this category.

The support is extraordinary.

Easy call: 5 out of 5
Reviews: 1
Not only is this extension absolutely great at what it does it contains further features that turn your ticket selling project into a professional one!

Also the author of the extension is on hand at the end of an email to iron out any issues you may have, or point you in the right direction of the documentation or advise.

This is how extensions should be, great at what they do with fantastic support backing it up.

I only gave this an Excellent rating because I could not give it more.
Reviews: 1
The component is easy to set-up, use, and highly customizable. And the support ! I encountered a layout problem and Robert fixed it within minutes by accessing my FTP directly. Awesome !
Reviews: 3
This component is exactly what we needed for our client. There were some troubles in the system, but the developer answered all the e-mail in no-time. Excellent support en absolutely worth the investment.
Reviews: 1
Just what i was looking for.
All possibillities needed are available.
Great support,all questions rapidly and friendly answered .
This was worth the money.
Reviews: 7
This extension works well, apart from a serious issue, which is you have to configure the PDF yourself which will be used to create the e-tickets. So you are required a bit of design skills in order to fully use this extension.

For that reason I can't give it better rating, as I've bought the extension expecting it to be ready-to-use and now I'm unable to use it properly as I require someone to design me the PDF before I can use it.
Owner's reply


Thanks for your feedback. Every ticket needs a design, so it is pretty normal that you have to design your own ticket in a JPG or PDF that can be used by your event. We cannot make a default ticket that is suitable for everyone. If you experience issues, then please contact me. I am always able to help.


Reviews: 1
I bought ticketmaster a few weeks ago and I love it! Customer service is perfect. Very fast response from developer! Have me up and going with no problems! I will definitely recommend this component to everyone.
Reviews: 1
Hi, this is the best component that i was looking for my requirement and after purchasing this i had few issue and support i got from Roberts is excellent and he has fix all the issue i had. i will recommend this product to anyone who is looking to build a ticketing website.
Reviews: 16
My name is edwin, after purchasing I had some little issues but the developer help me to get them resolved. I would recommend this extension since is very useful for small and big events, easy to use and I could not find anything better.
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