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Snowfalling Module

This Snowfalling module adds a snow effect to your site.
Completely parametrizable with type and number of images falling on the screen (not only snowflakes): you can use the 'flakes' image folders prepared by installation in the module folder, or upload your own folders with custom groups of images in the 'images' folder thus you can alternately use them via parameter. You can set velocity, bottom limit coordinate for the images, where you want to stop the fall, dimension of images and so on. You can set parameters on your imagination ... you can see also come down dollars or flowers.
(The script doesn't appear within the page site and thus the page maintains the same weight).
Languages: italian and english.

Release 1.1 defines two new parameters:
Stacking order, useful if you want overlap the flakes to other elements of the windows and a parameter to obtain only vertical falling flakes.

Release 1.2 defines new parameters for swaying snowflakes.

Release 1.2.1 (J1.5) add German language

Release 1.3 Joomla 1.6 - 1.7 compatible

Release 1.3.1 (J1.6-1.7) add German language

Release 1.3.1 Joomla 2.5 compatible

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Reviews: 3
This add-on is a lifesaver for many many designers. Fast and easy to setup. Not much to say about it except superb!

Only needs two things:
1. Documentation for enabling :D
2. Make it be at the top of all items on the page. z-index: gazillion ;DD

Thanks again,
Reviews: 2
Simply amazing snowfall effect easy to use and changing the snowflakes make it even more powerful.

The only problem I am having is that Its starting from under my unite revolution slideshow, despite I am published it in the top most module positron on my home page.

I am sure there must be an easy way around. Meanwhile if anybody have a clue please share :)
Owner's reply

You must define the stacking order of the flakes relative to other elements of the window.
It may be necessary a very great number (i.e. 999999) to overlap to any dynamic windows or elements.
Thanks for reporting.

Reviews: 2
Nice for X-Mas...

I have selected the publishing dates in the module :) From 24th of December til 2 January
Reviews: 1
Love this extension, Easy to install, and lots of fun :-)
Reviews: 1
This is really a great extension. Very easy to setup and useful parameters to customize the snowing effect are available.
Reviews: 3
Simple to install and configure. Best of all it doesn't interfere with the legibility of the site. I only have it on the home page, so the need for users to disable the effect becomes less important. (Although a front end user ability to disable the effect would be excellent for accessibility.)
Reviews: 19
Lovely effect and can be made quite subtle. Thank you!
Reviews: 3
The best module! works great! Thanks a lot! This is what I was looking for!
Reviews: 1
amazing in every where. can even be used to create falling effects for other holidays .. bats? hmmm..

one feature i've been wondering about: how to allow users to disable the effect from front end?

Owner's reply

Yes, you can even create falling effects with whatever you want.
Upload on images folder of your site a new folder with your desired images (small images) and set module parameters (Flake width/height, Folder of the collection of flake images and Base folder ... see parameter instruction).
Actually the only possibility to remove the snow effect is disable the module.
Thanks for reporting.

Reviews: 14
Really nice work! Congratulation to all Staff!!! Work fine!
Reviews: 6
I liked it very much! Easy to configure and with a lot of options - exactly what I was looking for!
Many thanks to the author!
Reviews: 2
This extension is that I was looking for. It work's perfect, no problems, you install it and you'll see snos falling. Too, you can change the appearance of the snowflakes. Thank you very much!
Reviews: 1
How good is this, simple to install, simple to set up, simple to change. Should be called "Simply Snowing"

It gives just enough of a Christmas feel to make the site look festive but not so much as it becomes naff looking. There just aren't any downsides to this module. Five Stars all the way :-)
Reviews: 7
EXTREMELY flexible add-in with a wealth of features. It's one of the few script modules of this type that I can get to work reliably with gantry templates. A few enhancements would make it perfect. First, the ability to reverse the vertical path so add-in images can be made to rise instead of just fall. Second would be a duration field to fade out the graphics after a set period of time. A one incidence per session feature would take the cake. Here's hoping we'll see one or more of these by next Christmas.
Reviews: 1
Easy install. I had to change the default position (left) to a position my template used (top), and everything is working great. Thank you :)
Reviews: 1
At first this little module was cute and we had several positive comments but when we tried to disable mod_snowfalling the snow just kept right on falling! Even removing it from the server and the cache the snow just keeps on falling... This is NOT good. Have searched everywhere we can think of to find where the script got hidden to no avail! NOT ready for prime-time, IMHO!!! No way to contact Marcel84 to get a fix or to get help resolving the problem...
Owner's reply

Dear ku0g, I waited ten days from when this your rewiew has been published on this site (January, 17) to see if you would correct your criticism, also as a result of emails that occurred between us. Nothing of this!
Therefore I'm allowed to write my version. You have contacted me the first time on December 31, 2010, followed by other six email to which I replied always promptly. I've tried immediately to solve your problems that didn't depend by my module snowfalling, but from another similar module that you haven't been able to completely uninstall (just read the source of your home page). In my emails I've shown this to you beyond a reasonable doubt! I gave you much of my time. Since January 2 your problem is fully solved.

Reviews: 3
A very pleasant idea!
This gives a Christmas athmosphere to my site!
Reviews: 12
I like it very much
Very easy to install and to edit parameters

Thank you man
Grazie mille :)
Reviews: 17
It doesn't overload browser, so... the best snow effect for Joomla.
Reviews: 3
Worked Right out of the Box without an issue even using a YooTheme!

Merry Christmas!
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