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CoolClock Module

This module implements all available features of Simon Bairds CoolClock Javascript. Where other clock modules provide a limited number of skins, this module provides 19 predefined skins plus the ability to define your own! Any number of clocks may be present with or without custom skins!

Update 1.3 - updated to excanvas r3
Version 1.4 Joomla 3.0 compatibility
Version 1.5 adds day/night configuration and class toggler to the output, allowing for day/night specific styling via CSS.

4/26/2012 - Joomla 1.5/1.6/1.7 availability and support withdrawn.

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Reviews: 4
As a single stand alone clock it works very well, however, with no facility to indicate Am or PM it's no use if you're trying to show the time differential across various zones
Owner's reply

Nowhere does my extension description state that the clock displays the time, or any portion of the time, in a text format. It is only and has never been anything more than an analog clock.

Additionally, there is an option to change the GMT Offset (more commonly known as the timezone) in the module advanced options. In Texas, the GMT Offset is -6, California -8, Greenwich 0.

Reviews: 1
I love this module because:
- You have the ability to configure your time zone
- Changeable skin to fit your theme/template
- Easy to install

Thank you for this module!
Reviews: 1
I've got some conflict on the main page (jquery, I suppose). On other pages worked flawlessly. Took a pick at the js and found out it's based on the script under same name. So I visited the mentioned site (version 2.1 of the script is there) updated the three scripts at module directory e- t voila - no conflict anymore.
Also there's some border radius with custom skin, but it's a minor flaw.
Reviews: 2
After a long time, I have the clock!
This the only one that fits to my site layout - because I can freely configure everything - colors, dimensions, decorations.

The 6th star could be for possibility of using my own picture as a background (and centered with the clock).
Owner's reply

You might be able to accomplish that with CSS applied to the module container. The clock will be drawn over the background image of the container.