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Time Zone Clock Module

(UPDATED) New Version 4.0 for Joomla 1.6/1.7/2.5. This is a module to display up to 10 different time zones on your Joomla Site. Provisions are made to handle the special cases where the time zone is 30 or 45 minutes off from a normal GMT offset as well as the extra ones that are GMT+13 and GMT+14. (handles 39 different timezones) You must select the timezone difference from UTC/GMT and the descriptive tag you want displayed.. The time is now based on the server time. Daylight Saving Time is calculated for both US,Europe, and Australia(including Lord Howe Island that advances by 30 minutes for Daylight Savings Time). This version does use the module_class_suffix. Latest version allows you to display the clocks horizontally if you have a place in your theme that supports it. Forum and download area available at PHP Augusta's Web Site

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Reviews: 4
5 star if the developers let us define the css style in an easy way. I would like to make the font smaller but I'm not able to and there's not an option...
Reviews: 12
Works as expected, easy and fast, really great!
Reviews: 20
I have to say this is the best clocks option for Joomla!. Too bad the support has been discontinued/abandoned... Last posts from Augusta forum and from are from 2009, and they got no answer. My TZC module is not showing and I have nobody to ask for any help or orientation. Forum doesn´t send activation e-mail, and there´s nobody in TZC proyect. It´s a pity. You should remove the Support button from this extension listing, or rename it to "Archive"... Thanks anyway.
Owner's reply

Sorry for the delay. I've been busy working on other projects. Please send email to I'll see if we can get you working.

Reviews: 1
Best clock ever.
was using it on Joomla 1.5. and now it`s also available on Joomla 1.6.
highly recommend...
Reviews: 2
Hi All,

I have downloaded this plugin and found it to be an excellent well written piece of software, easy to install and configure, but one issue is that I cannot use the module suffix class, nor will the plugin use the template default fonts. This I expect will prevent me from using the plugin and also may preclude others from using it, if it breaks the design standards. But that is the only issue I have and I do express my gratitude to the author for providing an excellent piece of software,
Reviews: 1
I spent most of the day trying out a variety of world clocks for our new website and finaly found the perfect solution - Time Zone Clock! As a software developer for almost 30 years, I really appreciate well written software and Time Zone Clock definitely fits the bill. Thanks for a great product.
Reviews: 1
"Time Zone Clock" was very easy module to install by our administrator.Excellent work done on installation.

In addition, all the module parameters where also easy to configure, either for 1 zone or for all 10 zones. We did not find any problems with parameters configuration.

We are using "Time Zone Clock" on our site to display our visitors the time and location that is on different continents and the reason is so that they can more efficiently manage their time to communicate with each other more faster.

The module graphics is very clear and simple to use by almost any user, user friendly application.

In my opinion, I believe that the most valuable feature of "Time Zone Clock" is that it displays the correct time for you as it is synchronized time with your server time.

I recommend others to use "Time Zone Clock" on their websites as I believe that it also looks very professional, I like grey-white combination with red title.

Best Wishes to your further developent as version 3.9.2 was worthed !!!

Best Regards,
Reviews: 3
The module is easy to install, and easy to administer.

There is however one feature which I would like to see, the ability to set font size/color/family separately for the time and the text. This would allow one to for example create a digital clock "face" out of the time by making it much larger with for example a black background color and white font color. I tried to do this myself but with no experience with any code besides html/css I fell short of my goal.

One note that I would like to add is that it seems your fix to allow loading alongside other window.onload functions doesn't seem to work. If there is another window.onload javascript module placed *below* TZClock in index.php then TXClock will fail to show.

There was a very easy fix which I stumbled upon by sheer gamble as I have no idea how javascript works. My scenario was that I had TZClock above and then ECB Exchange Rates below, and TXClock failed to show unless I disabled ECB Exchange Rates.
The solution? Copied lines 518-529 from mod_tx_clock.php and replaced the line(s)
in ECB ER code with it. The only editing I had to do was change "func" (two instances) to "func1", "oldonload" (two instances) to "oldonload1", and "RunTZclock" to "RunEXRate". Now both modules load perfectly.
I suppose this works for any module which uses window.onload !

I guess your fix in the latest version works if TZClock appears after another window.onload module, but not before?
Reviews: 1
I really like this module. I had some issues getting the colors to work in Firefox (needed the # in the colors) but other than that no issues.

I did modify the php file to remove the padding since I wanted the timezones to show up in a horizontal line just like normal text with no extra space above/below.
Reviews: 3
Excellent module! I tried several digital clocks in J!1.5 in legacy - none worked. This one works great - thanks!
Reviews: 2
It is a very good modul. I miss only one setting and this is for Venezuela (-4,30). So pitty!
Owner's reply

Venezuela was added in version 3.9.3

Reviews: 1
I really like this extension a lot! It runs about 10 minutes slow which is slightly annoying but other than that it does a super job! Keep up the good work!
Owner's reply

This clock is showing you the server time. Perhaps your server is off by 10 minutes.

Reviews: 4
I agree with the last post its an excellent module. Looks good and is easy to set up if you want 1 zone or 10.

Thank you!
Reviews: 2
Time Zone Clock is so easy to install and configure that even a novice can use it.

Personally, I don't use all the different time zones, but use it as a simple clock to show visitors the time at the location of the web site. This is very useful if you don't want people from overseas telephoning you out of hours!

The great thing about Time Zone Clock is that it doesn't rely on your computer clock, so it doesn't matter what the time your computer thinks it is - it will always show the correct time.

The module is very clean and neat - no bells or whistles or annoying Flash graphics - just a straightforward, easy-to-install clock that can simply and successfully be used for a number of purposes.
Reviews: 1
I love this module I've used previous versions too. With this version it seems that the module disappears when its being used on the fireboard page of my site. Very strange I thought
Owner's reply

Try the latest version 3.9.2 It attempts to correct the problems with other javascript on the page not handling the onload properly

Reviews: 1
Very usefule and simple module. I have one problem - the text color are wrong in Firefox. The time are always in black text. When I open the site in IE the text color are the right one.
Do anyone have a soulution to this?

Owner's reply

What version are you running?

Reviews: 19
This small module can be a great gadget to put on a travel agency site... presenting the time of the main turistic destinations.
Reviews: 101
This module can display current time for different time zones.

If you allow to translate the weekday name that will be better.

If display time with Analog clock this will be perfect.

Owner's reply

I'll work on a version to allow translation.

Analog clocks are problematic because they have to be calculated and are much slower.

Reviews: 1
I rather liked this module although having to change the files for translation is a bit tough.
There seems to be a common misconception that BST (British summer time) is the same as GMT and thus all the settings in this component are off by 1 hour during the summer time although this doesn't matter if you are using it from the U.K. or any other "normal" country that uses DST but for me it was a bit strange to configure (I live in Iceland which is always GMT without DST).

A nice update would be to change the header and color scheme from the component itself and maybe make it possible to put in more than 10 clocks.
I would also much prefer this as a component.

Thanks though it did the trick :)
Reviews: 1
I installed this today and am having no problems. I use IE 7 and, at least in the latest version, there are no issues.

The only comment would be to add more information in the time zone areas, so that you can easily find what they are.
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