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Date and Time Module

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  • The fee for this extension is optional. You can enter ‘0’ if you don't want to contribute towards its development.
This module allows you to display the current date on your site. It has many advanced options to allow you to control the way the date is displayed and allows you to change the language.

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Reviews: 4
This extension does exactly what it says it will do: show date and time. So if that's what you're after, this should be just fine.

Unfortunately for me, it only displays the date and time as is local to the server. What I was looking for, was an extension that displays date and time in the local time of each visitor. This doesn't do that, but if that's not an issue, then I can recommend it!
Owner's reply

Unless I am misunderstanding I think you are mistaken. If you set it to use Javascript it will use the time of the client since Javascript is client side. If you set it to use PHP it will use the time on the server. I updated the manual to be more clear.

Reviews: 10
Thanks so much,

its the module i was looking for!
Simple, and powerfull. The best in his category.
So easy to customize or use in any language!

Thank you again
Reviews: 3
In simple terms:

- Completely functional
- Out of the box solution
- Super customizable
- Very light
- Extremely easy to use

Just what I was looking for.
Reviews: 8
Thank you...after a long search i found the best Date & Time Module!!
Reviews: 2
Great module, behaves as expected, provides a lot of functionality and it's drop dead simple. :)
Reviews: 1
The module is fantastic, it's tiny and easily styled to suit any layout. Especially great since the & nbsp ; bug was fixed in the last release, it's perfect.

Well, nearly! For people who are paranoid about any PHP Notices when developing their site, Line 192 will produce an error because the var isn't always defined. So open up the PHP file and on @192 where it has...

switch ($exorder[$i]) {

...insert on a new line JUST before it, this little doobie...

if (!isset($exorder[$i])) break;

...which will break the for loop as it doesn't need to run anyway in this case. No more Undefined index error - now they are ALL gone and it's 100% perfect! Thanks, developer!
Owner's reply

I just wanted to point out that I added this fix to the latest version. Thanks!

Reviews: 18
After an initial problem with spacing as reported earlier, I contacted the author and had a new version emailed to me the next day.

Great module, and a very responsive author!
Reviews: 2
It was simple and easy to install and configure, maybe it needs to be worked out the "spacing". The HTML   doesnt seems to work with everybody, but for me worked using ASCII space code 

Also everytime i open again the module, it erase the spaces and have to do it all again.

Anyway great module for what it does!
Reviews: 1
This module has a good selection of features and does most of the "extra" things that the majority of people need for Time and Date beyond simply displaying a hardcoded format.

The ability to heavily customize the display formatting and use javascript updating is great for a simple but functional addition to one's site.


The bug in which html characters are displayed as squares/question marks in the Backend parameter editor makes this a huge headache when editing and nearly unusable. Depending on how many html characters and formatting changes you have made, you might have to reupdate 20+ fields in order to move one comma or space. If you don't reupdate these other fields and save, your clock will lose its formatting and become riddled with ASCII unknown symbols.

This bug needs to be fixed. I have hacked around it by using str_replace on the module parameters once they are loaded by the module, and using SPACE instead of   etc. I wonder how many people have been unfortunately turned off this otherwise excellent module because of this very prominent bug.
Reviews: 2
I only hesitate in giving an excellent because it is a little tweaky trying to get the spaces in and all. Every time I put in an   it reverts back to a question mark after the save and messes with the display on the front.

Other than that, this is a great tool and does exactly what I was hoping to accomplish!
Reviews: 1
Excellent module exactly what I need. There is any way to have spaces in the date displayed instead of the default symbol?
Reviews: 17
It works very good. Great html implementation, fully customizable. I found a bug and reported it into the forum.

TY2U thanx for effort!
Owner's reply

Fixed the bug and released a new version.

Reviews: 2
This is a great module, and really simple to use :)
Reviews: 2
This is an excellent tool. It's straight forward and easy to configure. I add the date time of Switzerland time zone with German text to show week days. It's quick and easy to use. Also it accept html code as separators in between date and time. Very cool...
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a simple clock and just could not find one until I did a search in google which brought me right to this one. Excellent mod very configurable and easy to use. Now get this filed under the clock category so I can find it next time : )
Reviews: 4
Has a lot of flexiblity, latest version supports time zones and optional daylight saving. Javascript clock follows timing on local machine in real time. Ideal thing to put in footers with those other little touches for users. Its simple, easy and flexible. Nice touch is web reference in configuration to time zone stuff for those who do not know about such things. It also supports the ISO 8601 'standard date time format', often known as Swedish date & time
Reviews: 3
Really easy to use Mod. Totally simple and highly configurable. I especially like being able to use html in the params fields.
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