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HD-Date Plugin

HD-Date is a simple plugin that inserts the current date into your Joomla website. Just enter {date} at the point where you want the current date to be rendered or {year} for the current year. The plugin works within any content (including articles, modules, components or within any template HTML).

Great for automatically updating copyright footer dates.

You can also select whether the date/year will be rendered via Javascript or PHP.

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Reviews: 9
When I was trying to find a way to manipulate the title in an module so that it is showing the actual month as part of the title I only found HD-Date able to manipulate the title.
But like the name is program HD-Date shows the date and I only wanted the actual month.
So I contacted the author and I was surprised - an hour later I had the plugin changed for my needs. Thanks to the author again.
Reviews: 2
This is very useful and worked perfectly immediately. Very simple to use. Maybe you would consider developing something similar for time. Thank you.
Reviews: 31
Very simple, but affective and easy to use and implement extension.

Totally agree with the other reviewer about changing the 'keywords' this is a little gem and deserves a lot more coverage, and so glad I found it!
Reviews: 1
I use this plugin for all my site. In the extension search, I had the hardest time to find this simple plugin to insert current year among all the others. The author needs to add some keywords like "insert, Copyright, year" in your description because that's where this plugin will be the most useful and come out in the extension search.

Thanks for that useful plugin! Works well in Joomla 3.x too.
Reviews: 1
First of all many thanks to the team behind this extension.

I was wondering if it is possible for this extension to support multilingual sites.

Maybe by adding some options or parameters just as "Date and Time Module" does for Joomla! 2.5

I did mange to alter the code so that it can detect the language currently used and changed days and months names for the Arabic Language.

It is available for anyone, just ask and I will send you the file right away.

Thanks again